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  1. Tactics were a complete mystery particularly first half. The players didn't seem to have a clue what they were supposed to do. Joyless performance.
  2. is it the players or this ultra defensive football ?
  3. Shocking passing from us. Piss poor performance.
  4. Great save Alnwick. Could easily have been 3 or 4 for St Johnstone.
  5. I cant recall Obika being in their box with or without the ball. Zero goal scoring threat from us. Doesn't seem to have been part of the plan.
  6. We are so slow in the middle of the park. Just not at it today.
  7. Dennis on for Fraser. Rejigging the back 4. Foley dropping back maybe?
  8. Our midfield was non existent for the entire 45 minutes. Fraser and as usual Alnwick both playing well. The rest - well its difficult to see what our game plan is other than sit off.
  9. All St Johnstone. Over run in midfield and we don't threaten up front. Pretty brutal.
  10. Includes free coverage of the national hay baling competition to be fair. 🚜
  11. Its awkward but its there. You have to register and then come out and sign in. The game appears as next up. Click on it and you have to go through the whole sign process but eventually it tells you that you haven't purchased and then its the normal process. A pain but stick at it.
  12. Looks a good addition. I hope this doesn't mean Ilkay Durmus is away. On his day Ilkay is a talent and can pitch in with goals. Concened he didnt make the bench on Saturday.
  13. Can't disagree. Might promote T.Craig to top position due to his back stabbing nature. Perhaps controversially I would have Alex Miller hovering just outside the worst 5 as he broke up what was a good St Mirren team and injected his dour personality on it.
  14. Would love to see where Collum was standing by comparison to the referee and linesman. Doubt very much he had the better view. Convinced Collum reacted to the greetin faced County players and the mortally wounded fanny that is Ross Stewart.
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