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  1. Maybe we have been spoiled by having really decent centre forwards like McGarvey, Somner, Lavety etc. Watching this new breed of non goal scoring forwards is agony.
  2. I wouldn't dismiss this article. If a fraction of that behaviour occurs at St Mirren it will be the end of the club. Good supporters are already fed up and losing interest. I am very surprised that the BoD have not already said thanks but no thanks to this consortium. I hope that the BoD think very carefully and don't destroy their own credibility and legacy.
  3. I'm sure the BoD will have done due diligence on the new owners. We are still St Mirren. New ideas and new energy about the club could be the lift we need. It would be good to see the new owners and SMISA meet early and work together.
  4. The BoD must still be in serious negotiations with buyers. The silence can surely only be down to them being under some sort of embargo.
  5. It's bad enough being crap just now but listening to Richard Gordon and Willie Miller loving it is beyond painful.
  6. Something doesn't add up. The English consortium seem to believe that there was full and early disclosure of the broker's past. Sounds like cold feet by the BoD or something else is going on in the background.
  7. So that's wee Nigel back up front and a big no nonsense CH in Maxime Blanchard. I can see an extra 500 on Saturday's gate. C ' mon Gary we are easily won over.
  8. I would bring back Nigel H in a minute. Direct, confident and scores goals. No brainer.
  9. At this stage I would take a leaf out of the Tony Fitzpatrick book of management and bring in as many players as possible in the hope we can discover a gem or two to save this season.
  10. We are becoming a community club that isn't in touch with the community. Come on Stewart, George, Brian - it's good to talk.
  11. I think this is what we all feel now - maybe including the BoD
  12. I'm a big fan of this BoD but their lack of communication with the fans is disappointing - everyone is suffering and looking for some sign that the BoD know we are fighting for our life.
  13. Gary Theale has probably made millions out of football so the BoD shouldn't be scared to make a tough decision and do what's right for St Mirren. The team is playing better but it seems every team we play can beat us by a single goal. The BoD seems to have gambled on keeping coaches that are familiar wi t h our youth set up but we have lost so many games since 2013 it makes you wonder if we really need to start again with a clear plan on how we want to play.
  14. Hope we set up to play ICT and not AC Milan. There isn't a lot between these sides. A bit of self belief and a healthy sense of injustice should be good enough.
  15. The Charlie Telfer compensation decision has to be a huge relief and a milestone decision for clubs like ours. Bringing youth players into the first team is a huge measure of success in itself but if a young player then decides to reject a new contract the club needs to be properly compensated or it just breaks the whole business model. I would much rather see our first team full of our own youth players than go up the ICT route of bringing in half a dozen hired guns every year. I was disappointed in Dundee United' approach to this one.
  16. It shows that it took more than just good luck to secure the club's future. We didn't really have a lot of friends in high places. The BoD might have dithered a wee bit over Tommy Craig but when you look at their achievements over the piece including opposing the 888 league proposal they have played a blinder and will be a hard act to follow.
  17. Harkins, Hood, Green, Hall and McDowell. Quite right to remember these people and what would have happened to St Mirren had they got their way. The existing Bod is tired and understandably would like to move on but they have done a great job safeguarding the future of the club.
  18. Miller is up there with Hay as being one of the worst St Mirren managers ever. He destroyed a great squad and had us playing shocking football. Fullerton was developed by St Mirren then shafted us under the guidance of Bill McMurdo by going to France for a year to make sure that a really cash strapped St Mirren didn't get a penny. These two shouldn't even be allowed admission to the ground far less manage us.
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