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  1. Listening to the reports from Pitoddrie.
    Sir Alex Ferguson in attendance. Capacity crowd.
    Statue to their best manager being unveiled.
    What a great occasion.
    WHY can't it be us?
    Yes... I know.
    We sacked him.
    He took us to an industrial tribunal.
    He lost his case.
    He severed all ties and was bitter towards us
    Most fans who lived through his short tenure still consider him our best ever manager and themselves blessed.
    Saints say they are "fan owned" now.
    Sir Alex is a fans favourite.
    When we left Love Street, my friend Michael wrote to Sir Alex who not only replied, but agreed to an interview for our book "Love Street, The Final Chapter".
    One of my contributions to the book was an interview with my hero and childhood Roy of the Rovers, Tony Fitzpatrick.
    The book was about Love Street so much of what Tony said was edited out. A lot of that was adulation of Sir Alex Ferguson, whom Fitzy regarded as years ahead of his time in creating a community club.
    I wrote to Sir Alex and sent him a copy of the unedited interview. I wanted him to know how much his influence at Saints lived on.
    To my astonishment, two weeks later, I received a reply on Man Utd headed paper.
    A two page personal response, written between two very important European ties.
    That is the measure of the man! In the eyes of many Saints fans, he is truly a legend. Hero. God.
    So... As a fan owned club, can we apologise for how things ended. Thank him for bringing us back from the dead. Praise him for giving birth to the best footballing team I have ever supported.
    Most of all... Offer the olive branch and mark his place in our history whilst he can attend.
    A posthumous tribute is the alternative. How bitter sweet, ironic and hypocritical would that be?
    Let's honour Sir Alex now!
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    Probably the best post I have read on here. Fergie became bigger than the club and Willie Todd shafted him.

    Fergie’s impact on our club was phenomenal and the board didn’t match his ambition.

    We owe Fergie!
  2. Can we get renaming the station Paisley St Mirren on the top of his agenda? The original excuse was it would take 2 or 3 years to rework the scheduling and ticketing etc. It’s been 10 years now, let’s hope Alex can deliver.

  3. If we can’t stay in the prem without griffiths, then let’s get relegated.

    I don’t understand why others think he can benefit our family club.

    Who we are matters more than a few goals.

    Even if he would ever score them.

    Dundee dont Want him, celic dont want him, so how come we think he can do a job for us?.

    Wake up,FFS!

    Jim needs to think wider

  4. I have had a word and decided that I am right.

    At no point did I suggest Griffiths and goodwillie were comparable, the point I did make is that fans don’t want arseholes and boards have to listen when fans demonstrate their views that go beyond football.

    Would you want your young son looking up to Griffiths?

    Would you be proud to say that he was a buddie?

    Not fit to wear our shirt.

    And before you say it, he has had more chances than most.

  5. As far as my untrained eye can see, in July 2016 our then auditors JRD of Kilmarnock, resigned and said there were no issues of concern. Sinclair Scott (naw, he never played) of Ayr were appointed and they were then bought out by a large scale consolidator of accountancy firms, Baldwins under the name of Campbell Dallas Audit Services in 2018.

    All of the accounts since 2010 (I haven’t looked at prior sets) provide a clean opinion except for one going concern qualification in 2011.

    None of our audit reports has therefore raised any concerns previously. It looks to me, at least, like Kibble have had their auditors look at the books and they now have concerns.

    I doubt you report yourself to the SPFL or the Police unless the matter is material.

    The club should tell us how this unfolded and who the forensic accountants are so we can have some faith in the current investigation. They should withhold the details while this is ongoing however.

    We should all be concerned but so should anyone else who missed this!

  6. First things first. We need that independent investigation into the SPFL ASAP. Surely everyone agrees, scottish football has been in long term decline. Nothing personal, no agenda, but for them to refuse this, tells you all you need to know. If Rangers are wrong, they will be proven to be, so why not go for it SPFL? To resist only makes you and our game even more of a laughing stock. Please agree to the independent review for the sake of our game.

  7. I didn’t miss my wedding day but my 25th anniversary was spent with the wife watching us win the league cup

    Falkirk away in the Fergie era was always tasty but removing the Arabs from our bit of the North Bank in the cup was brilliant (we skated it 4-1) Never forgiven Motherwell for what they did to McGarvey in the first minute of the next round.

    Tudor bus, always first to leave and last back!

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