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  1. Think wee Stevie Mallan could play that roll well. Whilst maybe not having Kennys strikes, he could be great running at the last defender. Tommo up front with Arquin also gives options, maybe even the new guy could play there. Plus, maybe we could start to see the best of Johnn McGinn playing him on a settled position. Just a thought
  2. 1.1 million for Andreu whos only played 6 months in the top league. Kenny was sold far too cheaply
  3. Great result tonight. Cheesy ang Goody were flawless. Top performances
  4. So where am i on this stand by list? Hope a few f#ckers, i mean teammates, get injured
  5. you on the sauce again broony
  6. Its been a disaster. Should start again, alphabetical order. Im happy to go with alan or benny to give others a chance
  7. think cheesy played well today. Took a sore one preventing a goal after stewart (i think) had waltzed through our backline
  8. brian. If we're not back in soon i reckon we should use the cash on a weekend bender
  9. Loved his delivery at the corners on wed. Made us look dangerous at them for a change
  10. Good performance. If only the ball had broke for us at one of they corners, we could easily have had the elusive home win. No failures tonight. Team played well although it was a sloppy goal to lose. Many positives to take from this game. Onwards and upwards. COYS
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