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  1. According to P&B a tough tackling midfielder signing today/ tomorrow (McG)
  2. Great Championship player. Bullied a few times though. Maybe a bit lightweight for the big league. I for one wish him all the best.
  3. I-scream (Ice cream) every time I hear that pun! 🤪
  4. He wouldn't hang about long. Here JUAN minute CONE the next!
  5. Why Mullen aside? The way he's playing and the effort he's putting in the question should be 'The Brock' aside who would get a start alongside Mullen? Cody Cooke is all we have until other players arrive. (this week apparently). I think for the reasons given above I wouldn't go for Quitongo Big Yards.
  6. Jai Quitongo? Sorry not for me. Neither is slating our current young players who are trying to make their mark.
  7. Remember the time against Ross County when he left the field of play to do a shite? http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/12237391.Hendrie_shocked_as_Jose_takes_a_break/
  8. Not sure but I wish you were the centre hawf! 🤪
  9. Possibly, if you weren’t so patronising more people would be on your side.
  10. Your delusional! And you are most certainly a condescending wanker. And the jury is out on what? Me being condescending or on low income? I have never written any patronising comments on here, so why would you say that? It’s the low income bit that got my goat. Fortunately I have a comfortable life style and decent income, but I know a lot of good Saints fans who are on low income and would love to buy into your idealistic dreamy schemes but can’t. But you use that to try and point score against a fellow supporter who isn’t a regular attender! What a prick sir!
  11. What a condescending wanker you really are! I think I’d rather be of low income than low intellect!
  12. What a load of shite zico! If I go to Greenhill road I go to support MY team, whoever they play! I support St.Mirren no one or nothing else. And I wouldn’t be contributing to their cause as the home team keeps the gate receipts.
  13. Searched Periscope for the game. Came across Rangers online radio. What a bunch of pishy amateurs! Bigoted drivel! But they did have a classic line at the end. “ We’ll be back 15 minutes after the final whistle, so there’s only ONE word to say, come on the gers” ! That’s some fkcn word there pal! Idiots.
  14. That would make them The English winners of a Scottish Diddy Cup. The Diddy Champions !![emoji3]
  15. Did the whole crowd laugh at the same time or did you manage to pick out loads of individual giggles?
  16. Shull I wasn’t having a go. Although a modern players job is so much more than training and playing. They are ambassadors of the club and visit hospitals, schools, media shoots etc. I didn’t say they should visit the pub but let’s face it many would if invited. And I’m sure if a punter would offer a chocy biccy with that tea, you just might relent.
  17. And all you have to do is drive a car!! It’s their job as is yours. It might be better saying the players could have been invited to 1877 after the Dundee game. Don’t you think?
  18. I'd believe that. I think that was the point TJ2 was making that perhaps not the same on camera as in the dressing room.
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