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  1. Fair enough! Perhaps a strong coffee or a funny cigarette will help you here. I will resist from “putting my neb in” again.
  2. Read what you said St.L? You’ve posted more than anyone else on this thread. It’s truly soul destroying reading through this thread. Why not simply put you view across,as you have, and move on? It’s just looking silly now. My opinion for what it’s worth is, I don’t give a hoot who’s brought in by our Board. If it’s for the good of the club then great but outside the team I don’t care. COYS.
  3. I can’t quite remember where I had my first pint. It’s probably either the Dusty Millar’s as Davie Nimmo, who was my Dads mate, was the barman. Or the Todholm Inn, just up from where we lived. Think it was 1980, I was 16. [emoji481]
  4. Quite a few of us moved from Ferguslie park avenue to Hunterhill. Two of my neighbours moved to Barscube Terrace and we moved to Chapelhill road. It was Hunterhill park mate. I do have fond memories of football training on Saucelhill park with St. Charles Boys Club.
  5. Haha, reading your post there I was thinking of prams up and down the country sitting on bricks coz wee scallywags using the wheels for geegs! Likewise we made a Geeg every year. A good solid long bit of wood, probably a railway sleeper! When we moved from Feegie to Hunterhill we used to race down the steep slopes of Hunterhill park and also Brodie park when we visited my uncles. Great days!
  6. Is there any truth in the rumour of us having a striker in before the Hamilton game?
  7. Updated........ https://www.stmirren.com/teams/first-team/first-team-squad
  8. Think this is the story you're referring to IOBS...... https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/oran-kearney-should-beware-st-13251847
  9. What a difference a proper manager makes! Great team performance tonight. Felt proud of my team. Loved him applauding the fans. Well done on your first game Oran. You’ve gave us our team back. COYS.
  10. Well played OK. Look at the difference already. COYS
  11. Well done. Fcuk off Cheryl McKenzie. Just given page my arse!
  12. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3187271/anton-ferdinand-oran-kearney-st-mirren/
  13. So CC's like us the, on the internet https://stv.tv/sport/football/1430389-oran-kearney-to-make-st-mirren-decision-within-24-hours/
  14. Naw, the Stubbs must go one, when the ink on his three year deal wiz still wet
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