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  1. I woudnae call any of our defenders typical!
  2. FlashScores have Hearts at 66% possession and 22 shots on goal. We’ve had 6 shots.
  3. Big Tommo on sportscene saying it’s a concern!!! Scot McDonald saying there are grumblings amongst fans regarding recruitment. Nae shit guys!
  4. This is embarrassing!! It could turn out to be fkn cricket score!
  5. Big Cole gets smaller when he jumps!!!
  6. Watching it from here.... http://stream.livesport.ws/stream/135293/?_ga=2.59769261.1046679392.1535812090-1830584320.1535812090
  7. Starting Lineups 1 Zlamal Z. (G) 1 Samson C. (G) 11 Mitchell 15 Baird J. 3 Dunne 9 Brock-Madsen N. 17 Garuccio B. 3 Coulson H. 5 Haring P. 21 Hodson L. 19 Ikpeazu U. 4 Jones A. 8 Lee O. 24 Kpekawa C. 18 MacLean S. 7 Magennis K. 14 Naismith S. McGinn S. 2 Smith M. 10 Smith C. 4 Souttar J. 22 Willock M. Substitutes Bozanic O. 39 Erhahon E. 47 Cochrane H. 18 Flynn R. 10 Djoum A. 34 King J. Doyle C. (G) MacPherson C. 16 Morrison C. 46 Muir L. (G) 15 Mulraney J. 27 Mullen D. 33 Wighton C. O’Keefe C
  8. Agbonlahor stands out. 31yo and plays CF or LW. Scores goals and i know was pacey. Maybe we should give AS the list. Must be better than the current scouting system.
  9. Here's a full list of them.... https://www.transfermarkt.com/statistik/vertragslosespieler
  10. A list of free agents we could still sign..... https://www.transfermarkt.com/statistik/vertragslosespieler
  11. Our injured players are listed as.... Danny Rogers. (expected return Sept 17th) Gary Mackrnzie ( expected return Oct15th) Josh Heaton ( expected return Sept 4th) Adam Echersley (expected return Oct 31st) Ian McShane (expected return Sept 3rd) Jordan Kirkpatrick (expected return Sept 17th) Cody Cooke (expected return Sept 6th) and Ryan Edwards is not eligible until Sept 3rd. https://www.transfermarkt.com/st-mirren-fc/kader/verein/465/saison_id/2018
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