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  1. Not sure on rules of starting new threads but thought you'd appreciate me passing on what I've heard. Despite the relegation Sadlier has enjoyed his time with the Saints and is set to sign a years extension. He was under appreciated at West Ham so I'm not surprised he appreciates the support he has had from the club and the Buddies fans. As painful as relegation is, he wants to be part of a promotion push and feels he can play a big part of next season. The bad news is that this means I'll be coming up to watch a couple more games next season...
  2. It's all relative. You think West Hams have nothing to moan about, we think Spurs fans have nothing to moan about, Spurs fans think Arsenal fans have nothing to moan about. In truth we all do.
  3. As a West Ham fan I speak from bitter experience. When you have poor owners sometimes the worst thing that can happen after a season like this is to stay up. If they are deluded enough to think selling better players and not investing in enough new is the way to go, then they'll also be deluded into thinking they can get away with it again it they stayed up. Hopefully this will be the wake up call they need. Sadly it's the fans that suffer, but get the mourning out of the way and look forward to a season at the right end of the table next year. It's always darkest before dawn.
  4. Back in West Ham's 'Great Escape' (Tevez) season when we were odds on to go down we played bitter rivals Tottenham Hotspur in our run in. For the first time all season we showed some fight, showed that they cared, showed we were prepared to scrap for everything.... Oh and we lost. But i walked away from that game feeling strangely positive, I thought I saw a spark that night that I hoped would turn out season. Turns out I was right and the belief around the club began to grow until we dragged ourselves safe on the last day of the season. Hopefully we have seen the same tonight with the Saints, hopefully the hard fought game has ignited a belief amongst the players that if they put that sort of effort in for the other games they just might claw themselves out of it. Now is the time for the fans to get behind the team too and stick with them until the hopefully happy ending. I didn't manage to see the game today but all reports say we fought well. How did Sadlier get on with his first start?
  5. Due to the day it is, I think we should concentrate on Crosses. Then we'll be nailed on winners... And home in time for our Last Supper before the weekend. By the time Sunday comes our season will be resurrected. Either that or we'll be crucified...
  6. Yep, I've got a good feeling too. And with Sadlier 18/1 to score first I think we'll win and I'll make some money. It's weird, I get optimistic about Saints games yet I'm pessimistic about West Ham games. I guess I haven't been worn down by St. Mirren yet.
  7. As a West Ham fan I definitely think there is truth in this. When you have so many bad times shoved down your throat it makes the good times taste all the more sweeter. I see no pleasure in expecting to win the league every year. You either end up disappointed or you just meet expectation, you never get the feeling of over achieving, that must be horrible. Give me the life of a Hammer or a Saint over a Celtic or a Chelsea any day of the week.
  8. Is this the young lad that played left back against ICT? If so then yes on the face of 90 mins that i saw he didn't look great, however not only is it hard to judge on just 90 mins, but even harder to judge when he is playing in a team that performed so badly with such a low tempo, no protection and no movement from midfield. Problems run deeper than one young kid at the start of his career.
  9. So you have made your mind up on 15-20 mins of football, where everyone that saw him (bar you) says he played well?
  10. What is it with football fans and their need to write players off before even seeing them. As a whole this forum is a nice break from the nitpicking and general idiocy of the WHU forum I frequent but to write the above without even seeing him is just plain stupid. You talk about over rated players coming from down south but against ICT the young Spurs (spits) lad was the bright spark in an overall dull team performance. I've seen Kieran play loads of times and can hand on heart say that even the worst performance I've seen of him was better than what I saw last Saturday. Now he is still a young lad so not pretending he is the saviour of the season but when a team struggles to create anything positive he is just the sort of player you need, so before writing him off before you see him, how about you give him a chance like most of the other gents on here. He looked bright in his first sub appearance against NYC He isn't not in the team due to lack of ability, but having not playing for WHU for a few weeks I assume Teale thought he was short of match fitness . Always a weird one for me, personally I think the best way to get that fitness is by playing, but maybe he wanted another week of training first. Either way I expect to see him playing soon and then you are in a better position to judge, but how about you give the lad a chance and at least wait until then.
  11. No, we'll be back. If not this season, definitely for the cup final next season
  12. Just back from my week away including my first Saints game. Was disappointed not to see Sadlier play but got a chance to have a chat with him and with a couple of weeks of no football it was decided not to play him. He is very happy at the club though. Thought the football was far too route one and was crying out for some creativity in the middle, which was far too flat and one dimensional. The thing that really struck me though, was the lack of tempo, allowing ICT so much time on the ball. Apart from that, my son and I both enjoyed it and thanks for the warm welcome. Hopefully 3 points today
  13. There is a lot of discussion as to why they are released, some I just don't think were good enough, but others were just not given a chance by Big Fat Sam. You've picked up the best of the bunch in Sadlier.
  14. Supposedly when we bought him, but I never saw him have a good game. Far too light weight and not as technically good as most that come through the academy.
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