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  1. OMG stroke my own ego? You can't be serious! How has been raising money for those less fortunate became a slagging match? PM me and I'll tell you exactly what I've done for the homeless, this was meant to be something good, not a debate or argument.
  2. Ok, I'll bite, you were the one with the chugger line, let's be clear, those folk are on the street or doors, rain, hail, sleet or snow raising money and trying to provide for their own families, don't be so quick to judge. Would you rather they were on the dole? They RAISE MONEY AND MAKE MONEY PERSONALLY!! must be nice looking down from your ever so mighty high horse! Oh... no that's not what I do for a living but a different way of looking at things!
  3. Ok cool, I've just been passing on the story that was told to me, as I said I was India for that match. What can I say, saints top, signed by all the players that day, I genuinely thought it was worn (if others say no, then ok) on that day, I've never brung myself to watch the lowlights when I got back, losing 9 v 11 didn't appeal! Without labouring the point, on a whim I believed this was a good idea to raise money for folk this xmas, not to have a debate/argument. Life's too short! [emoji106]
  4. It's exasperating, moderator take the thread down! Trying to do a good thing! The top I have was worn by billy, on the day, (yes a bad day for us) but worn on that day in that match! So far by trying to do a good deed, I've been called a chugger and now a liar! FFS!
  5. Thanks for the reply, I think the purpose has been lost though! Here's my example, I spend £50 on average going to a game, £20 on train fare from Glasgow, maybe a pint or two, pie & bovril! Last week (Dumbarton game) me and a mate, (non bud) travelled along, in the station seen a fiver on the ground, picked it up and said first homeless person we see we'll hand it too, which we did. If anyone with eyes has walked through the High street, whether it be Paisley, Glasgow, Edinburgh, etc etc you'll see there are people everywhere! Personally I thought it was a decent idea, I'm not having £2 is a problem to folk, can't even buy a coffee for that, yeah we lost that day, buts it's still 1 of 14 tops worn and unique in itself. I'm sorry if my tone comes across abrupt, not my intention, just how I feel, rightly or wrongly! What is it I've actually done here? Oh that's right try and raise money for people sleeping on the street at xmas!
  6. Eh... I've held off to allow my annoyance to settle! 1. I genuinely forgot I had the top 2. Thought it would be a nice idea 3. I recall someone auctioning off a signed something on here to the highest bidder and the response was do a draw so everyone can get involved! (Which is why I set up the page) I wasn't and am not looking to profit from this in any way, I'll take a picture of any monies getting donated to shelter! JEEZ this is why I have no form of social media, even when all intentions are positive, you'll get some arsehole trying to be negative!
  7. Oh and come on buds, it's totally a donation for a great cause, can't believe 24 hrs later it's at zero!!!!
  8. Don't have either, please do if you can, all money going to shelter
  9. https://funds.gofundme.com/mobile/dashboard?url=st-mirren-homeless Come on buds & COYS
  10. Oh finally shull your beloved BW is at the top [emoji106]
  11. Dunno if it's even setup right but it's on go fundme under 'st mirren homeless!' Probably a bad heading. if you leave a name and a figure I'll pop it In a hat and draw it out as I said every £2 = a ticket. Just thought it'd be a good idea, all money to the homeless
  12. Anyone interest? Thought I might set up a just giving thread. Donate the money to the homeless this xmas! Totally forgot about it but visiting the maws, she said it was still in the room! Actual top wore by him, signed by all the players, if you look closely you'll see JR signature. FWIW Kris Boyd's niece worked in my office, I was away in India for the final, he swapped tops with him in the final to get the top to her who she gave to me! Before I set up the page I think a good idea could be a nice xmas prezzie and every £2 donated = a ticket, I'll draw it out and give to the winner at the dunf game on the 16th?
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