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  1. Could not be happier for a great club, fantastic fans, I always look out for the result and have very fond memories of my short time at the club. Absolutely brilliant, well done everyone. Kieran Sadlier
  2. Come on St Mirren, have a good feeling about today.
  3. A hard fought ground out win yesterday, really good to see things turning round under AR, if he can bring to St Mirren the same grit and determination he showed as a player a few years back in England then the club is in good hands. Really pleased to see, the club and fans deserve a change in fortunes and need to be back where they belong in the SPL. Great little club, great fans!
  4. But he gave Gow a deal very early on I seem to recall!
  5. Your right I did take it the wrong way, thanks for clarifying Windae.
  6. Lets do that TC, lets wait and see, but thanks for your views, interesting to say the least!
  7. Just looked back at this forum and cannot believe the response my most recent post has had, however that aside, your summary above is bang on the money, Kieran now has the platform, with a manager who loves him to perform and push his career on, at 21 he now needs to be playing regularly. To be honest Kieran has always been a late developer and even now only a few months on he is physically so much bigger and quicker, you never know one day he might don the black and white of ST Mirren again, personally I would love that, my wife and I loved coming up there to the ground to watch the games, not sure about place like KIllie, Hamilton or M'Well however, did not enjoy going to those stadiums so much! To be honest I tried to encourage him to come back up to St Mirren in the summer, but he found the off field down time with no one really around to spend time with all a bit too much so opted to come back down south to England. That all said, he still has fond memories of the place and loved being at the club and he still follows your results and speaks regularly with some of the players still there. Thank you for your supportive words and good luck for the rest of the season, maybe see you all again some day!
  8. Thats not the case at all Windae, despite his early season & reserve team form in games & training, to everyones surprise (asst Mgr & players) the manager has not given him a chance, he had the option to join Sligo on loan but opted to move permanently and the expectation is that he will be one of the stand out players in the LOI and from there have a lot of choice of clubs going forward. He is still very young & lot of football in front of him.
  9. Rated highly by all the players and Grant McCann the Asst Manager along with other first team staff at Posh but never given a chance by Graham Westley the new manager. Started pre season very well and continued that form into reserve team games during the season scoring in most of them, playing the likes of Birmingham, Northampton, Rotherham, MK Dons etc Went out on loan to FCHT (Halifax Town) for three months to get football at the beginning of Oct. Arrived to find a FCHT side at the wrong end of the table, very low in confidence and struggling. After playing in 9 games manager left, assistant manager took over and immediately set the team up to defend and removed the three attacking midfielders from the side. After 3 cameo role from the bench Kieran left FCHT due to them not wanting to pay his travel expenses from Cambridge to Halifax, also very slow to pay Kieran his travel expenses that were incurred, finally paid them in Jan 2016 after 3 months of chasing payment, FCHT also slow to pay Posh. Shocking way to treat a young player. Now linking up again with ex manager at Posh Dave Robertson at Sligo who has been chasing him since getting the job in November and now looking forward to getting back to playing regularly and making an immediate impact with Sligo and on the LOI.
  10. Disappointed look out for this result today and see St Mirren lost - First rule for the season, make St Mirren Park Fortress St Mirren and second, a don't lose to his old team for the manager!
  11. Good luck today to St Mirren at home to Dumbarton - Kieran Sadlier, all love.
  12. McGinn is/was simply not good enough I am afraid. I got stick for saying this last season but unless someone gets hold of him and gets it into him that he is simply a ball winner and midfield engine and he should simply win and lay it off he will disappear without trace. He cannot take players on, he cannot make passes beyond 10 yards.
  13. Sadlier scores again this time with a 25 yrs screamer, but then proceeded to run the game against a revitalised Grimsby in pre season before coming off on 70 as planned to be fresh for Saturdays game..
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