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  1. Agree with many comments. Felt like two points dropped though over the piece a draw was probably correct. Carson made at least four excellent saves, Particularly towards the end, but our endeavour throughout and the chances created when we broke forward made for a very entertaining game. Suspect the penalty was very borderline and as for the refereeing l thought it was appalling and failed to protect our players from a series of dangerous collisions. Carson and Erhahon were excellent, but the whole team put in a great performance. colleagues at work had said how poor Rangers are- they are not wrong. For all their possession they are insipid and lack the nous to break down a resolute defence and their own defence looks very shaky. for all our away woes and only two points out of nine this week, 21 points at this stage of the season is not to be sniffed at.
  2. Strange game overall. St Johnstone much more comfortable on the ball most of the night but created nothing. Couldn’t understand why it took so long to give the penalty. Two cracking goals from us, but overall we wasted the ball a lot with slack passes. Fakes offered nothing in second half yet grabbed an equaliser. There is room from improvement but did not see us sitting with 20 points at this point in season. Are we getting too greedy?
  3. Unfortunately the games in hand are Celtic and Hearts 🤔
  4. Lost feed for final quarter. Felt we let them off and back in. Disappointing after that. A win or draw here today would have garnered our bid for top six. Feels more like top of bottom six. Need to sort out away games
  5. A struggle today. Passing sloppy, gave the ball away a lot. Ayunga could not find his feet. Carson immense in goals given number of one on ones he faced. Ended up glad of the point. Another season we would have lost that game. Thought refereeing spoilt the game with his decisions. Two poor home performances glean 4 points, but not a good watch. Need to step up though
  6. This is the sort of day when you begin to believe we will have a decent season. The game was murder to watch until we scored. I thought we were well off it and got sucked into a game dictated by Livingston. Referee was dire and bought every trick they brought and did nothing to protect our players. However, the goal, the missed penalty and then the winner so late in game was pure magic to watch. We don’t tend to get anything from these types of games . Tonight l am ecstatic.
  7. Fantastic result today. Everyone contributed though a shout out for Ayunga Strain and Erhahon. Ange in his interview credited us for how we executed the game. Buried two of the three excellent chances we made, made it really difficult for Celtic who never truly tested Carson and only created one clear chance. They had an off day and we took full advantage. Please now don’t waste this all with a disaster against Livingston in two weeks time
  8. Kiltie is going to Livingston, big Joe down South. Possibly one signing tonight
  9. Great result, cracking atmosphere, should have scored more. Only issues are down the left when defending, giving far too much space to opposition- we could easily have been punished by Hibs and RC, luckily we weren’t. Secondly, need to work on composure in front of goal. Robinson is doing a great job though
  10. Fantastic result and shift from whole team yesterday and thoroughly deserved result. Erhahon, Dunne, Bacchus and Ayunga had stand out performances, OHara impressed again when he came on, but no failures. Strain had a good shift but thought his final ball was not quite good enough today. Down the Left Tait needs more defensive support. Kiltie for me didn’t do enough in that part of the game and it was exploited later on. main thing is we need to create more clear cut chances and be more clinical up front. Lots of inventive build up play but lack of cutting edge at the moment. Promising though and great feeling returning to the day job next week with a win under the belt.
  11. Liam Kelly was outstanding and won that game for Motherwell. Thought we were a bit static in first half and could have done better with the few chances we had. Need to see the penalty decision again- looked harsh. Second half l could see a Robinson team developing. Need to improve finishing, need to play Henderson every week, Ayunga is good with ball at feet but terrible timing for high balls, Bacchus and Gallagher impressed and Erhahon was solid. Still extremely Saintish though to lose this sort of game, hoping we can build on this performance
  12. I haven’t seen any of the games so far this ‘pre season’. Accept some of the comments on here from those who have witnessed them that if we have been as bad as suggested he needs to review his approach quickly. Still not convinced the board will be too quick to pull trigger if things continue poorly
  13. Still too early to compare to Stubbs. We have had a few shite league cup group stage performances over the years. Anyway no way Robinson will be quickly moved on given how much has been invested in this new project. Let’s see what the first few league games bring. Very disappointing though
  14. One competitive match doesn’t make a summer.. someone once said
  15. Robinson Out!! sack the board!!! Kibble out and to blame!!! Typical St Mirren!!! Aah the season is back. Just as well l was roasting on a beach in Cornwall this afternoon 😫😫😫☀️☀️😂
  16. Great result, enjoyed the game, amazed by Mains goal, amazed by the atrocious refereeing, roll on next season.
  17. Absolutely fantastic result. Would have bit your hand off for a draw. Sounds like we were marginally better that fakes, but radio coverage suggests and supports my view that apart from top three all teams this season have been decidedly average and very inconsistent. The league table supports this. Something to build and hopefully SR will be able to build on this.
  18. Wind did not help but that was woeful. Both teams poor it we were dire. Lots of effort, but no real tactical nous and any threat up front. Main was unbelievably bad in second half yet stayed on. Thought Erhahon had some good touches in first half but was poor second. Next two games are massive and will determine our future in this league. I am not going to comment on Robinson’s future until l see what he does over the summer whatever league we are on, but unimpressed so far.
  19. BBC say we have 9% chance of ending up in playoff. A draw today will make a big difference. Obviously a win would be a much better outcome. Our record post last three Hibs sackings is not fantastic. Hopefully Robinson takes pragmatic approach to ensuring we stay up first and foremost
  20. He is not media savvy despite extensive managerial experience. Have mixed feelings about what l am seeing on the park, have some sympathy for the sentiment he is giving journalists- but please just don’t say it publicly. Good management means you don’t blame your tools the moment you get in the door. We are bang average but Robinson is not doing himself any favours with the support- or the players- with the way he is conducting himself post match. There is absolutely no way we should be in a situation where we are concerned about Fake Saints catching us- yet we are now!!!
  21. When was the last time we won in the league? It is a league of average teams who are all inconsistent. They shared 5 goals, yes we lost, yes we can improve, but it was entertaining. That is what football is supposed to be. I do prefer us winning but l also watch the game to be entertained. A drink would have helped though..z
  22. I really enjoyed a lot of that game today. Again we could have done much better with the final ball but we were in game until the fourth goal. Defensively we are poor at the moment though. Thought Lyness could have done better with the third, but we could not clear our lines throughout and kept returning the ball to Well. more than willing to give Robinson time to get his new plans to gel and agree that it is taking too much time. However, first and foremost we must avoid the playoff position and our results see us in free fall at present whilst Fake Saints are on a run. Tinker after we secure our place for next season please, then rebuild your team So we can judge you then
  23. Disappointing all round today. Fantastic start and while we might have edged the first half, certainly in terms of half chances, real pressure and corners, our ball retention and passing was overall poor. Credit to United they changed things at half time and upped the pace. We folded. No outball, static movement, poor decision making, slack and at times awful ball distribution. We didn’t deserve anything from today, especially in second half. whether this was down to Robinson tactics, lack of form of many players, failing to adjust to new managers instructions or maybe a combination who knows. l won’t judge Robinson on the remainder of this season but l don’t like the way he suggests too often that the quality of player he has is the main problem. Managers need to be able to take some of the aggro after displays like today. as for the sending off l will be interested in highlights as didn’t look like it was deserved. As for over 6 minute of extra time- unamused. Why say 4 on the board? at the end of the day betteR team won. Motherwell game last chance to at least pressurise others for top six, but overall we haven’t done enough this seaso, especially at home.
  24. Defending needs sorting. Cracking game to which we made a huge contribution.
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