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  1. Ray McKinnon? No thanks! Would be a shocking appointment.
  2. What if they believe that the best way to improve the wellbeing of society is the creation of wealth by the individual? Not everything can be solved by issuing premium bonds!
  3. Actually, it was 67% that didn't vote for independence. I'm sure that even cockles, the cowardly internet Hardman bigot and Ernie, the economic illiterate will be able to grasp that.
  4. Some more...When we won the league in 05/06 we were the lowest scoring champions ever 4 teams scored more than us that season We failed to score in 9 games, ie a quarter of the campaign Sorting out your defence can see you go a long way...
  5. Yet another angry post. Serious question - why the f**k do you even bother with this forum when it makes you feel like this?
  6. In season 04/05, all 4 games of Gus' Saints v Reid's Clyde ended in 0-0 draws!
  7. After the 3-0 drubbing by Thistle you said you were wrong to back him....
  8. What is really hilarious here is seeing the happy clapping brigade defending the managerial record of a guy who isn't even manager of St. Mirren and whi is very unlikely to be manager of St. Mirren!
  9. They were deducted 15 points They would have been in a relegation play off spot even without the points deduction. You were wrong.... twice.
  10. This chat about hearts, hibs & rangers being too big for the champs is not true btw. Hearts & hibs were both relegated. They were relegated cos they were shit. Rangers finished behind them this season cos they r even more shit! Queen of the south r part time and they've managed to do ok. I'm with lord pityme. Murray has done ok in the champs but what he has done is no indicator that he could have us challenging for promotion. Darren young for me.
  11. Isle of Bute changes his opinion on the manager on a weekly basis depending on the result of the previous game.
  12. Almost 100% fiction? Not quite as fictional as our scouting set up then!
  13. Are you suggesting that we give the job to Teale on the basis that a new manager *might* get off to a bad start?
  14. Jamie Fullarton appears to have a lot of youth coaching experience. Hopefully he also knows how to set up a scouting network as well rather then waiting for the list of frees from Murray Park & Lennoxtown as we currently do.
  15. Either stop taking this forum so seriously or find another hobby before unhappiness overwhelms you.
  16. Hopefully they will ignore YOU..... the most clueless fan on the forum!
  17. mmm I remember a spell where we beat Rangers 3-0, Celtic 4-2 (after being 2-0 down) then champions Dundee United 4-0 (against a defence of Gough, Hegarty, Narey & Malpas). Even when the great strikeforce of McAvennie, McDougall & Scanlon was away, I can remember us beating Hearts 5-2 on the last day at Love Street to qualify for Europe then beat Hearts 6-2 on the first home game of the following season... the same Hearts who almost won the league at the end of that season! Miller's biggest f'uck up was of course Hammarby...
  18. To be fair, Jack Gilmour and Maxie Gray were there long before Fergie. Bobby Reid & Tony Fitzpatrick were already at Love Street when Fergie arrived and said scouts had brought us Bobby McKean, Iain Munro, Gordon McQueen, Ally McLeod et al, not long before. We don't have a scouting set up today. Scouting today consists of waiting to see who is released from Murray Park & Lennoxtown.
  19. I think the main reason is that we haven't actually produced any players of the quality of McCarthy, McArthur, Gauld & Armstrong! Lappin & McGinn went for peanuts because they just aren't in the same league as the guys being sold by other clubs. You are right though. This is an area that needs looking at. And what we need to do is get rod of Longwell and all his coaches and get in people who know what they are doing! Longwell's 10 years in charge have been a disaster.
  20. Miller didn't "unearth" Paul Lambert. He would have been there irrespective of who the manager was. That was back in the day that we had a scouting set up that brought us guys like Lambert, McWhirter, Clarke, Brian Hamilton, Winnie, Cameon and before that, Weir, McAvennie, etc. Compare that with the last 10 years that David Longwell has been in charge of the youth set up... With regards to MIller's signings, the big gem that he did actually unearth was, of course, Ian Ferguson. He was the main reason we won the Scottish Cup. Miller also brought in Neil Cooper and Derek Hamilton for peanuts and signed Kenny McDowall & Paul Chalmers. I did always wonder about some of his other transfer dealings however. He obviously didn't like Mark Fulton and he swapped John McCormack for Peter Mackie. He also let Frank McDougall go cheaply for £100k and spent it all on Brian Gallagher & Jim Rooney. There were a number of players picked up cheaply by other clubs around the same time who would have been better, eg Connor Brown, Coyne & Wright at Dundee, Clark, Colquohoun, Levein & Black at Hearts, Durie at Hibs. Actually, just listing these names shows how good Scottish football was back then!
  21. We also need to get in a Head of Youth Development who knows what he is doing. The past 10 years under David Longwell have been a complete disaster.
  22. If Steven Thompson applies then I would give the job to him. He is articulate, clever and will know many folk in the game. He's a Saint and he'll have the fans behind him. Look what Hearts achieved this season with a rookie manager in the Championship.
  23. How much does it cost to run Ralston then? And your point about summer football is utter stupidity. I suppose that's what can be expected from someone as stupid as you, mind.
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