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  1. And in both cases, the SFA and the SPFL are the clubs themselves...
  2. 351 first team appearances for Manchester United 1 European Champions League Winner 1 World Club Champion 4 Premiership League Winners medals 1 FA Cup Winners medal 1 Football League Cup Winners medal Premiership Team of the Year 09/10 Darren Fletcher WAS world class. Its not up for debate.
  3. He didn't solely base his opinion of the player on what other fans were saying about him. He has also based his opinion of him on what he himself has seen. He is giving his own opinion and arguing his own case. All you have done is highlight specific sections of his post in order to comment on it out of context, add the words "how embarrassing" and throw in a few emoticons. This is a forum for fans to give their own opinion. Why not try giving yours instead of slagging off fellow buds?
  4. Darren Fletcher was world class in his hey day surely?
  5. 21 starts and 4 sub appearances according to this. What surprises me most about this is that the fact that QoS have a different page for each season...
  6. Not sure I agree with this. I have no idea whether this is indeed the continental system or not but I would have thought that a player getting into a youth system at, say age 8 and then being guaranteed his place until he is 20 would be a bit of a disincentive. A year by year system would seem to me to actually have quite a lot of incentive about it. In addition, keeping a whole host of players on until aged 20, regardless of whether a club has changed their mind about them or not, would possibly deprive spaces to later developers. IMO, one of the great problems with football in Scotland is that so many youngsters have no work ethic, don't look after their bodies and succumb to drink and drugs. A country such as Holland also has the advantage of a large immigrant population where the boys are physically bigger and stronger AND have a desire to work hard.
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