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  1. Any idea what we paid to the Burgh for him?
    Our best return on investment was probably Ian Ferguson. Another great player. Just a shame how he left. Wish he had gone down south. Reckon he we have become an even better player than what he became at Ibrox.

    Yes, I wish he’d gone down south too, but can’t complain about his attitude playing for us, even after he knew he was off to Ibrox. Still put in a real shift for us.

  2. We can win the game without playing 2 up top as Jim proved opening day of the season.

    So you expect us to go with the same starting line up ?

    I’ll be ok with that as long as we are more attacking minded.
    Against Accies, I don’t expect us to be able to take the lead and then defend until FT.

    And, even if we are capable of that I’d rather we set out to win, and win well.

    Which is why I’m a supporter and not a manager !

  3. Ok, so JG doesn’t want to lose this match, but does he want to win it ?
    If he does, and I hope he does, we need to play with two up top, so the question is who partners Obika ?

    I’d rather we give one of the youngsters a start instead of Junior - keep him back as a “super” sub.

    I’d also have Thorvaldssen instead of McAllister.

    Given the back four puck themselves, I’m not sure of the midfield ?


    COYS !!

  4. In the group stage we have drawn:
    St Mirren
    Partick Thistle
    Queens Park
    Belter of a group and all great away days - apart from Morton. If only we were allowed to go...
    Jim Goodwin, Alex Rae, Jack Ross and Alan Stubbs have managed us in these group stages in 4 consecutive seasons. Only Stubbzo managed to get us out the group. Surely we won’t go out early doors again..

    If we can’t get out of this group we won’t deserve to be going any further in the competition.

  5. Most of yesterdays team owe themselves ( and the supporters) a performance.  Cut out the mistakes and the general slackness and we at least give ourselves a small chance of getting something. 


    Also need to show more attacking intent against Celtic, like Killie did.

    I’d like to see Thorvaldsson start (instead of Sheron) as I think his speed and presence will cause them unexpected problems.
    And midfield cannot allow Obika to be so isolated up front - we will need an out ball.

  6. What about Kane Hemings? I see he has cancelled his contract with Dundee by mutual consent. I know a lot of his goals in Scotland aren’t in the top flight but he has scored goals for the vast majority of teams he has played for. We would be able to pay more than his wage reduction was at Dundee, plus there would be no transfer fee. I think he would offer a viable option to partner Obika. 

    I think we should be interested in Hemmings but hard not to be gutted about Jakubiak. He was an excellent partner for Obika.

  7. In for Bayo of Celtic again according to Raman

    Remember we were close to getting him in Jan but Celtic couldn’t get Rhodes over the line so fell through

    My Celtic supporting pal said he’s a big raw prospect but does have goals in him

    Love to see him partner Obika

  8. Why? What did he do wrong. Some people are never happ and always looking for a scape goat they can moan at. Last season it was Callum Waters. I think Marcus Fraser was excellent today. Coys

    Couldn’t fault Fraser or any other defenders today. In fact , I think the whole team, plus subs (incl Morais) performed well today.

    On to Castle Greyskull.

    COYS !!

  9. Season Ticket holder here managed to do it in 3 minutes by
    login in   https://tv.stmirren.com/
    Don't register go to the  SIGN IN 
    Have your season ticket details from your season ticket card.
    As below you need to put the hyphens "-" between your firstname surname and season ticket number. No spaces. 
    In the Username box put        firstname-surname-1**30000**0   (season ticket number)
    Underneath in Password box put your season ticket number again, 1**30000**0
    And press SIGN IN and your in

    Managed to get my Dad logged on, but he says he can’t see an option for the match - where should he look for it ?

    I’m PPV and got it fine.
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