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  1. Short answer: 3 points v Livi 3 points v Fakes
  2. Ignoring the other replies on this thread I’d be looking for at least one LB and two CB. Muzek and Popescu would both be very welcome if available. I think Obika, Cooke and Mullen can get the goals we need with help from the midfield.
  3. If Foley is fit, I’d play him in his normal position as defensive midfield and put one of our youngsters in at CB.
  4. I’d play Morais too, but not necessarily as a striker, like a number 10 (Andreu) or out wide
  5. Nothing to lose by asking though ?
  6. Ticket arrived in the mail this morning so I’ll definitely be there. Like others I hope Foley is back and that McGinn recovers. I also like the thought of starting both Obika and Cooke to give the side more height. Really must cut out needless free kicks - bread and butter to Livi. Hoping we can carry on from last week. 2-0 home win Obika and Cooke
  7. Absolutely, but yet another great advert for the academy. If you were a young kid, or parents of a young kid, you’d have to impressed at what we can offer them. Surely a better opportunity than with the OF.
  8. Mattman, the customer has received a response to her email and the situation has been clarified. Really appreciate your help with this. I believe our work here is done. Cheers !
  9. Saw this too. I'd never heard of him before, but certainly very encouraging to read. Seems we're going about helping him develop the right way. Just hope we can hold on to him long enough to see him in our first team ! Interesting to think someone at our club has contacts at Benfica and Bayern.
  10. Will do as soon as I get home from Xmas shopping. Thank you. Cheers
  11. I don’t think they’re thieves either, but the lady who paid her money 7 weeks ago has not received any indication as to when she will receive the product ordered . She has contacted them several times by email but not received a response. I’ve seen the branded goods at matches and they are great, and another great initiative by a great group of supporters and I suspect they’re waiting to receive a certain number of commitments before placing a bulk order, however, it’s disappointing they have not responded to her request for information. I’m hoping that raising the matter on the forum someone may provide an update and hopefully reply to the customer. (and my boy can get his belated birthday present) Cheers
  12. Anyone know the status of Northbank t-shirts ordered from the http://smfcpaisley.co.uk/ website ? Someone ordered one for my son for his birthday and so far nothing. That was mid-October and to date no news and no-one responding to email queries. I've currently got one family member who thinks the guys are thieves and another who's still waiting (impatiently) on a pressie. Understand it's "pre-order", but any indication of when that'll be ? Appreciate if anyone with info can DM me.
  13. Wasn’t there today, but really pleased to see many supporters saying Junior had a good game. He’s deserved his chance and seems to have taken it. So pleased to see Cooke back and by all accounts made a positive impression. We’ll need him against Livi. Hope Cammy enjoys a good night tonight. And i hope you Jay was watching. His time will come. Soon.
  14. Did someone on some thread on this forum suggest that Muzek is currently available ? If so let’s get him signed up now. Should have never have been allowed to leave in the first place. Anyone tracking Popescu ?
  15. Sorry but I disagree. However hard the current situation is, the last thing the club needs is another new manager to replace one we sacked, both from a financial and continuity perspective. We desperately need stability, and that means sticking with JG even if we end up being relegated. In saying that, we need to beat Accies on Saturday. Not draw, not lose, but win. And by a margin.
  16. Losing 11 out of 16 matches is relegation form. Need to win all of the next three games, end of.
  17. County taking their chances and leading Hibs. Like we couldn’t. Livi leading at Tynecastle... Fakes level at Killie. Not a great night. Accies now a six pointer.
  18. Thank you. Will not be travelling to Accies man ch this weekend now. However, I am still on for Livi at home and Fales away. At the moment......
  19. Accord have had at least three on target at Celtic Park
  20. Not at the game. Why was Morais brought on for Obika ? Why not Cooke ? What formation are we playing - damage limitation ?
  21. 3-0 down as I write this and not a single shot on target from us per BBC. WTF ? We were supposed to be in with a chance of winning all four of our next games. Was that the four after this one ?
  22. That and being lucky. We need to get some breaks this afternoon.
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