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    turrabuddie got a reaction from W6er in The 3 Monthly Spend   
    Just to clarify, I was referring to the surplus £2 pot only.

    I believe SMiSA should collect the the monthly payments and continue to put aside the funds originally earmarked for share purchase. As I understand it, if Kibble decide they want out of the club at some point in the future, they must first offer their shares to SMiSA and, if this happens, I’d like the funds to be available immediately.

    If there’s no interest in funding supporters buses, how about the Panda Express instead ?
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    turrabuddie reacted to Vambo57 in Could Coronavirus Kill Our 42 Clubs   
    Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I;m not reading through all the shite in a hope of joining in a similar discussion, but Furlough should be the norm for ALL Professional football players.  Why should they be treated any different? 
    If they have a massive Mortgage, then they can take a break in payments.
    If they have betting debts, hell mend them. 
    If they have to cut down on their Tattoos, so be it!  Think of the money they are saving on Coiffures  🧔  👨‍🦲
    Plenty of people would love to get up to £2,500 a month.
    I hope Saints are using this scheme, like all sensible businesses should..
    Stay Safe all 😷
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    turrabuddie reacted to Bud the Baker in Plans for next season   
    Shows how important the game against Hearts was - I'm pretty sure if Hearts had won the game and gone above us they'd be voting to put us down. 
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    turrabuddie reacted to Sonny in Plans for next season   
    Option 2 is not a go-er. Apparently if the season is declared void the TV people do not have to pay out. So declare as is or try and finish which is looking increasingly unlikely.
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    turrabuddie reacted to FTOF in Plans for next season   
    If we do finish the league, at least Hladky is still in Scotland and he says he's sticking around until matters are resolved.
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    turrabuddie reacted to shull in Plans for next season   
    The Leagues & Play Offs are absolutely fine the way they are.
    Only 3 changes need...........
    Sevco & Celtic booted tae feck.
    Admission Prices slashed.
    Players wages decreased by huge amounts.
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    turrabuddie reacted to TPAFKA Jersey 2 in Plans for next season   
    Regardless of what you think of the plans in general, the massive fly in the ointment/elephant in the room is the mention of colt teams.
    Quite frankly, f**k that!!!
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    turrabuddie reacted to djchapsticks in IF remaining games are played behind doors (solution)   
    Voiding the league means that you are effectively saying it didn't happen. Calling it as is, is going to piss off several football clubs but voiding it is going to potentially open football up to legal proceedings from sponsors and broadcasters who have shown a full season of football that is effectively stricken from the books and meant nothing. When you think about broadcasters like Sky who show the EPL and pay around £1.2 billion or whatever a season to do so, there is potential for a significant backlash across all of world football here.
    UEFA will almost certainly not leave themselves open to this possible outcome and for that reason, will more than likely dish out the direction to federations to call the placings as is. They won't be giving a toss about the issues of clubs all over Europe like Hearts, Rangers, Aston Villa or Bournemouth (who would be relegated from the EPL by a single goal)...any one of those and the legal challenge they present are small beer compared with your sponsors and broadcasters coming after you for telling them that season gone past should just be treated as a series of friendlies.
    For that reason they won't void.
    For the reason that they want their European competitions sorted as close to scheduled start date as possible, they won't allow for season to be extended.
    Think calling it as it stands is really the only option here.
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    turrabuddie reacted to shull in Your Favourite St Mirren Television Highlights   
    Football highlights have been broadcast since the 1950's , I'm guessing via Scotsport, Sportsreel and latterly Sportscene.
    What Saints highlighted matches would you like to see again ?
    Up until the 1980's they were very few provincial club matches broadcast as the Telly dudes concentrated on the two sectarian clubs almost every week.
    Once we were in the 1990's there was stacks of coverage even in Division One with the great Football First.
    I have managed to remember three where the highlights were broadcast on a Saturday night and would love to see full highlights again.
    29/4/72  Dumbarton 1  St Mirren 2   Promotion battle.
    29/1/77   St Mirren 4  Dundee Unitit 1  Scottish Cup
    26/2/77  Motherwell v St Mirren  Scottish Cup  ( would love to see the whole match just to see that first half again )
    What would everybody else like to see again ? Surely the TV Companies must still have these highlights from through the decades.  Get them all on a Website and let
     us see them again.
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    turrabuddie reacted to shull in Your Favourite St Mirren Television Highlights   
    Quite a few Saints TV highlights matches from the the 1990's are easy to find and watch. 
    Countless times I have watched clips from the Millennium Season especially the class finish to the Game at Starks Park and also the April match at Somerset then the Title clincher a week later. 
    Funnily enough the drubbing by Caley Thistle had a certain deal of warmth to it. 
    A fantastic day out, invasion of the pitch and a top class speech from Lord Thomas Hendrie. 
    Can watch all of the above over and over again. 
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    turrabuddie reacted to munoz in Could Coronavirus Kill Our 42 Clubs   
    St Mirren aren't lucky.  A lot of hard work has gone into our youth development in the last 20 odd years, which has put us in a better position than some other clubs, due to the sales of players. 
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    turrabuddie reacted to Yflab in Could Coronavirus Kill Our 42 Clubs   
    If Villa go down this year they may be forced to sell Meatball. 
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    turrabuddie reacted to pod in List of Saint Mirren Supporters' Clubs?   
    You could start one.
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    turrabuddie reacted to faraway saint in IF remaining games are played behind doors (solution)   
    Here's an idea, stop being stupid and even contemplating playing games behind closed doors.
    I thank you. 
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    turrabuddie reacted to Ronnie in Kilmarnock v St Mirren 14 March   
    Last match for a while.

    BBC News - Coronavirus: Sturgeon recommends mass events ban as virus cases spike
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    turrabuddie reacted to pod in Kilmarnock v St Mirren 14 March   
    Couple of the Hearts players couldnie  stay on their feet last night. Went down at the slightest touch.   
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    turrabuddie reacted to beyond our ken in Kilmarnock v St Mirren 14 March   
    If we can win then Killie have a real job on their hands 
    tme to force others to some heavy lifting for us
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    turrabuddie reacted to St.Ricky in Kilmarnock v St Mirren 14 March   
    Crowd.. Zero. Killie 1 Saints 1
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    turrabuddie reacted to BuddieinEK in Kilmarnock v St Mirren 14 March   
    Wallace can cover for Waters... BUT...

    He finished a hard game carrying an injury and can he be risked on an artificial...

    Also... If McCarthy is out, Foley will have to cover in defence leaving us short in midfield. Wallace would have been my first pick replacement for him.

    Too soon for McGinn?

    McGrath looked better through the middle and tried to drive us forward... but number one sub TA was stuck in reverse gear against the Jambos when he came on and I struggle to see why he repeatedly gets on ahead of others.

    Huge game as a win for Saints would really pull Killie back into the relegation dogfight.
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    turrabuddie reacted to Lord Pityme in Kilmarnock v St Mirren 14 March   
    Waters out as a loanee and possibly the three who went off injured out too.
    Gonna be tough.
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    turrabuddie reacted to southsidebud in Kilmarnock v St Mirren 14 March   
    Beat this mob and they are right back in the mix.

    Maybe wave to Kirk as he is on the way down
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    turrabuddie reacted to St.Ricky in Kilmarnock v St Mirren 14 March   
    Injuries will help determine team selection and our tactics. Difficult one to call. 
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    turrabuddie reacted to fmckinn in Kilmarnock v St Mirren 14 March   
    3 would be even better 
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    turrabuddie reacted to the barrhead teacher in Kilmarnock v St Mirren 14 March   
    A point from rugby park would be very useful
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    turrabuddie reacted to pondsman in St Mirren v Hearts Friday 21 Feb   
    Annoyed that I missed the game last night. had made arrangements to be at the original game in February before it was rained off. Couldn't postpone a family commitment last night so had to make do with recording the Alba coverage, which I've just watched. Sorry if the following comments have already been made, but haven't had time to look back  through the thread.
    Not a great match, but that wasn't to be expected given what was at stake. What counted was not silky soccer, but grit and heart (no pun intended). Buddies ahead in these qualities by a long way. Foley, Obika, Jakubiak, Durmus and MacPherson (before the last two had to go off) all in great form. Was excellent to see both Obika and Jakubiak back in our penalty area helping the defence out at times. Still not sure why Goodwin persists with Andreu as his go-to substitute, but he did run about  a bit and made a nuisance of himself when he came on. I don't speak Gaelic, but I gathered from the caption that TV made Obika Man of the Match. It could have gone to a number of our players. My preference would have been either Foley or Wallace. The latter was just the guy for last night, a good pro who looked like he had bags of experience of scrapping through games like this.
    As good as we were, I thought Hearts had very little to offer. Let's hope that continues. They play RC and Accies in the next few games, so they still have chances to come back.
    Anyway, COYS!!
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