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  1. Where has Alan Gow gone to? Hasn't been in any squads for weeks and weeks Is he injured or just completely not in any plans at all?
  2. I was willing to give Murray the benefit of the doubt for the first round of fixtures playing everyone but he really has to go NOW But I really don't know who we are getting to get in
  3. Not a single thing I can say positive about tonight's game. The second half performance was utterly disgraceful. How Murray can stand back and watch that is beyond me!! Second half reminds me of the Falkirk game at home. We go in at half time winning the game. Then come out the second half hoping to hold on and hold on for the win. I love St.Mirren to pieces but this is starting to get embarrassing on how bad we have become. How long is Murray going to get before the board decide to give him the bullet
  4. Was more than just the two of them that disappeared in the second half
  5. Think this is a poor decision letting Ridgers go away to Killie. IMO I think he should be our number 1 keeper this season. Langfield doesn't fill me with confidence I would rather have Ridgers playing. Fell sorry for Ridgers to be put to the bench with Langfield taking over straight away as he never done much wrong when he was playing. He kept us in games countless times But good luck to him
  6. Maybe with our next manager we can get 90 minutes of good football. Now that would be exciting
  7. There was a young boy sitting infront of me today (think he was only about 6 or 7 years old) and all credit to him he kept shouting and cheering the team all game. Feel sorry for him He has got many many more years of watching that but so do I. But even he was starting to say this is rubbish nearer the end
  8. Starting to become like last season already. Harder to get myself up for going to away games now. Unfortunately the QotS game I was away on holiday so couldn't make it but the two games afterwards have been disgraceful. Money talks these days and I won't be going through to Edinburgh for the game. Got a season ticket so I'll be there for every home game but I'll be picking and choosing my away games now.
  9. Losing the will to live watching St.Mirren just now. There is just no fight in that team. Something has got to change very quickly before it get worse. Shankland took his goal well but he isn't getting good enough service. 1st half was horrendous yes the 2nd half was ABIT better but still not good enough. Midfield was posted missing again running about like headless chickens. I was willing to give Murray the first round fixtures and judge him then but 2 games left of the 1st round and this isn't good enough at all. We have a team on paper which I think could easily be top half of the table but the manager just can't seem to get it working. Before we know it it will be Christmas and we are fighting the playoffs in the wrong of the end. Call me negative, a boo boy or whatever you want but it's the truth some people need to wake up and see this isn't working so far.
  10. First half can't fault the performance. 2-0 up and cruising. And then the 2nd half not one player came out that tunnel fired and ready to play. Must of been thinking right we are 2-0 so we will win. We completely collapsed!! Kept on sitting in and inviting Falkirk to come onto us. I'll give Falkirk credit for their 2nd half performance. They came out and went for everything.
  11. This has got to be hit on the head now. We need another striker in at the club quickly but has to be the right one. Need to tell Aberdeen we need an answer now. "Yes or no" cause we can't wait any longer for this deal. Been dragging on too long now
  12. Got to say Goodwin played really well tonight. Done his job brilliantly in the middle of the park. Experience in there helped massively. Would say that's one of his best performances for us.
  13. Really happy with the signing of Watson. Think he could do a a really good job with us. Only 25 but has lots of experience playing in premier league. Hopefully straight into the squad tomorrow.
  14. Has struggled with injuries in last year or so but definitely would consider him. All about him keeping fit and healthy. Could be a really good signing but need to wait and see if Murray looks at him
  15. Wouldn't be surprised if Goodwin is the starting 11 in this game now
  16. Nothing positive about that performance at all. Not going to individually slate any players today as its wasn't just down to just one player. It was whole team that let the fans down. No one was at the races. IMO I do think we miss Goodwin on the park in some way. Just that bit of of experience on the park could go along way. No disrespect to Dumbarton as they did play well but we should be winning these games at home
  17. Fair to say this is dragging on far to long now. If it's not signed sealed and delivered by early next week then I really can't see shankland coming
  18. It's only the first game of the season . Hard to tell if he has fallen down the pecking order. Mallen is the future Personally I think we should build the midfield around him.
  19. Not saying all of it goes to Murray but even just abit that can go towards a player. Could be the difference this season just that 1 player
  20. Surely what the club get for the development fee abit of it will go towards Murray's transfer budget
  21. 2 tickets bought. Will be very surprised if they don't sell out before the weekend
  22. I'm a season ticket holder but Tried to buy tickets for rangers game couple of minutes ago and still says unavailable to buy them
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