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  1. Think the game will be the Tuesday 18th as we are playing that mob down the road on the friday night
  2. Yeah can't see there being much of a crowd there during midweek. Most logical thing to do is make it £10/£5 to try and get as many people as possible to go while making money aswell
  3. Looking forward to a midweek trip to Annan! Think it's favourable towards but will need to do the job on the day
  4. Not been able to see the team throughout pre season so I'm quite looking forward to this game to see how the team sets up and takes shape.
  5. Would assume that possibly still negotiating a deal
  6. Exactly it's better to maybe take that extra week or game just to make sure they are good though. This season especially wouldn't want to make any rash decisions on players
  7. Look how many players Inverness have signed from the lower end of the English leagues and they have turned out to be really good players up in Scotland. Created a really good team. Maybe with Murray looking more into that region could be a good thing. He could potentially find a few players that could do us a turn. Just need to wait and see what he has mind with the trialists that played against Burnley. Before anyone says but look at the last couple of players we signed from lower league England Lewis Guy and James Marwood. They weren't exactly the best of players but look who recommended them. A certain Tommy Craig wouldn't say he has the best eye for a player. Hopefully Murray has a better one
  8. Reading on other places. People already saying that these trialists are s***e, hopeless, not good enough etc. but have to remember look at the opposition we are up against. Some of these players were playing in the EPL last season. What do they expect us to go beat them 3-0. This game is all about having a look at these new players in a match situation seeing if they can fit into our team checking their fitness etc. Hopefully Murray will be able to find a couple of gems that could do us a turn
  9. We get into Piccadily around 11 I think but planning on spending maybe an hour or so in Manchester then heading to Sheffield
  10. It's the same allocation we have had every other time we have went to ibrox. And it's the same allocation that every other team will get this year. Yes it's abit on the small side but can't do anything about it. As long as I get my ticket then I won't be complaining
  11. See you on the 0709 train we have booked up for that one aswell but travelling back up after the game at night. I'll look out for your black and white stripes!!
  12. 4 of us just booked up to head down to the game. Any others going?
  13. Further away from paisley the better so Plymouth is just perfect haha. Before he came I thought he would of been a really good signing but he just showed no effort in game and hardly ever produced on the park
  14. Totally agree. Definitely there is talent there! Was hoping that he would of signed another year with us as I think he would of done a decent job for us
  15. Obviously there hasn't been any progression on trying to sign them up so far so as it stands they wont be signing. Just need to wait and see if anything moves on over time
  16. As things stand neither David Clarkson nor Graham Carey will be St Mirren players this season. On Douglas McNeil's Twitter
  17. Now that we have seen the strip doesn't that mean we will have some signings now cause they can hold up the new strip for pictures
  18. Could be a good player for us in the championship. With a full pre season behind him and staying fit I think he could do a good job. Needs to have the right attitude to succeed
  19. Was being sarcastic. But getting ridiculous if we are still trying to arrange pre season game. IMO we should of announced the games so that if there is any game down south people can start planning and see about getting the days off in work so they can make the trips
  20. One pre season game this year. Players will be fighting fit for the start of the season this year.......NOT
  21. Surely we must be releasing the other pre season fixtures pretty soon as the league fixtures are out next Friday
  22. My definitely signed but it's near enough done and dusted. People already shooting the guy down. Yes we need to hit the ground running this season but at least give the guy a chance show is what he is all about!!
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