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  1. This is a better aliases thread to be fair.
  2. Are you still calling yourself a customer or have you got fed up with that?
  3. It's only a football forum, not real life. The forum is full of wind up merchants but also full of ultra sensitive people as well it seems. I enjoy the forum and comment on what i find interesting and usually ignore all the attention seeking shite.
  4. I know many will doubt this is possible but i think we are one win away from going on a run. Wins breed confidence and i think as the team get used to each other as the season progresses, we'll see more points on board. I've not seen anything to be scared of so far and with a little bit of luck we'd have more points on board. The more the new players play together, the better they'll gel and we'll start to climb the table.
  5. Jack Ross is a great manager if the serial sackers get rid of Jack they deserve everything they get. If they stick with him they'll win the league this year.
  6. Why has this thread resurfaced? Kearney is ancient history.
  7. Sin Bin fun. Ricky in here too? That's a first!
  8. Away games are better for atmosphere usually. Which is understandable because everyone's together.
  9. Why are we all talking like Glasgow west endies?
  10. No probs. You don't look a very happy wee boaby baby 😄 in your profile picture.
  11. The board and manager have done a great job, albeit later than i'd have liked but i can't see that happening again next season. I'm sure we'll be far more organised.
  12. Thanks, i've slimmed down a bit too.
  13. Is that you in yer profile pic?
  14. Ah i see, i wonder if Stuart Dickson still lurks under another alias?
  15. Speaking of aliases, whatever happened to the posters Pozbaird and Drew? Used to see them post a lot or were they one of Shull or Faraway's aliases.?
  16. I most certainly am not!
  17. I think Boris is one of Shull's aliases.
  18. How many aliases you got? i don't have any.
  19. You have a fear of clowns?
  20. Is it as good as Buckie though?
  21. I've just read that apparently i'm an alias of St Ricky. I'm afraid not and i'm not SD either. There are hundreds of aliases on here from the same small amount of posters but i'm not one of them. Mr Shull has at least ten i think as does Mr Faraway.
  22. I'm not St. Ricky. Ricky seems like a nice old guy but i'm sorry i'm not him.
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