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  1. Well I'm glad I proved a lucky charm Thought that was an excellent win. Deserved to win through bossing the parts of the match that mattered and being clinical with chances. First half was iffy, Baird and Mackenzie looked like an accident waiting to happen - they couldn't handle Dobbie and nearly sold O'Brien down the river with two or three appalling backpasses. But second half they upped their game and McGinn shielded them well, while Queens became easier to defend against because Irvine and Eckersley were absolutely rock solid in the full back positions so they had to funnel all their attacks through the middle. Would probably pick Lewis Morgan for man of the match, he got in behind their defenders all afternoon and won the crucial penalty, but Mallan finished his chance brilliantly and kept the midfield humming over well. Didn't feel like Loy and Smith got into it as much but Saints easily did enough, controlled the game well once they were 2 up. That puts you in a much more positive position and I'm delighted. The fans were absolutely brilliant, made one hell of a noise and never stopped singing. Good luck for the rest of the season and I daresay I'll be visiting Paisley before too long.
  2. Eh up lads. Still harbour a soft spot for you lot after seeing your brilliant supporters at Hillsborough two years back and been desperate to watch you ever since. Happy to report I'm finally managing it today, sat on a train passing Annan now. Hopeful for another win to put you in a better position in the relegation fight. It'll be a tough game no doubt but it seems Jack Ross hasn't half improved the squad's personnel and level of play and fingers crossed today helps him to drag you to safety. COME ON BUDDIES! Queens 1-2 St Mirren (Dobbie 24, Sutton 35, Morgan 84)
  3. Reading through this it was almost like you were trying to go for whichever manager is most hated by Wednesdayites with Billy Davies and then Warnock Though being serious both would have been excellent, Warnock in particular has an outstanding record at digging teams out of trouble and has an odd affinity with the second tier. Seems they've both been ruled out, so I wish you luck, you're left with that age old dilemma between experience (Calderwood, Hughes) and some youth to invigorate things and who may have a higher ceiling simply because they're less of a known quantity (Ross, Fullarton). Really don't know who I'd plump for, but after all the chopping and changing the main thing is finding someone who won't be given his P45 within 12 months and can deliver a bit of continuity.
  4. Evening lads, thought I'd pop in to give my thoughts. Football wise, got to be honest, you did look pretty dire, but given the dearth of money in Scottish football, compared to the championship where the price tags are getting as laughable as the PL, it's nothing to get worked up about. For the first 20 minutes you looked OK but whoever you had at left back got absolutely rinsed by Ross Wallace and it basically led to a hole you couldn't climb out of. It looked like you had a fair few kids out there and it was almost certainly a positive experience playing at a bigger ground like Hillsborough. Pre-season means very little, we had four put past us by bleeding Scunthorpe on Wednesday. Got to say, I'm no expert on goings on in Paisley, but calling for the manager's head when he hasn't been in charge for a single league game does just seem a tiny bit premature. One last thing - your fans were a credit to the team today, there's been a fair few sides who haven't brought anywhere near that (Wigan, QPR and Reading spring to mind) and you made plenty of noise. Very best of luck for your game against Rangers next week, hope you give them a right tonking. I'll be keeping an eye out for you this season, hope to see you back in the SPL soon.
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