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  1. Ridiculous to even suggest sacking Jack Ross at this stage. Give the guy time. If we go down, and it still is an if, he should be allowed to build his own team and try to get us back up again. St Mirren need stability.
  2. Didn't even get a mention on the bbc news that we had parted company with our manager, have we become that insignificant? It appears Joey Barton's petty squabbles are more important. So with that in mind, let's get behind the team and new manager whoever it may be and get us back where we belong! COYS.
  3. You're probably right there as far as the atmosphere being as good as anywhere else, and I agree the main problem is the product on the pitch.
  4. No, that's not what I mean. Having sat behind the goals since we built the stand at love street there has been a significant change in the atmosphere there, it definitely has to do with it being made a family stand. I know there's been a change all over the ground, I accept that.
  5. Exactly, the stadium is not full. At love street the family enclosure was a good idea, perhaps the section at the far end of the main stand could be used? I realise it might mean relocating some season ticket holders but it might bring back a bit of the love street atmosphere and help the team. Just now it's too easy for teams coming to us.
  6. 100% agree. It appears very little is being done to make us proud to be St Mirren fans again. Meanwhile Tony Fitz and Campbell Kennedy are having a laugh at the prolife, one looking for a bird the other finding it hilarious he's never been in a gym before. Our club are in good hands. http://www.saintmirren.net/pages/?p=58040
  7. Remember there are season ticket holders in the south stand too. I agree about the treatment of fans in the west stand, but I think it goes deeper than that, it's treatment of fans in general. Remember the fiasco with rangers getting the south stand, kicking out season ticket holders from there? We are all in many ways taken for granted, if my sums are correct, my last 3 season tickets, including this season, have meant I have paid roughly £103 per win. So the club should be doing all it can to encourage more fans and reward those who are loyal, so I agree that the QoS fans shouldn't have been put in there. The south stand is dying because it's the family stand. A club our size should have a family section, not a stand. It must be the only home ground in the country where the home goalie gets a hard time, and the away one never does because he gets an easy ride at both ends of the ground. The south stand has effectively put a gagging order on the home fans while the weans scream "he fell over". The love street end used to be a great place to sit, and stand before that. On the free tickets. The schools got the word document to print as a voucher on the Wednesday, and the parent had to have it redeemed by Thursday at 2pm. While I agree with the initiative, it was either poorly thought out or deliberately designed to limit the numbers because that gives very little time to turn it around. The schools also had to print the vouchers, so that didn't come out the clubs budget either. So the whole thing is not exactly the way to attract more support.
  8. They're his players, under his direction day in day out, it's high time he took some responsibility here and left.
  9. He really should've signed an additional central midfield player, especially when operating with a small squad. I understand loaning shankland and/or hardie, but not both. Perhaps I'm doing him an injustice and the right person wasn't available, we'll never know.
  10. Craig/Teale 3, Murray 1, Rae 4. My point was that the apathy around the place goes back longer than Alex Raes tenure, so there is greater urgency for things to be put right. I wasn't comparing their managerial records. However, right now feels the same as our previous 2 starts.
  11. At similar points in the previous 2 seasons, I thought we'd be going nowhere other than downwards should we persist with the then managers. I was proven right, and I feel no different now despite being encouraged by our mini-revival last season under Rae. Can anyone see where we'll get a league win from? If I'm right we've had 8 home league wins in the last 2 years, that's why st Mirren park is like a morgue and it's completely unacceptable, the new board need to pay attention to that and sort this out one way or another.
  12. Paper formate? Performance that should say.
  13. I was optimistic heading into this season because Alex Rae stabilised the team after Ian Murray, and he had a preseason to sign his own players and get the team playing the way he wants. The thing is I'm not sure he knows what he wants. The players look like they've never played together, unsure of them selves, and look downright fed up. They effectively stole a wage against Hibs because that paper formate was awful, not helped by the fact the manager stated that we "competed" in the second half. Are you kidding me? If that's competing in his eyes then we're Donald ducked! There is also no leader on the park and that not helping, we need someone to take the ball and have the confidence to do something with it. For me our main issue (I know there are many) is central midfield. Hutton is a passenger, as a result Mallan knows if he goes forward we're in trouble, so we have nothing in the final 3rd. Neither he or Hutton have the confidence to take the ball off the back 3/4 because there is little movement ahead if them to play a pass, nor do the back 3/4 want to play the ball in there for fear of it coming right back at them. As a result we go long, and none of our defenders have the ability to find a player upfield. Baird and Naismith are experts at picking out guys in the stand. Now I wasn't at Ayr yesterday but was slightly encouraged by the fact that we had 3 players in the middle if the park, perhaps this suggests that the manager is trying to address the problem...I hope.
  14. 'One town, one team' is the slogan I believe, but apparently only when it suits to promote us that way. If it were true this decision should've been done by vote from those season ticket holders in the south stand, put all the facts on the table and allow us supporters to make the call and feel valued. Gilmour should be looking after his loyal customers, us. I'm absolutely sickened by this.
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