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  1. I agree with that. I thought the minute Blair allowed devolution and Scottish parliament that independence was the final resting place. I don't think Blair was wrong to do what he did. I also think that its correct to hold another referendum as the question needs settled as Scottish politics is dominated by it. Current administration would have been out of office long ago.
  2. Only the SNP and Greens want a vote ? I think Devo Max would trounce all the other options but I agree that status quo would be last. I think it might surprise you over a period of time where Scottish politics would go. Greed and self interest with power applies in Scotland every bit as much as England. Much as Scotland likes to think its morally superior we actually aren't ??
  3. Why can we not have Devo Max on the ballot paper ? How much is there a burning desire to be fully independent and how much is an anti Tory vote. If Labour got into power in 2 years with a whole devolution agenda to the regions and Scotland/Wales would people really want independence ? Other thing I feel is that 10-15 of a left of center administration in an independent Scotland and with a charismatic(?) leader like Davidson leading a slightly right of center opposition what are the chances of Scotland voting that in ? Red Wall was never meant to happen ? I think there are many deluding themselves that Scotand is fundamentally different to England.
  4. When did you get married to your mother ?
  5. I don't really understand this post other than that you wanted us to know you were "too senior" and had a PA ?
  6. You beat me to that post 🙂 Usual over the top reaction to someone with a very very average career to date. One saving grace is that Warnock took him to Middlesbrough and Robinson seems to have watched him which is a start,
  7. If there was a solid thought out DEVO MAX option then IMO the vast majority of people in Scotland would vote for it. The vast majority IMO don't want full independence but want a lot more control over their affairs etc. A constitutional convention type process which actually needs to happen across the whole of the UK. Mayoral system in England a start. Needs a more progressive government to get the ball rolling. Will never happen under Conservative government of any shade.
  8. Be interesting what the vote would be if DEVO MAX option was on the ballot paper as a 3rd option. Wonder how many would vote for that ? Other debate is whether 50% is correct bar for independence ?
  9. It might have been better to stop after your first sentence ?
  10. There is corruption and greed in all political parties and there will be in an independent Scotland too if it ever sees the light of day
  11. Goodwin hasn't failed at Aberdeen. He like Robinson should be judged with his own squad. The comments on Robinson and Goodwin since they took on their new jobs are just laughable.
  12. No selection dilemma for me. Grieve has offered way more than Brophy and with Main in his current form then 2 decent strikers. I think Robinson will bring in another striker in the summer window. Robinson also know how to get the best out of Main. We are paying too much for Brophy who I know has been injured quite a bit but hasn't justified the outlay. Not convinced he ever will. Personally I'd offload him if we could.
  13. Ok nws, lets see where Conor Ronan is in 2-3 seasons time and we can decide who was right 😀
  14. Probably to get a decent fee for him. It wasn't with the view of him being Wolves first team material. He's 24 also ! Been out on loan all of his time at Wolves and will be again for any time he stays on that contract. Yes he is a decent player at our level but I'm sure we will find a replacement
  15. So lets just see where he ends up over time. Bet its not at the level you have him. Aberdeen are League One and Hearts are bottom end of Championship ! I grew up watching Fitzpatrick, Richardson, Abercromby, Bone, Stark, Lambert and more recently McGinn and McLean. They are all way better than Ronan. Your also way over the top again in your condemnation of SR.
  16. 100% correct IMO. It really is laughable. Conor Ronan is League One in England and no higher. I've seen 76 of the 92 league teams in England and some 3 and 4 times. Followed Ipswich Town for 4 years as season ticket holder and he'd never have got in the Town teams I watched. Still follow Ipswich and he wouldn't get in their first team. Not the slightest bit surprised that McGrath is not getting a start at Wigan I remeber the bull after Adam Hamill worldy
  17. Maybe get top 6 that way ? What is wrong with Carson ? We are current not very good and that was the case under Goodwin which Robinson is paying a heavy price for. Bet he can't wait to get players in who he knows well and can improve us
  18. lenziebud

    VAR Poll

    Referees won't be hiding with the introduction of VAR. I would doubt there is a top level official who will be against VAR. VAR makes a referees job way easier. Glad its was voted for as would have looked a right diddy league if they didn't. Astro in the top league is bad enough !
  19. Every game under Goodwin was a bloody hard watch. We are nowhere near the side we were last season. I feel sorry for Robinson at what he inherited and where he wants to be. Get over this season somhow and then root and branch clearout over 2-3 windows. Lets just sit back and watch how Goodwin does at Aberdeen !!
  20. RC are top six because they have a better manager than Goodwin. Mackay is who Aberdeen should have appointed
  21. The players need their backsides booted but Robinson is the wrong person to do it. Ran away from Motherwell and left them in a mess. Preserved his rep from season before but was taking them down. He's going nowhere atm so we better just hope its not another Stubbs but it has all the hallmarks.
  22. We have been utter junk all season. We were a better team last season. We won against as poor an Aberdeen side as you will see. We fluked a win at Hibs. But for Anwick we could have been 2 or 3 down at half time versus StJ. The chances missed by United were a disgrace too. Motherwell battered us an finally scored in last seconds. How Aberdeen appointed Goodwin i'll never know. I stated at the time i wasn't convinced by Robinson appointment despite the vast majority on here welcoming it His man management for me is hugely suspect, flies off the handle and irrational. He has had one good season at Motherwell and that is it. For me though we need to get over the line this season. Allow him to get his own players in and then really judge. If Goodwin had stayed I'm not truly convinced we'd have beeen a whole lot better but we'll never know.
  23. Well the one thing I like about Robinson is his passion. I noticed the abuse he was getting Saturday and its a complete disgrace. It doesn't matter a jot what your earnings are nobody should be subjected to it and it is maybe about time we had a few more police about during matches to stamp it out.
  24. You'll be happy if we get 3rd in the league and 2 cup finals?
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