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  1. Pathetic, mind numbing crap ! We need all teams in Scotland to be doing well in Europe and increasing the overall standard and view of Scottish football. The challenge for St Mirren is to get there too, not carp on the sidelines with nonsense like this.
  2. Carson is fine as a keeper, he was decent at Motherwell but he is not as good as Alnwick or Hladkey, so its the only position I don't feel we are as strong in this season.
  3. Baccus reminds me of how Dorman was when he first arrived. All the new signings have added to the squad apart from Carson. Think we might do ok under Robinson after all ??
  4. We wouldn't be offloading him. If its all true then Motherwell have approached the club about Robinson and he is willing to talk to them. So if Robinson is wanting to go back I would let him go and get in someone willing to take the club forward in a way that currently Robinson has patently failed to do up to now ? Also if this is true then I hope him and O'Carroll are on sick leave today !
  5. Wouldn't disagree on his performance at Hibs overall. I thought he started to pick up towards the last few games of the season and show what his potential is. Won't reach it though because in the end IMO he's not prepared to do the hard graft required to get to the top. I don't think he'd be a good signing for us though Robinson was getting the best out of Main
  6. Not once he got himself fit and got his head right ! Ross binned him due to his lack of fitness and approach. Either a lesson learned or he'll keep on drifting downwards. So far for me a bit of a wasted talent although bad injury at Hull didn't help him
  7. James Scott. We have already asked him a few months back and he didn't at that time want to join but that could change.
  8. Well given what we are paying him we need him to produce because up to now its not been value for money. The form that Main showed at the end of last season and Grieve in general means that Brophy will need to show a lot more than he has up till now. Again Goodwin's approach may have been an issue. Here's hoping we see a lot more from Brophy this sesason.
  9. I don't agree on the effort, although many make that comment. For Main has plenty of desire, its just that Goodwin's approach to using him finished him. Robinson know how to play him to his strengths. Be interesting to see how the sterile tactics Goodwin used at SMFC endear him to Dons fans, having said that I think he'll be more expansive at Aberdeen.
  10. He is Richard Head, Ralstonite is his alias ?
  11. 50 euro to see a gp and pay for all your meds. Nhs for me anyday
  12. The vast majority of folks i know in Ireland have private health care. The vast majority of folks i know in Scotland don't, go figure.
  13. I think Scotland is as capable of any other small country of being successful and I'm 50/50 on independence On Ireland thought my wife is Irish and I'm over and back all the time. Their housing market was destroyed by being members of the Euro as interest rates were set for Germany and France and were way too low for Ireland. Their healthcare is poor compared to Scotland. Its private also and costs a fortune. There education system has way less resources than Scotland but the outcomes are no different which tells another story ? I very much doubt Scotland will get a say on whether it joins the Euro or not despite what Nicola Sturgeon says. When we join and are in a position to join is also an interesting issue. The austerity measures that have been applied in Ireland at different points over the last 15 years have been way more painful than Scotland has suffered ? Its not all sweetness and light and independence will be a huge gamble but may be worth it in the long run ?
  14. I agree with that. I thought the minute Blair allowed devolution and Scottish parliament that independence was the final resting place. I don't think Blair was wrong to do what he did. I also think that its correct to hold another referendum as the question needs settled as Scottish politics is dominated by it. Current administration would have been out of office long ago.
  15. Only the SNP and Greens want a vote ? I think Devo Max would trounce all the other options but I agree that status quo would be last. I think it might surprise you over a period of time where Scottish politics would go. Greed and self interest with power applies in Scotland every bit as much as England. Much as Scotland likes to think its morally superior we actually aren't ??
  16. Why can we not have Devo Max on the ballot paper ? How much is there a burning desire to be fully independent and how much is an anti Tory vote. If Labour got into power in 2 years with a whole devolution agenda to the regions and Scotland/Wales would people really want independence ? Other thing I feel is that 10-15 of a left of center administration in an independent Scotland and with a charismatic(?) leader like Davidson leading a slightly right of center opposition what are the chances of Scotland voting that in ? Red Wall was never meant to happen ? I think there are many deluding themselves that Scotand is fundamentally different to England.
  17. When did you get married to your mother ?
  18. I don't really understand this post other than that you wanted us to know you were "too senior" and had a PA ?
  19. You beat me to that post 🙂 Usual over the top reaction to someone with a very very average career to date. One saving grace is that Warnock took him to Middlesbrough and Robinson seems to have watched him which is a start,
  20. If there was a solid thought out DEVO MAX option then IMO the vast majority of people in Scotland would vote for it. The vast majority IMO don't want full independence but want a lot more control over their affairs etc. A constitutional convention type process which actually needs to happen across the whole of the UK. Mayoral system in England a start. Needs a more progressive government to get the ball rolling. Will never happen under Conservative government of any shade.
  21. Be interesting what the vote would be if DEVO MAX option was on the ballot paper as a 3rd option. Wonder how many would vote for that ? Other debate is whether 50% is correct bar for independence ?
  22. It might have been better to stop after your first sentence ?
  23. There is corruption and greed in all political parties and there will be in an independent Scotland too if it ever sees the light of day
  24. Goodwin hasn't failed at Aberdeen. He like Robinson should be judged with his own squad. The comments on Robinson and Goodwin since they took on their new jobs are just laughable.
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