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  1. Good to see Grieve score and perform well but I'd play Main and Ayunga every week before him just now. Grieve for me has more goals in him than Brophy and will develop Today showed for me how much Main has improved since Robinson came in. We missed him today.
  2. I've thought for a long time we should shift Brophy. Given the standard of recruitment under Robinson i'd be confident we can do better than Brophy given the wages he is on
  3. When you next see him I suspect he'll have doubled in size
  4. Always thought everything Beckham does is calculated ? For me he's a grade one @rse.
  5. Didn't count just read the thread. Your second sentence is the point of my post ?
  6. I think you'll find that once society has moved on from the Queen that the Royal family will have a job on their hands in Scotland. I would say that there would be a majority who would vote to get rid of the monarchy in Scotland with the Queen out of the picture. The royal family as an establishment is under huge pressure to reform to a different model, possibly along the lines of Scandinavia or Holland etc. Doubt it will happen under Charles who is part of the problem, may fall to William to modernize. You only have to follow this thread to realize that most posters on here so far are not Royalists at all.
  7. I don't think you are but there is a time and a place for dissenting voices and this is probably not it ? I agree the tv coverage is way over the top. Have to remember the BBC is under sustained attack from the right of politics so probably easier to do what they are doing. Also think it was a really dangerous time for Starmer who so far has played it well. Best laugh was Sturgeon having to sing God Save The King. Looked like she had a wasp in her mouth.
  8. The fixture list is already congested this season due to WC. Cancelling a whole card of matches is problematic, especially if it goes over 2 weeks worth. So hoping on that basis that matches go ahead. A minutes silence is sufficient for me. I suspect our match on 18th will be off though.
  9. I have went back to an old job twice in my whole career and regretted it both times, both times it was the wrong decision even though first time round the job was great.
  10. That's a society thing, much wider than football
  11. So if Sunderland had asked you to go and manage them for a huge salary and huge potential of the club with a new owner, you'd have stayed at Greenhill Road as St Mirren manager. I suspect there isn't many like yourself ?
  12. Thought that at the time and would like to hear what Mellon's take on it was too. Surprised that Ross took United job, maybe family reasons etc. Thought he would manage again in England. For me he made a bad decision all round. I agree also that he needs to find the right club next time, that's if he wants to stay in football management.
  13. Thats quite a few finals for a dud ? 3rd in the league with Hibs and the job he did at St Mirren. Fine job at Alloa too. Things haven't worked out for Ross recently but he is far from being a dud manager. Moyes, Bruce, O'Neill the list is endless where this kind of nonsense gets written about. Geez there were some knee jerkers on here wanting Robinson gone.
  14. Well if I was on the board of any Scottish club outside of the top 6 in Scotland I'd take Jack Ross all day long. Another clown American owner with no backbone. They should have given him the time to sort it out and he would have. Better managing a club like St J who have proper people running the club
  15. I think if i was looking for your solution i'd prefer to look at Copenhagen ???
  16. Yes i thought he was outstanding. Also the ref we had for RC game Grant Irvine who i've seen a good few times now was outstanding. Putting a bit of balance into the trash a ref week that we have had. Although not all of it undeserved
  17. I'm really struggling with anti Jack Ross stuff. He done a fantastic job for St Mirren and got offered a job at Sunderland that if he hadn't taken he's have been a complete IDIOT ? He done a decent job and was inches away from the Championship where I think he would have got the momentum we had in his second season with us. He got Hibs to 3rd and into cup finals and then was disgracefully sacked IMO by Ron Gordon at the first bad run of form. Gordon's judgement from then has been spot on, NOT. He's taken over at United and has had a horrendous result in Holland that the whole club is so far struggling to get over. They will and will be fine. As for Tony Watt and his comments on JR, Watt was kicked out of Parkhead for his lack of professionalism and application. Jack Ross is a really decent manager and first class people manager. I've heard this also from 2 players I know who played under him. So I'm really not getting the anti JR stuff at all
  18. Couldn't agree more. For me he is better than Ronan. Same impact for me that Dorman had in his first 6 months. I'm not sure we will hold onto him. Strain has been a good signing from Australia too. Whole level up from Matt Miller !!!!
  19. You seriously think Stephen Robinson listens to football fans. No manager of any worth would ever do that. He knows what he is doing and working with his own player not the cr@p he inherited
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