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  1. He said it without being prompted it was genuine because he's a bit smarter than you and knows its a tight call. 30 mins just makes you look silly
  2. Well lets see. Martindale even said it himself and he wasn't playing silly games, in his opinion there is nothing between the teams and it is on the day as to who turns up. Both times this season we have dealt with their high ball tactics really well. I think we are better team if we turn up.
  3. You seem to think Livi are Guardiola's Barca in disguise. We have beaten them twice this season and we will beat them on Sunday if we play to form. For one simple reason, we are better than them !
  4. Nope totally sober. I think we will beat Livi next Sunday. I'm actually confident of it as I think we are better than them.
  5. I couldn't care less what kind of run Livi have been on. We are every bit as good as them and well able to beat them. For me it will be on the day. If we turn up we have a great chance. We also have a great chance to win this trophy. No need to fear any of the others.
  6. I 100% agree with your post and nice to see someone acknowledge his achievement. He is a great example of how to get back on the right road. Would like to hope that when he faces the tough times in football going forward that he handles them correctly and bounces back
  7. Aye funny that big Yogi is proving himself to be a good football coach. Would never have known that given his career.
  8. A media bully, hmm. I'd say ruthlessly exposing incompetence.
  9. When I look at Corbyn gains I see the worst Tory campaign in living memory and the worst Tory campaigning prime minister ever in May. On SNP watching the debate between Neil and Wilson I posted previous should IMO be cause for concern.
  10. How did that go at the last election ?
  11. What do you define as proper ?
  12. This is an interesting watch
  13. Your sounding rattled ? Seems like Faraway Saint is getting to you
  14. That's not what the pen was given for. As FTOF mentions Mugabi takes Erwins foot away as he Erwin play the ball. It was obvious at the time on the replay. Not quite getting where the confusion was. A bit soft but on balance it was a pen.
  15. Well we're not exactly blessed with a plethora of left sided players and we know what we have with Mason. I don't rate Mason. Not really bothered he is injured. Other like him so I guess its all opinions
  16. That being the case possible Mason won't get recalled this window. Do you really think Coventry want him back ?
  17. He's done. Never had pace at Premiership level. Don't know how many times I've said it tbh. Its was the same when Kearney was here. How he was ever offered 3 years is beyond me. He is on his way out no doubt about it
  18. Good point given the level of performance for 70mins. Not been playing well for a number of games now. Have to say I thought Lee Erwin did well last 30 mins. Hold up play and lay offs were good. Erwin looked a far better player when Brophy came on. Brophy looks like he will give us what we have been lacking up front. As will Quaner. Connolly is a threat and has bags of pace but his distribution and final ball are abysmal. McAllister is not close to Premiership level and needs to be binned. How he starts I'll never know. 2 points dropped but given the performance 1 point gained.
  19. Somner was pretty good too
  20. So 2 new strikers in. Think that tells us a great deal of what JG thinks of his current lot. Might be quite a bit of movement in the summer
  21. Quaner was at Ipswich a couple of seasons back in the Championship. I follow Ipswich Town and saw a few matches he played in. I think he is better than what we have at the moment. Also saw him for Huddersfield and looked ok there too. Not quite sure why he hasn't picked up a club though since being released ? Might be able to get him for reasonable wage
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