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  1. Yep you usual response. Bland and no content. Last week you were waiting for stats ? St Mirren 0 Livi 2 (going on 5). One day the penny will drop for you Noticed you never added your level of support for the club ?
  2. Yes pretty much the same way that most SMFC fans were thinking at the time. You are taking things out of context which is what you do. At no point did I call for Jack Ross to be sacked but given the run of results we were on like most I had my doubts. Why wouldn't you ?. Probably did yourself. Yep my level of support will be going as a season ticket holder. What is yours ?. Don't change my opinion on Stubbs one single bit and I believe we will sack him in the end. Could play your game though and give bland responses. The context of Ross taking over SMFC was inifinitely different to the circumstances that Stubbs has taken over in. So your trawling of the site proves heehaw !
  3. No I didn't I bet you will trawl through this site and find some quote where you can take it out of context. You still backing Stubbs ?
  4. Who gives a flying feck what LPM has to say. For anyone with an ounce of football knowledge and common sense sacking Stubbs and his donkeys would be the correct decision. I've never once in watching SMFC for over 50 years ever thought sacking a previous SMFC manager this early ever made any sense but in this case its as obvious as it could ever be.
  5. Stubbs is not capable of getting 1 in with quality. There is not a hope in hell of 4 or 5 players coming in. The board should stop it now and deal with releasing him from his contract. Signing Miller would just compound the problem. Miller at 38 actually sums Stubbs up to a tee. Utter desperation and shambolic.
  6. Yep, some moron abused Ross but they were the minority. I would say with Stubbs its a much bigger and vociferous set of fans who can see with their own eyes the mess. Its not just the morons this time
  7. No people weren't booing Ross cause they had the intelligence to understand the situation and what he was trying to do. Stubbs is totally different, its a visible shambles to anyone with half a wit. Your hounding of Jack Ross as manager is utterly laughable and makes you look a total fud, Pathetic as you say, Have a look at Sunderland at the moment. Jack Ross is a huge talent as a football manager, Alan Stubbs is a total failure from start to finish as a manager, far better as a coach in a youth setup.
  8. I admire your optimism but if we are going to be in it come the end of the season then it needs to be another manager dealing in the transfer market come Jan and he's going to have to do the job Jim McIntrye did to rescue Ross County when he first went there.
  9. Yep top referee said that to me also. The minute he put those 2 as his staff it was goodnight
  10. You seriously think this squad will get 42 to 44 points in the Premiership. OMG
  11. His performance at Hibs in the Championship is open to debate also. The Scottish Cup win papers over all the cracks. Stubbs is a dud. Would love GLS to fire the gun now but I doubt it will happen. Wouldn' t fully rule it out though as at some point the board need to protect the club. Can't see where our next point is coming from.
  12. Stubbs wouldn't, he'd go down to National League North or South to find someone. Doubt he'd rate Gowser also
  13. I agree with you but when you look at the players that Stubbs has recruited across the board not one of them could lace Smith's boots. We should have definitely been putting Smiths place under preassure this season along with McGinn etc but the recruitment has been so bad that Smith and McGin etc need to start every week
  14. Mr C Smith is Premiership level, Mr A Stubbs is not. I know which one can find a new club
  15. It wouldn't be the XI that Alan Stubbs has recruited. Its a void question cause there is no line up that is good enough. The recruitment is horrific and the man management of the players is also.
  16. just suspect recruitment, your having a laugh aren't you. This comparison with Jack Ross and what he inherited is farcical. This is nothing like it. Stubbs inherited a Championship winning side. Stubbs is not in the same league as Ross and shouldn't exist in the same sentence. Suck it eh, are you for real. Utter delusion. Stubbs is the worst possible decision our board could have made and we are about to pay a heavy price for it, if we havent already. The correct decision is to sack him. Never in all my time of over 50 years watching football have I ever called for a manager to be sacked this early but this is brutally obvious to anyone with an ounce of football knowledge.
  17. I fear you are right but the brave and correct decision for the good of the club is to do it.
  18. Correct but our team last season would have hammered our current side.
  19. Yep but those who have been saying it are correct. Coulson is not a great/good signing either !
  20. Big reality check for many St Mirren fans today about Alan Stubbs ability as a football manager. To appoint this guy before Jim McIntrye and Billy Dodds as coaches was as bad a decision as the SMFC board could have made. His signings from start to finish are also as bad as it gets. Alan Stubbs is a decent individual and was a tremendous player but he is never a football manager and if we are to have any chance of staying in this league we need rid of him. It won't happen though till minimum October
  21. With Fitzpatrick as Chief Exec its probably going to have to be paid up in full ! No escape clauses, guaranteed !
  22. And you'd give it to Stubbs to spend !!. How many Heaton's are you willing to buy ?
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