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  1. So whats holding it up. You mentioned that a few days back ?
  2. Why not us ? I reckon Jim McIntyre is well capable of doing the SMFC job with Billy Dodds as assistant. I'd personally prefer him to Neilson of all the obvious, probably lazy candidates listed. Have a feeling it will be none of the obvious though.
  3. Magennis is the only player in the St Mirren squad who Jack Ross would remotely look at and that would need to be the Magennis of the season before last to get a game at Sunderland. McGinn would struggle to find a League 2 team in England and Reilly for me would be Conference !
  4. He doesn't have to restore a reputation and to be honest i'm amazed Sunderland have appointed Jack Ross with the level of experience he has. Lambert won League One with Norwich, bounced them through the Championship the following season then kept them in the Premiership !. Far better choice than Jack Ross ?
  5. Nothing noteworthy ? At Aston Villa, managed a Premiership club in England for 3 seasons with an abysmal American owner in Lerner and you think that's nothing noteworthy ? He went to Blackburn and stabalised the mess Coyle had left. Asked Venky's for money to mount a push in the Championship the for the following season and left due to the response. They got relegated the next season. He took over a Wolves team fighting relegation and go them safe that season, getting the team playing to the extent that they beat Liverpool at Anfield. He left as the club ownership changed to a signing process where Jorge Mendes would provide the players. Lambert wanted involvement. So again he left. In highsight with the players they signed probably the wrong move ? He went to Stoke who were a basket case. Weeded out all the trouble makers, got all the players playing for him and wasn't a million miles away from succeeding. Again premiership club. Ever though why Stoke board appointed the guy. Go and ask Jack Butland and Charlie Adam about Lambert's time at Stoke. At Wycombe, Colchester and Norwich he was outstanding. Also played at the highest level and won the Champions League I didn't think we'd be in the running for Lambert but if we get him he will be a superb appointment. Utterly amazes me the total junk that's thrown the way of coaches like Billy Davies and Paul Lambert.
  6. Derby County, Preston, Notts Forrest a level way above anything the Premiership in Scotland has to offer. Only Celtic are better than any of these clubs. Of all the candidates listed he is head and shoulders above them.
  7. Yep Billy Reid is another good shout. He should have taken Swansea job when oferred it. Unlikely though.
  8. Well of all the managers mentioned Billy Davies is streets ahead. He is a stronger manager than Jack Ross currently is and is proven at the top level with multiple clubs. We offered the job to him 18 months ago and Hearts would have too if he hadn't in effect told Levein he'd be surplus to requirements. Davies would do the job that Clarke has done for Kilmarnock. His record in management is way stronger than Clark's also. So if you prefer a flop like Neilson so be it but doesn't come close to Davies on any measure
  9. Depends if new manager wants him. If its Neilson I doubt it
  10. Is this a comedy forum !. Gavin Reilly will be lucky to hold a Premiership place down for St Mirren
  11. He was release by Wycombe in League 2 !. If Jack Ross signs McGinn for Sunderland he'll be back up here by Xmas
  12. Its you that has the problem with Jack Ross not Gordon Scott
  13. Not Magennis of last season the season before yes. McGinn not an earthy. Magennis is the only player in SMFC squad that would have a chance of following Jack Ross
  14. I wonder what Jack Ross has to say about Levein and Neilson ?
  15. Davies thought he was too good for a basket case at the bottom of the Championship. With his record in management he was correct.
  16. Eh maybe your forgetting Craig Levein. When away from Levein holding his hand, at MK Dons he was total junk. Essentaily fully responsible for getting them relegated. Overrated and a poor choice.
  17. I think Jack Ross, Gordon Scott and Tony Fitzpatrick will all get along just fine after all this is complete.
  18. Hardly a suprise if anyone thinks SMFC would be given 50K for Jack Ross they are in cloud cockoo land
  19. yep i'd take Billy Davies before Jim McIntrye every day of the week and anyone else being quoted on these threads, but Billy Davies probably aint happening. Not 100% convinced it will be any of the mangers being quoted across all threads
  20. Jim McIntyre every day of the week before Neilson. Neilson is the wrong appointment. McIntrye will thrive at St Mirren
  21. Was a graveyard. Best possible time to get Sunderland job. What a fantastic chance Jack Ross has now.
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