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  1. He'd get us to top six and then get sacked
  2. Livi will be above us if we appoint Neilson. Wrong appointment.
  3. Zero, none are good enough. Wouldn't suprise me though is Jack Ross took McAllister from Derby.
  4. Yeah I suppose getting Livi promoted 2 seasons in a row should rule him out. Doubt he knows much being an ex top level player as well
  5. What, 2 failures?. We need better than these two. Neilson utterly failed at MK. Wouldn't touch him. Pressley getting quoted is beyond belief. Chap Billy Davies's door again. I know not popular but better than anything i have seen suggested. Hearts would have appointed him if he hadn't told Levein he would run the show
  6. Completely agree, Sunderland is the role to take of the 2. Goody may be a bit early but showing all the potential.
  7. Great job for Jack Ross to get. What an opportunity. Wish him all the best.
  8. Adams had been sacked by McGregor at Ross County so the shine had come off. No shame in that as the clown then sacked Jim McIntyre and promptly appointed Coyle ! The interesting bit about this is that Derek Adams is not being quoted for vacant jobs. He'd done a brilliant job at Plymouth and has shown he more than has what it takes. Maybe Adams is more than happy where he is but I would have thought a few Championship teams would have taken note of what he has done at Plymouth on a small budget. I can't quite get why Jack Ross would be ahead of guys like this in England. Jack Ross is totally untested at a decent level.
  9. Funny, I was wondering why Sunderland weren't in the mix for Jack Ross. Perfect time to take over manager role at Sunderland, new owners, new investment, big club at rock bottom, only way is UP. Better job than Ipswich if he got it right. Never for a minute thought Jack Ross would be at St Mirren next season and he's spot on to go to if he gets the right option.
  10. If Tommy Wright was quoted for the Ipswich job he'd be doing the exact same thing as Jack Ross. I have no issue at all with Jack Ross checking out better options than St Mirren. Football is a fickle business and he is quite right to do what he is doing. We should appreciate what he has done for the club and if he goes so be it. The other thing is Jack Ross is not tested at a higher level. At the moment its all potential.
  11. Jim McIntyre is twice the manager that Neilson is. Disgracefully treated by Ross County who got what they deserved. Would never have been relegated if they had kept McIntrye and Dodds Did a similar feet to Jack Ross when he first went in to County
  12. We offered the job previously to Davies. I think he would take it now.
  13. Yes but the minute Levien wasn't by his side he totally flopped. I think he's a bad choice, an obvious one but a bad one. I think he's smug and arrogant also.
  14. As an Ipswich Town fan having lived and worked there and been season ticket holder, couldn't be more delighted if Ipswich get Jack Ross. As a St Mirren supporter all my days its the complete opposite !! Haven't believed for a minute that Jack Ross would be our manager next season, so no suprise. He has the potential to be a top top manager and deserves his chance.
  15. I wouldn't touch Neilson as I feel he is well overrated. I knew he'd flop at MK Dons without Levein holding his hand. He'll take us nowhere Billy Davies, Gordon Strachan, Jim McIntrye. All proven and well able. Unfortunately I think it will be Neilson !
  16. If Ipswich Town offer Jack Ross the job he will take it in a heartbeat. I doubt he will get a better opportunity. He'd be a fool not to.
  17. I think he's sorry to see a talent and young life destroyed by a serious drink problem, that your punishment has no effect on or solution to!
  18. Probably because he has a serious drink problem. The trouble he is getting into in life won't stop probably until he stops drinking full stop. Many people are very thick on the influence and destruction that alcohol can bring to an individuals life.
  19. Well when sitting at the bottom of the Championship in a complete mess, with his record in management I kinda see his point !
  20. He was second choice for St Mirren job. Why would anyone turn down a club like Ipswich to stay in the Scottish Premiership. The more I have thought about it, i'm not sure he will get a better chance if offered the job. As it is I think if he goes we should swallow any pride and go back in for Billy Davies to replace him !!!
  21. Why would they be wrong on that ? Ipswich appointing Ross is a far greater risk than appointing Hurst. Hurst is proven in England in lower leagues and well capable of stepping up to Championship. Ross has won effectively the English Conference if your being generous about Scottish Championship !
  22. I think Ipswich should go for Hurst over Ross. Hurst has done an outstanding job at Shrewsbury and could very well get them into Championship. Ross has in effect won the Conference in England. Ross is untested at a higher level and for me Ipswich would be taking a far bigger gamble appointing him over Paul Hurst. A lot of people getting carried away over Jack Ross also. Lets see how St Mirren perform next season if he still here. Not doubting his achievements for a minute but things can easily change. Paul Hartley, Bill Reid, Robbie Neilson, Alan Archibald are a few who's stock was very high and now they are seen as also rans. Remeber Tom Hendrie also who could do no wrong then along came Premiership and he was out of his depth.
  23. Mick McCarthy and Terry O'Connor left so space for Fowler. Wouldn't be as sure about Jack Ross taking it, 50/50 on that one
  24. Mick McCarthy is an outstanding manager at Championship level in England. 100 times the experience of Jack Ross. There position in the league this season is due to his work ! He has got them to a few play off positions on a shoestring also. Unless Evans is going to invest in the club then I think its the wrong move for Jack Ross on a football basis. Financially for him maybe.
  25. I agree. Its a brutally difficult job with the resources they have. They are a superb club though.
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