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  1. Correct but the lack of transfer kitty is the issue. Expectations of support are high, but no money to sustain them. Hence I think Jack Ross will not take it. Unless Evans is going to invest again.
  2. Lived in Ipswich for 4 years and was season ticket holder also. Ipswich are a fantastic club but if I was Jack Ross, on balance I wouldn't take this job. 5 years ago I would have said bite their hand off. Since Marcus Evans arrived the level of investment in playing squad has consistently decreased to the point where they rely on a superb youth system and picking up loan signings (bit like us !). Mick McCarthy done a fantastic job but was hounded out by sections of the support and I think Ipswich could bitterly regret it. 12 clubs in the Championship now have parachute payments of which Ipswich is not one, so the gap is enormous. Having said that Marcus Evans is a brilliant chairman for managers to work under and maybe he is prepared to reinvest in the club. Also Wagner had nowt at Huddersfield when he started and his talent delivered everything. I think it would be a huge gamble for both Jack Ross and Ipswich. If I was Jack Ross i would do a year in Premiership in Scotland. I knew Ipswich would approach him, not suprised at all, but a very difficult job. Think Jack should speak to Mick McCarthy first !
  3. Jack Ross's way of walking circles round certain fans. McShane, Baird, Reilly all dropped for better players
  4. Agree with virtually all of this. I would keep Eckersley and I think we will but I get your point about his legs at Premiership level. McKenzie for me is smashing player but also a major doubt legs wise at Premiership level and injury prone. McKenzie is the one that I think JR will possibly let go if he can replace, might not be easy on our budget. Got to agree 100% on Reilly and McGinn. Nice to see it being said instead of the usual nonsense.
  5. Yep but that is 2 or 3 quality signings, thats the best we can hope for. Probably need another 2 or 3 Premiership level players also added to the squad. Would be hoping a good few of the existing squad can step up performance wise when up against better players.
  6. Yep I agree with you, wouldn't question his workrate at all. 100% every game. Decent player and very good at Championship level but for me I have huge doubts about his ability to step up to Premiership and score the goals we will need. Would definitely resign him though if its an option. I think we'll need 2 or 3 quality additions but overall I don't think we are too short and could hold our own in Premiership.
  7. This Reilly fan club is like the Stelios, O'Brien fan club. Nobody can say a word about Gavin Reilly that isn't positive. He hasn't done the business for quite a while and Mullen has got match fit and is pushing him all the way now and deservedly got the jersey. Nothing to do with Jack Ross bigging him up etc Stelios was the national hero until the rude awakening at Aberdeen. O'Brien was the greatest think since slice bread, couldn't command his box, ball constantly coming back off him etc etc and along comes Samson. Way better keeper. Imagine suggesting that end of last season we were signing Samson instead of O'Brien !. Where is O'Brien now, ah can't get at game at Macclesfield !
  8. Really, given his gigs at Hearts and Dunfermline, I very much doubt it. I'd say he was delighted to get a deal from St Mirren. Mullen not in the same league as Reilly, I'd very much dispute that too. If I was a Premiership manager I wouldn't personally be looking to improve my strike force with Reilly. As I say I don't think that JR sees him as his number one striker next season. Will make him an offer though, that wouldn't suprise me and would probably be sensible.
  9. Don't think Jack Ross will try. He's a brilliant judge of players IMO and has subtely made changes in key positions to strengthen the team. Sells it as "great contribution needing a rest". He knows exactly what he is doing. Biggest problem is we won't keep Jack Ross
  10. I'm not 100% convinced that Jack Ross sees him as his number 1 striker for next season ?
  11. Keeping his options open. Sensible. Balls in his court
  12. Or could be that the players that were brought in in January with a view to the Premiership i.e Mullen is playing better than Reilly and taken his place ? Similar to McKenzie coming back to fitness and taking Baird's place and Flynn coming in, MacGennis moving to the middle and McShane dropping out ? If Gavin Reilly has signed a pca with Motherwell then so be it I think we'll be just fine with a few more additions. If he has signed a pca with Motherwell I would assume he thinks Jack Ross will leave, otherwise he's making the wrong move
  13. I suspect given the injury he sustained that the club will have an option on him. If they don't they should have
  14. I didnt realise his contract situation. I thought he had just signed till end of season. I also said I expect we would try to sign him.
  15. I think MacKenzie will be released at the end of the season. Don't think he has the pace for Premiership and very injury prone. Davis will be an interesting one. Looks a bit short in the air and not totally convinced by his pace at Premiership level either. Expect though we will try to sign him.
  16. Yep today's performance really validates your point
  17. So how did Flynn force his way into the team or integrate ?. Didn't really see a lot from his sub appearances to merit a start up until he was benched again today ?. Didn't really see a big problem on the right hand side. Seeing more of an issue through a lack of creativity and a not a lot happening up front . ?
  18. Tend to think this is Reilly all over for quite a while now. So is it Gavin Reilly's form that the issue or the tactics employed ? For me Hippolyte should have been started today. Big strong, mobile and a finisher. Gives a presence for 2 wide men to hit. Why bring him to the club when we can't start him against Brechin !. We could have partnered him with Reilly and see if it would have helped Reilly with someone to play off. Have we improved the quality of the squad in January ?. I was under the impression we were signing players with a view to playing in Premiership next season ?
  19. Nope not pished, but unless the board invest over the summer , if we go up with the current squad we will be way short. I think Jack Ross will get opportunities in the summer and unless we invest I doubt he'll pass them up. But hey its just opinions and obviously you think we are good enough.
  20. We are getting away with it because the quality of the league is junk. Whoever is in the play off from this league doesn't have an earthly off getting passed Premeriship team. We are way short of Premiership standard and so are the rest. The teams who have went up in the last few years are Hearts, Rangers and Hibs. 3 of the biggest sides in Scotland. The gap between this current Championship and the Premeirship is very big. I doubt very much that Jack Ross will hang about this summer based on what we currently have, unless the board invest in better quality.
  21. Reilly has been poor for a long time. Ive said it on here before that I can 100% see how Dunfermline and Hearts got rid. I don't think he's Premeirship class either. I also think Hippolyte is a better player and will prove it. Mullen was brought to shake up Reilly but just hasn't cut it. Reilly for me seems untouchable in terms of criticism so no doubt I'll get pelters !! Morgan is another who's performances since his Celtic move was announced has not kicked a ball. Should have been taken off today also. We were absolutely rank today and have not played well for a long time. We are getting all the breaks coming our way. Even today Brechin hit the post with Samson beaten all ends up.
  22. You seem to be describing a girls against boys game ?
  23. Don't think McShane missing was the problem today. Magennis bring more to the team in the center mid role and is a better player. McShane si a decent player but goes missing a lot of the time IMO. We cant defend high balls in to the box and get bullied every time it happens. Its not the first time this season. We need a presence in center defence to defend high balls. We had it last season with Gary Mackenzie. Need to get him match fit and back in the side. Also can't quite get the tactics of Morgan and Flynn out wide with Reilly through the center. As I've said elsewhere I'd put Flynn on the bench and start Hyppolyte with Reilly. Suspect though that McShane may be back next week with Magennis back on the right !
  24. Hippolyte and Reilly to start together next week. Flynn on the bench. Reilly poor today. Feel he's better with someone to play off. Mullen need to be pushing him for a start also. Mackenzie not match fit but we need his presence so we can defend crosses and high balls into the box as well as a threat at set pieces. Mackenzie was outstanding for us last season alongside Davies. We need him back. Tough decisions need to be made. Brechin will give him a 90 mins under his belt also. First half was shocking today after the first goal.
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