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  1. http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/14346043.NEIL_LENNON_EXIT__The_brief_rise_and_long_fall_of_Lennon_as_Bolton_Wanderers_manager/ He did an excellant job initially getting them close to play off from near relegation. Next season was a shambles due to all kinds of financial mismanagement at the club. Neil Lennon is a damn good football manager and coach.
  2. No he didnt, he initially did a fantastic job at Bolton then club folded financially. Players not getting paid etc. Lennon is a quality coach who could easily manage at top level Championship. I remember Brendan Rodgers mentioning how he thought Lennon was a good fit for Everton when Moyes left ! Lennon will manage again at top level after Hibs if his mental health is not an issue.
  3. WTF are you on, I have no personal agenda against Alan Stubbs whatsoever. I want him to prove me 100% wrong and very much hope he does. So far he hasn't and I don't think he will. More than willing to give him time and he very much needs it. I realise the task of taking over from Ross and the reshaping of the team. I just don't think he is the man to do it.
  4. Alan Stubbs or Robbie Nielson couldn't lace Neil Lennon's boots as a manger. Lennon would have had Hibs up the first season !
  5. The worst Rangers side in history in complete meltdown under McCoist, hardly what you would call Rangers !. He 100% should have had Hibs promoted that season. Neil Lennon would have all day long Its not a personal vendetta at all. I actually like Alan Stubbs as a person and also think he is an excellant coach but he is not a manager and I think that will play out.
  6. Totally agree on the Hibs point. His league performance was woeful. On Rotherham you have to ask why he took it ?. My take on it is that the Hibs board were by far and away more interested in getting back to Premiership than winning any cup. Fans impressed by cup run but board focused on league. With United going down I reckon he cut and ran before a sacking in new season. I always felt he would move that close season to whatever came along. Why would anyone move from Hibs to Rotherham. Rotherham were way above their level in Championship.
  7. I would argue all day long that McIntyre is a better manager than Stubbs and his record proves it. Stubbs is a bum appointment and we are paying a heavy price already. Stubbs is a coach not a manager.
  8. Really. I would say the opposite I think Livi are delighted at the state of our club and see us as their chance to stay up !
  9. Or maybe he could just have a bit of personal integrity and walk. Multi millionaire from playing career so its hardly a big deal
  10. Stubbs is a coach not a manager that's why he got great reviews at Everton with academy. He didn't do well for Hibs, no promotion in 2 seasons or play off final in Championship. Utter shambles at Rotherham. All excuses at Rotherham. Following very similar pattern at St Mirren. I'd come back on the McIntrye comments also but that's a debate that's gone.
  11. Did Jim McIntyre not get canned on this forum for too many players at Ross County ??. Utterly fantastic job in his first season at RC, went onto win League Cup. Managed successfully for 3 season in Premiership. Disgracefully sacked in his fourth and club then relegated. Bet we wish we could rerun the interviews again !
  12. Why did our board not take notice !. It was obvious to anyone who did a bit of digging !
  13. I go no matter how bad we are. that's what being a St Mirren fan is about. Doesn't stop me commenting on the quality of the team or manager.
  14. Wouldn't you if you saw the other investments ?
  15. So your confident that Stubbs will use the money wisely. Not much evidence on his recruitment so far. Maybe he can spend a few more 75k's on National League North & South quality.
  16. Was going to post similar. Couldn't agree more. It kinda says it all for me.
  17. Sad as Allan Ball encompassed everything that football used to be.
  18. Never even made the Championship play off final ?. He's junk.
  19. I think Jack Ross is already doing the business at Sunderland. I reckon this guy is going to be one of the finest managers to come out of Scotland. For me he has got the lot. All of the signings he has made so far are quality. Hopefully Stubbs phones him for some advice !
  20. Remember the spin of Middlesborough wanting him. You have to laugh
  21. The decision to give Stubbs any contract at SMFC is a costly one. I really hope I am wrong on this but nothing I have seen since making that point weeks ago on this forum has changed. He failed at Hibs and Rotherham and has never managed at Premiership level. Of the candidates for the job the vast majority of SMFC fans wanted him over other managers who had successfully managed at Premiership level
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