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  1. No what I am saying is they are very average team and hugely overrated by our media. We had a chance today but abysmal defending killed us. In the first half without the defensive error we competed 100% with them. We arent far away but probably about 4 quality players short for Premiership
  2. Can we stop bigging up Aberdeen, they are nothing special. The way the media talk about them you would think we were playing someone special today. They are average and most of their players are at best League One in England. If Rangers don't beat that lot to second place then something is far far wrong at Ibrox
  3. Have to agree. McGinn and McShane will not do in the Premiership, IF we get there. Both have zero defensive quality. The laziness of both of them for Aberdeen second goal was there for all to see Magennis for McShane is coming soon and Hill will push McGin all the way. I have a sneaky feeling Hill will be a better player than McGinn.
  4. Flynn on the right and Magennis replacing McShane. Hill putting pressure on McGinn's place and the absolute key one of Stelios on the bench and Eckersley back at left back. That should set us up nicely for the run-in
  5. The one type of player I think we need is a John Sutton of 10 years ago with a bit more mobility. If we could pick someone like that up from the lower leagues in England then that would give us more options up front. Our forward line is small and we need height to give us more options and style of play. Ross Stewart I guess hasn't progressed as JR would have liked. I think if we can we should offload Sutton but if we can't get a replacement type then keep him. Any player we bring in also has to be bought with the view of being capable of playing at Premiership level, so not easy
  6. i agree 100% on McShane but Magennis changed that completely when he moved to midfield. We got right back on top of Inverness and pushed them back for last 15. They had the odd break but overall we dominated last 15. McShane is the weaklink in midfield. Decent player but if we are to win the league he needs to be on the bench
  7. Samson has been first class this season. Given all the junk that was talked about him when he signed I think he's proven all the doubters wrong. We have no goalkeeping issue at St Mirren
  8. Magennis can do that role perfectly as shown in last 15 minutes yesterday. He's box to box has a great tackle in him and is a far better prospect that Jim Goodwin or Hugh Murray ever were.
  9. What a difference from O'Brien. Twice the keeper on the field and off
  10. Never said he did do anything wrong but we need our stongest and best players on the field every week and Eckersley is one of them. Eckersley is better player all round than Stelios and I'm sure Jack will have him back when fit. Stelios is a great example of what a squad is all about but Eckersley is the man !
  11. I thought Magennis going into middle for last 15 really shored us up and made us much stronger side. Magennis was box to box and has a real dig in him, way better player in that role than Mcshane who although a decent player is a bit lightweight IMO. Magennis offers us much more and is wasted out wide. Mullen coming on up beside Reilly makes Reilly more effective also as it gives him someone to play off. Would like to see just a bit more from Mullen but can see he's been out for a while and needs time. Magennis for me is the next big export from St Mirren and for me he has the potential to be the best of the lot. I'd start with the same team that finished next week with Eckersely in for Stelios if fit.
  12. I agree. Hugely impressed myself with how difficult he makes it for center backs. I get your point also about Smith and Relly's workrate etc etc but for me I think his performances have shaded. I didn't think he did much on Saturday was average against Livi at best. He was poor up at Tannadice also. Wasn't at Inverness. I just think he shaded a good bit from where he was over the first 9 or 10 league games. Hope you right though and he gets back amongst goals soon. If we can add another quality forward in transfer window I think we would have a great chance.
  13. I'd agree with you on Sutton. On Saturday though I thought Relly to be fair to him was hugely exposed and looked dejected at the number of aimless high balls punted to him. I felt JR told far to long to react and should have went with Sutton much earlier. I would have went with Sutton from the start on Saturday than Stelios as I still think at 34 he offers much more than Stelios. I take your point though about style of play. I think they'll be a big reaction on Saturday but we need to sustain it
  14. Couldn't agree more. Stewart is raw and has a lot of potential but I think a big disappointment for Jack Ross is that he doesn't seem to be stepping up to Championship level. I think JR would have let Sutton go if he could but thats not going to happen either. Reilly for me had a strong first quarter but has shaded quite a bit since. So yes we need to add a couple of quality players in the window, one of them definitely being a forward.
  15. Who said losing at home to Dumbarton is ok. Not one single person involved with SMFC thinks losing to Dumbarton at home is acceptable. Its not anyone's for the taking. For me there are only 3 teams in it United, Dunfermline and SMFC. Dunfermline as an outsider at that.
  16. Its you that is ranting. I don't think we'll win the league this season as I think United will. I don't think we'll win a play off with Premiership team. If we come second this season which I think we can then I think thats success given where we were last. If your only measure of Jack Ross being a success is to win promotion this season and get into Premiership then I think your a fool. Ross has consistently improved the club and the playing squad and I think he'll build to the point where next season we will win it. You can use the fact that I talk about next season as a diversion from the nonsense your spouting. The vast majority of St Mirren fans don't think we have a great team they think we have a good team for Championship standard and have a good young manager who's record as a manager is very good and shows potential to become a top manager. Yes he makes mistakes but he's learning to. You took a punt on an opinion of Jack Ross last season which went horribly wrong and you can't back out of it gracefully. Nobody agrees with you
  17. Total junk. Just another laughable tirade against Jack Ross trying to justify your silly thread last season. We are not a great side but we are 2nd top and challenging. Jack Ross has done a superb job at St Mirren. I don't think personally we will go up this season but I think we will next. I think Ross's judgement of players and areas of weakness has been superb and I think he'll learn a lot this season and put us up next. I used to read your comments before the Jack Ross thread last season and you came across as sensible poster but since the Jack Ross thread its been nonsense. Man up and admit you were wrong
  18. 6 league goals this season and 2 of them in one match a Livi. Its all about the league this season. Its just my opinion but he doesn't do enough for me when up front on his own. I think he is a far better player playing off another striker and I can't for the life of me understand why Ross persists with him as lone striker. Especially pumping long high balls to him all the time. and cross balls that he is never going to get near. We have been getting away with it due to the quality of Morgan.
  19. Nothing to do with his sending off but Stelios is nowhere near good enough. Can't for the life of me understand the adulation he receives. Maybe as a fullback to fill in when we are short but otherwise no where near up to it. Probably a yellow today for him but can't complain about Dallas interpreting it as a red. Not good enough from Reilly either and hasn't been for a while. Obvious to me why Hearts and Dunfermline got rid. Not all his fault with the constant high balls being lumped at him. I would have started Sutton up front today as the partner for Reilly and let Reilly play off him with his pace. Let McGennis do the Smith role. Morgan had a stinker which didn't help matters. One of the worst performances under Jack Ross. Jack Ross has to question himself also over his tactics and the performance level of the team today. Did not react quick enough to what was obvious I reckon to most fans. I think United will win this league and we will be in a play off. There is no way this current team will beat any Premiership team in play off.
  20. The same might have been said about Ian Murray
  21. The point is the fee for a footballer. £198 million is obscene and should be used for better causes.
  22. Meanwhile a young 22 year old girl Lucy Lintott is dying of MND where the funds attributed to research on this disease are peanuts !. Every penny of that moron Neymar's transfer fee should be put to causes like that !
  23. Agree was wondering from where all this Davis talk was coming from. I'd personally not resign Davis given his injuries.
  24. Thats because the 3rd best team in Scotland can't beat the 4th best team in Luxembourg !. Nobody is interested in Scottish football and don't need to pay any reasonable money for it. Only game in Scotland a tv company is remotely interested in is OF.
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