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  1. Eckersley is a better player than Stelios every day of the week. Thats why Jack Ross favours him every time. So is Gary Irvine and Lewis Morgan, so Super Stelios (which he isn't, he's decent and good impact player) doesn't get a game.
  2. I agree. Finishing ninth has to be first aim. Got to get minimum a point against Raith and hope that Hibs beat Ayr then we can't be bottom. Don't want to be having to go to Easter Road requiring a point or more to get 9th. If we get to play-off's I am more than confident that we will stay up. If we don't then we deserve 100% to go down. Raith match will be like a cup tie. Hugely difficult match and vital for both sides. Our previous form is out the window, this is on the day and the Dumbarton performance won't do !
  3. Hope they get relegated.Its a shocking sacking. Hartley would have kept them up but now I think they could easily go. If they do they deserve it. No chance of JR going there, not an earthly.
  4. Ok I'll give in . Didn't realise he was that tall !.
  5. Sorry but I've never really known many football fans who want a small keeper ?
  6. So you think that O'Brien is a commanding keeper then ?. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on that. For me he is non existant with balls into the box, he constantly spills the ball and his decision making can be overall quite poor. As I say I don't rate him and would definitely be looking for another keeper next season. Goram was an exception. O'Brien and Goram in the same sentence doesn't make sense.
  7. Yes its why he has no presence. Its why he never leaves his line.
  8. Agree and well done to Jack Ross for having the vision and bravery to give Morgan, McAllister and Magennis their chance given where we were at the time
  9. Have to say that I've never been overly impressed with O'Brien. He sticks like glue to his line and he constantly spills the ball. A good bit of his decision making is suspect also. He got away with one just in virtually Falkirk's first attack yesterday where instead of catching the ball at highest point he decided to catch it in his arms and Falkirk player nearly nipped in. First goal again static on the line, not expecting him to catch the cross but expecting him to anticipate ball back across goal and to close down the shot on goal. second goal no presence at all, thinks about coming and then changes his mind and weak with the shot. He's too small also. Never in a million years a Man City goalkeeper and for me borderline if he'd get a game at League Two level in England. Can't see him achieving much over next few years. Also get fed up with the "He's a young player" comments. We deperately need a solid, strong keeper next season.
  10. Yes, Jack Ross will rightly be our manager next season and in the Championship also !
  11. Its pretty simple really. Irvine at right back is a better player than Stelios as are the other defenders and midfield players holding the jersey at the moment. If any injuries though he is a decent option
  12. You seriously think its too late for SMFC to survive. I'm looking for 8th now and see no obvious reason to doubt it. Davis injury a big blow but now time for Jack Baird to step up and show what he has to JR. Take Sutton out the team and we are half the team up front. Jack Ross has tried it a couple of times this season first with Shankland and then he used Clarkson at Dumbarton and we were junk till Sutton came on in both games. Can't get my head around the criticism of John Sutton.
  13. I guess its all opinions but I thought Loy put a shift in when he came on. Couldn't fault him personally. I think your being a bit harsh with the not committed stuff. I think all the players at the club are showing commitment.
  14. Cammy Smith has been excellent for us. I'd start both him and Loy with Sutton leading the line on Wednesday. I don't think Todd gives enough for us. Decent player but Loy and Smith are better. Todd would only be an option of JR wants the width which he tends to go with on either side.
  15. Couldn't agree more. If we do go down which I don't think we will then JR will have us back in one season. Not the slightest doubt in my mind. If we stay up I don't think we'll keep him too long. I think he has done a superb job in the transfer window. Identified all the weaknesses in the side and sorted them as best he can. We look a really decent outfit now which would be top four easily but for the junk Rae left.
  16. Got to disagree I though it added to atmosphere. The result generated the Hibs atmosphere.
  17. Loy scored a lot of goals in this league for Falkirk and got a move up on the back of it. Proven at this level and well capable of getting goals for us.. Stop trashing players for one game where he misses a good chance and look at what he has done and can do for us
  18. You had good reason with Craig , Murray and Rae. Jack Ross is doing well and if he keeps us up which I think he will then I think we'll be well in the hunt next season. Top talent of a coach and I'm not sure we will keep him that long
  19. Sutton leads the line well, we are not the same side when he doesn't play. I'd start Loy on Wednesday instead of Todd but JR might want the width Todd gives. We overplayed in the box today and didn't get the breaks but at least we picked up another point on Ayr against a dangerous opponent.
  20. Keep playing like we played today and we will stay up. I haven't the slightest doubt. Dunfermline are a good outfit and improving all the time. We were the better side today especially in the seconf half and deserved to win. Didn't take our chances and didn't get the breaks but maybe that will happen on Wednesday ! On todays performance level we will beat all of Dumbarton, Ayr and Raith in the home games and are capable of picking up other wins away from home. I'm sure we can get the play off place and wouldn't rule our 8th but that may be pushing it. If we get the play off then I'd be stunned if we go down. Ayr are utter junk, a really poor outfit and being four point behind them with a home game to come against them then I think it would be a disgrace if this squad was 10th
  21. What relegation. We are not going down !
  22. Whats Mark Warburton got to do with it ? I firmly believe that Rodgers should be testing himself at the highest level and not inflating his already enormous ego in a backyard league in Scotland.
  23. I wouldn't listen to Rodgers comments. He's hiding up in Scotland. In early forties he should be managing and learning at a much higher level, not infalting his ego with a club who have a spending capacity light years ahead of the rest. He had a good 6 months spell at Liverpool and then it all went downhill. Totally failed at Reading. Good man manager but not the mesiah he is being hailed as. Eddie Howe, Paul Clement, Sean Dyche are streets ahead and testing themselves and learning at the top !.
  24. Jack Ross will keep us up this season and I think he'll do it without a play off. Thing is he may not be our manager next season because a bigger club willl recongnise the talent and appoint him. I think this guy is the one of the top coaching talent of the young generation of managers. Bright, articulate, respected by players, knows how to manage people and knows a player. Top drawer IMO and we won't have him for long. So enjoy it whilst he is here cause it aint going to be long !
  25. Thought we were brilliant tonight. Best perfomance from SMFC side for 3 seasons now. Thought big McKenzie was brilliant alongside Davies tonight. Mallan and McGinn in midfield were superb. On this form I'm suprised McGinn was released by Wycombe. Need to enjoy McGinn's perfomances for the rest of the season as he'll be long gone next. Way to good for Championship in Scotland.
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