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  1. Every game under Goodwin was a bloody hard watch. We are nowhere near the side we were last season. I feel sorry for Robinson at what he inherited and where he wants to be. Get over this season somhow and then root and branch clearout over 2-3 windows. Lets just sit back and watch how Goodwin does at Aberdeen !!
  2. RC are top six because they have a better manager than Goodwin. Mackay is who Aberdeen should have appointed
  3. The players need their backsides booted but Robinson is the wrong person to do it. Ran away from Motherwell and left them in a mess. Preserved his rep from season before but was taking them down. He's going nowhere atm so we better just hope its not another Stubbs but it has all the hallmarks.
  4. We have been utter junk all season. We were a better team last season. We won against as poor an Aberdeen side as you will see. We fluked a win at Hibs. But for Anwick we could have been 2 or 3 down at half time versus StJ. The chances missed by United were a disgrace too. Motherwell battered us an finally scored in last seconds. How Aberdeen appointed Goodwin i'll never know. I stated at the time i wasn't convinced by Robinson appointment despite the vast majority on here welcoming it His man management for me is hugely suspect, flies off the handle and irrational. He has had one good season at Motherwell and that is it. For me though we need to get over the line this season. Allow him to get his own players in and then really judge. If Goodwin had stayed I'm not truly convinced we'd have beeen a whole lot better but we'll never know.
  5. Well the one thing I like about Robinson is his passion. I noticed the abuse he was getting Saturday and its a complete disgrace. It doesn't matter a jot what your earnings are nobody should be subjected to it and it is maybe about time we had a few more police about during matches to stamp it out.
  6. You'll be happy if we get 3rd in the league and 2 cup finals?
  7. Somebody mentioned Tait had been signed for another season. I was hoping not as I think we have seen the best of him. Motherwell saw the best of him 2 seasons back ! Maybe as a squad player but that would be it for me.
  8. So what kind of results did you expect in the matches outside of RC and Dundee ? His start is not dreadful and there isn't enough in the performances of the team to question why he was appointed that is why I criticised your post which I did read carefully. I also made the point that I think the same set of results would have happened under JG
  9. We have had 2 winnable matches under Robinson, RC and Dundee. He's at 50% win rate for me. It would have been no better under Goodwin. The abuse of Robinson is a total joke. We can judge him next season when he has his own players in.
  10. Ronan is league one in England and no better. Jones is a wasted talent who is steadily working his way down the leagues.
  11. More importantly for me is that its not his achilles injury again
  12. 100%, would love us to be top 6 for all the reasons you list and others but just don't think we are good enough. Would love to be wrong though but just can't see it happening.
  13. For me its an important game to put a further distance from the bottom 2. Lose it and the gap between us and Dundee is 7 points. We lost a 10 point gap after we lost to Dundee at home ! Top six I agree total delusion.
  14. Yep the one I remember they were down to 9 men and we huffed and puffed to get over the line
  15. Supporters disappointed but that is it, not sacking the guy or questioning his appointment for losing to RC away ? Plenty on here falling over themselves to praise his appointment and now 3 games later questioning the whole thing. We didn't need a new manager bounce, if anything it was likely to go the other way as we haven't been all that great up until our wee run of wins. I think Robinson has been dropped in it a bit as I'm not convinced we would have done any better under Goodwin in the last 3 games.
  16. Seriously we have played Hearts and Celtic who are streets ahead of us. RC on a good run of form away is always a tricky fixture. Our good wee run of form wasn't all that great and but for having a superb goalkeeper we would have lost a good few of them. Grieve struggled badly against Hearts, Main made a difference when he came on with his physical strength. I know Main has been mince but Robinson only knows the Main at Motherwell so its not beyond reason to see why he's playing him atm. I'm amazed that Aberdeen took Goodwin. I very much doubt we would have done any better in these 3 games under Goodwin. I know you weren't overly impressed with the appointment of Robinson as I was too but we really need to give the guy a chance. My gut feel is that his teams are a lot more expansive and attack minded that the sterile cr@p that Goodwin has served up for quite a while. My gut feel also is that there will be quite a bit of change in the summer with contracts finishing and Robinson wanting to build his own team We are very poor overall and for me I think we'll be 3rd bottom, we are not top six at all despite the delusions of many.
  17. So why did McInnes take him to Aberdeen and Goodwin take him to St Mirren? Now Robinson sees something in him. Or do you know something they don't?
  18. Yep and Main was excellant for him so much so McInnes took him to Aberdeen. Main lead the line in a very successful Motherwell side
  19. We wont be top six we are a mile off, just make sure we are outside bottom 2. Hearts are a stick on for Sat. They are miles better than us. I reckon they will take us apart on Sat Robinson has been landed in it but for me will do enough for us to be well outside bottom 2. What i like about him is that he finds the type of football we have been playing utter cr@p and the quality of player not what he expected. I think we will see root and branch change come close season and then he will be accountable.
  20. Kinda wondering where that reaction was 5 years back when he signed for Clyde. Where was McDermid then ? We also have a First Minister joining in. Not quite getting Clyde Womens team either, a few months back there was no issue now they are all quitting. The council are also effectively saying that if he doesn't admit to it then he's not allowed into Broadwood as well as holding the same gun to the head of Clyde FC. The whole hypocrisy of this actually undermines the actual offence of rape in itself.
  21. We haven't been that great on our run. Getting over the line with odd goal wins. Sat really wasn't a surprise. Few interesting weeks ahead. Interesting to see how Robinson goes about it too
  22. Think we might be seeing a lot more of Main and a bit less of Grieve now that Brophy is fit. Main put in a good shift on Sat
  23. Pension contributions aren't the best !
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