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  1. That's not what the pen was given for. As FTOF mentions Mugabi takes Erwins foot away as he Erwin play the ball. It was obvious at the time on the replay. Not quite getting where the confusion was. A bit soft but on balance it was a pen.
  2. Well we're not exactly blessed with a plethora of left sided players and we know what we have with Mason. I don't rate Mason. Not really bothered he is injured. Other like him so I guess its all opinions
  3. That being the case possible Mason won't get recalled this window. Do you really think Coventry want him back ?
  4. He's done. Never had pace at Premiership level. Don't know how many times I've said it tbh. Its was the same when Kearney was here. How he was ever offered 3 years is beyond me. He is on his way out no doubt about it
  5. Good point given the level of performance for 70mins. Not been playing well for a number of games now. Have to say I thought Lee Erwin did well last 30 mins. Hold up play and lay offs were good. Erwin looked a far better player when Brophy came on. Brophy looks like he will give us what we have been lacking up front. As will Quaner. Connolly is a threat and has bags of pace but his distribution and final ball are abysmal. McAllister is not close to Premiership level and needs to be binned. How he starts I'll never know. 2 points dropped but given the performance 1 point gained.
  6. So 2 new strikers in. Think that tells us a great deal of what JG thinks of his current lot. Might be quite a bit of movement in the summer
  7. Quaner was at Ipswich a couple of seasons back in the Championship. I follow Ipswich Town and saw a few matches he played in. I think he is better than what we have at the moment. Also saw him for Huddersfield and looked ok there too. Not quite sure why he hasn't picked up a club though since being released ? Might be able to get him for reasonable wage
  8. I honestly couldn't care less if Motherwell have a new manager or new players. We are more than good enough to win on Saturday. I think we have went off the boil a wee bit recently after playing some really good stuff for a number of weeks. With the right attitude and approach we should 100% be looking for 3 points.
  9. If Tommy Wright was in for this as said in the media then I'm amazed they have appointed Alexander. Don't think Lasley was ever in the mix.
  10. So you don't think Brophy is a good signing and a number of others do, end of ? It seems to me that unless others agree with you that you are just going to keep banging on about it. Go and tell Jim Goodwin, Jack Ross, Derek McInnes, Stevie Clarke and a number of Championship managers in England he is not up to it. Let us know what they say ?
  11. I'm not sure about that. I think he's a dud at Premiership level. Completely failed at League 2 in England. Decent Championship striker but highly overrated by many on this forum and I said that when he left us ! Eammon Brophy is a far superior player to Gavin Reilly. Would be surprised if Reilly stays at Livi for long.
  12. So ask yourself why Aberdeen and Hibs wanted to sign him. Why Stevie Clarke capped him for Scotland and was integral part of team who were 3rd ? Championship clubs wanted him. Alex Neil also had him at Hamilton and offered him repeat contracts. Also I have been impressed by Brophy when we have played Killie. For me though we would need to partner him with someone to work off. I think Brophy will bring out the best in other players also. We are getting him at 24 which is a good age and he can go and improve as a player. I personally don't think we will get better.
  13. I think Brophy will be a decent signing for us and pretty much the best we can get. We know his ability and he is proven. Instead of taking gambles on lower league strikers in England where we are really just basing it on pedigree. Be interesting to see if we offer Obika a new contract. At the moment I think we will but not fully convinced. Also would Obika accept or have better offer elsewhere ? If we could shift Erwin at the end of the season that would be ideal. For me 4 strikers, Brophy, Obika, Dennis and ANOther.
  14. Aye along with McDougall, McAvennie, McGarvey !! Even Alan Logan and McEachran would play every week for 90mins compared to what we have these days. Imagine Somner and McDougall playing in our current side.
  15. That's the bit I'm struggling with ?
  16. Its not just dying its long covid effects and all the potential other effects that haven't been established yet. Inflammatory coditions in various part of the body including heart and brain issues. These are also relevant to folks who are asymptomatic. But hey your a big boy so carry on as you see fit
  17. Out of curiosity, if it hasn't been publicised, how do you know? My nephew works there and he hasn't mentioned it, though he did contract it himself (he works in a "covid ward"), along with a few other staff on the ward. One of the guys who got it told me. Having said that they may not actually have contracted in the hospital but its highly likely. Ive no reason to doubt him. sound guy
  18. I know 2 who were extremely ill with it. Both in their 40s and very fit and healthy. One of them actually collapsed outside Royal Infirmary in Glasgow. Both told me it was a living hell. Young girl opposite me also had it. 18 and aymptomatic but a number of her friends got it and she went for a test on the back of that. She was positive. 6 members of staff in the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow have died of COVID. Not been publicized So I think you need to take it bit more serious than what you do ???
  19. Fair enough but the "my enormous wealth" bit, it gets to be grating
  20. Do you remember how annoying it was when that Ricky guy kept mentioning how wealthy and how many top level positions he had etc etc. You were hacked off with that as I was. So why are you going down that route at the moment ? Yes well done on selling your company and getting a good price. Good on you but can you kinda reign it in now as the best folks don't mention it ? My brother is very wealthy from similar situation to you but you would never know. I prefer that approach ?
  21. You have just written the first thing that comes into your head. But hey you have a lot of money
  22. Won't be the last either.
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