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  1. RC is a tough game for StJ also. No guarantees at this point in the season.
  2. If we can't get a result at Hamilton to get top six then we don't deserve it. Simple.
  3. Haven't quite seen enough of Dennis but my hunch is you are correct
  4. I agree he played well but I'm glad he went off ?
  5. Every game we play from now to the split is a hard match given the amount of injuries we have and our only real striker being Obika. Motherwell, Hamilton, RC are all battling for their lives and Rangers within touching distance of the title. So if we get top six we will have earned it. Also if you are going to be a top six side these are the games where we must get points
  6. I'd imagine Erwin will be at Blantyre Vics in the not to distant future
  7. Surprised you didn't say 12th. Starting to get optimistic
  8. Celtic were very good in the second half. Starting to get into gear. If you can't see that then your on the sauce ? Unfortunately for us we are losing too many of our better players at key stage of season and it showed in second half
  9. Well that gave me a good laugh. Celtic are a class above St Mirren at all times. If we ever get a result against them its because they have hugely underperformed. They are starting to get a wee bit of from together so its no surprise they done us tonight. First 20 we were decent though and matched them till McGrath got injured. As it is I think St J and Motherwell will be above us come the end of the season. Not sure about Livi but think we will be above the rest
  10. The laugh is its the only plus point for astros, now that's looking dubious. Time to rip them up in top 2 leagues and at least try to be professional !
  11. you beat me to it 😀 nice to see this form from Kyle
  12. I don't think Andrew Neil gives a toss about Paxman. He's better than Paxman. The point is that Wilson can't answer the questions and is vague and unprepared for fundamental questions that he has been spending a good few years now supposedly getting answers for.
  13. This video should be shown during the next referendum
  14. Two peas in a pod. Carnage ahead if this goes the wrong way for Sturgeon. The power battles should be a great watch
  15. 6 points between us and RC so we need to take care of Killie. Lose this and things get a bit tighter
  16. This for me is an important game to win and the type of match where we always fall down. Can't be dropping points here given the state Killie are in at the moment. Hopefully no managerial appointment by Saturday.
  17. Porteous is abig powerful defender who just nicked in front of Tait. Hardly a hanging offense. Think we need to give credit to Porteous and stop blaming Tait. Fraser was a lot more rash at the penalty and showed a complete lack of composure
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