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  1. I think in the last 2 matches Morais has shown why we signed him. Needs a better end product though. Question is, his contract is up at end of the seson. Would anyone offer him a new one. Does anyone think JG will offer him one or look to bring somebody else in
  2. Have you given up the war bit ? Starting to give more balanced posts ?
  3. Thought we were woeful. Result is what its all about. For me great to see Flynn back and also Dennis getting on the scoresheet with a neat header. Dennis for me has been getting a lot of nonsense spoken about him. Had a bad injury and been getting 10-15 mins here and there. I have a sneaky feeling he may prove to be best finisher at the club but needs to be paired with someone, can't play up on his own. Morais has been better in Hibs and RC matches but still for me way behind Connolly, Durmus and Flynn. Flynn being the best of that 3. Erwin and McAllister well best not really go there !
  4. I'd change whole front 3 second half. Durmus, Obika and Connolly on and we will win this game, otherwise we may throw away 3 points. Total joke if we don't win this. They are rank and down to 10 men, no excuses
  5. He's only been out of the game 3 years and was pretty successful up to then. Think the hardman stuff is a bit overplayed. Lot more to John Hughes than that. Why their players being fired up is an issue I'm dubious about also as I expect our player to be every bit as fired up
  6. I like John Hughes. Good football coach and well capable. Think he is a good appointment by RC. Big job for him as Raith didn't happen for him and needs to make a mark this time. Hoepfully not starting with us today. We need to win these type of matches to show that an 11 game unbeaten run actually meant something.
  7. Yep I agree on that. I just have a gut feeling on him but may be all wrong. Not for the first time !
  8. Aye he did a good defensive job on Tavenier but for me I just think he hasn't looked the player he did in his first few matches going forward. Not convinced by him. Thought he really struggled against Hibs and looked very average. Time will tell
  9. Thought Mason looked poor against Hibs on Wednesday if I'm being honest. Sending off capped off a poor performance overall. Thought he looked good in his first few games but for me he's shaded quite a bit since then. Can see why Coventry offloaded him on loan. Wouldn't be overly fussed if Coventry recalled him. I don't think they will.
  10. Quite liking your posts tonight. Find myself agreeing with them all 😀
  11. Think your going to find its no different here going forward. The new normal is going to be a bit different
  12. I usually do feel happy for people in these circumstances but you are a huge exception to that rule. You really don't come across as likeable in any way
  13. Yep thats because nobody else would hire them
  14. Nope i'll be getting a vaccine. Guess you won't, no need eh?
  15. I bet every employee who has ever come across you is utterly delighted.
  16. Really ? I'd never have guessed. The real problem I have is its the likes of you who get away with it and some poor soul who is tried to do everything correctly gets COVID and dies a horrible death. Or alternatively a moron like you is asymptomatic and passes it on to many.
  17. Nobody is unquestioningly following anything its just they are a good bit brighter than you. I get the feeling you would oppose any comments government made no matter who the party was on any subject.
  18. Yep track and trace is a huge part of the solution, so is social distancing and wearing masks. Lockdowns are a last resort and IMO tend to show failure of policy in the first place. Very few lockdowns if any in Asia but I bet before this pandemic countries like UK would have sneered in superiority at Asia. Maybe now they can learn lessons properly.
  19. So why in Asia where they have been hugely successful in controlling COVID do all the folks still wear masks and have been from the beginning. Strikes me that you are making comments about a subject that you just don't have a clue about
  20. Much more likely that everyone will ignore your stupidity just like we have always done
  21. Long time since we have been positive about a trip to Easter Road. I'd be happy with a point but a win would be icing on the cake. Probably in the grand scheme of things more important to win at RC but given how we have been playing I think we are well able for Hibs who blow hot and cold
  22. Yep i get that so hopefully we see a fully fit Lee Erwin going forward and performances to match the managers opinion of him.
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