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  1. Commentated on their highlights coverage today - they where outstanding... Certainly think they have a big chance. Would be slightly ironic that the nomadic (and once upon a time EK-move considered) Clyde could be in a playoff v EK.
  2. Hi folks not dropped in for a while! Well I thought I had a great day commentating on a 6-1... However this 6-2 sounded a cracker, loved to have voiced that!! Glad *fingers crossed* things have been on an upward trend of late and hope St Mirren get the safety job done! C
  3. Hi all, Hope all are well here and best wishes in the festive season. Looking on it has been a real shame not to see the results coming through for St Mirren this campaign. Hopefully recent form might show something clicking. Happy Christmas, Callum
  4. Last season it was only available, as broadcast live, outside UK/Ire. Sometimes there was highlights put up of some of hte wins (okay not many of them last year) on the Youtube.
  5. One year ago today we where doing a pilot/launch of SMTV in a pre-season game v Bradford. One season on eh. Already missing the place.
  6. Hello! Few of you may like the magazine inside the Paisley Daily Express which features a page or so on St Mirren TV/Radio! 1 or 2 contributions in there too (me unfortunately, sick of me you will be!) and member or two here!
  7. Got to shake Jim's hand yesterday. A gent!
  8. Posted elsewhere some of this on last weekend's match thread but just a quick one here... Thanks for kind posts/good messages throughout the season for the St Mirren TV/Radio coverage. The producer of SMTV/Radio isn't on this forum but knows of your kind thoughts! Not been a vintage campaign but been an enjoyable experience personally and I've commentated on 27 games across both platforms this campaign, doing almost every game in the first part of the season and good chunk of the 2nd half of the season - with couple of the other guys doing some stuff also throughout the season - gaining experience. As it is a UWS project - I'm graduating from my honours year this summer so means Dumbarton was my final game last weekend in terms of commentary with this Sunday's game clashing partially Women's football work (although if you need a second team - Glasgow City play good stuff btw! ) Seriously, though looking ahead I gather the SMTV/Radio partnership will continue next season though - with a mix of students still there and newbies coming in. However don't take it gospelly yet. I'm sure that will be finalised at some point hopefully. Anyway just a thanks again. Although the game clashes on Sunday, still around pre-game presenting the St Mirren show at half 11, which I am looking forward to - wanted to do it at some point this season! Better late than never. After this season St Mirren might have a small lean in my heart now behind my local team... Rangers... Nope not that Rangers... but Berwick Rangers that is. I'm sure i'll still pop in now and again! C
  9. Thanks for kind coverage words. Someone posted about next season - Understanding coverage will continue. However I'm graduating so that means I finish up... Next week St Mirren clashes (with the Sunday KO move) with my Women's football work unfortunately.
  10. Hopefully will be a good game! My 27th and last commentary tomorrow.
  11. Not a win but a game full of gusto after the first 25 mins. Enjoyed doing the radio commentary/coverage today - a change for me on a home game anyway. Late goal sickener for home fans but had a bit of everything.
  12. 2 mins of of 'top' action here i've edited. How 2 mins can make the whole match look thrilling! ;)
  13. Try (radio) commentating that. Was fun. Some away support today.
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