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  1. Really? Racism is prejudicial treatment of a person or group on the basis of race and ethnicity. Mentioning the words isn’t racism. Ethnicity and culture are scientific fact - unless you think science is racist. Herein lies the problem. If we can’t even have a frank and open discussion without one person calling the other a effing idiot or a racist, our country will be driven apart even more than it is. Acknowledging our differences, discussing them, normalising them and hopefully one day celebrating them is how we nurture unity. Telling someone they are a racist, at the mention of a couple of boogie words, in an attempt to silence them will simply drive those people “underground” where they will find real racists who will be all too quick to accept them. I’ll say again what I’ve already said, shutting people down, telling them they are racists, making them feel like idiots caused Brexit, it caused Trump, it caused No. Keep on doing it if you want division and never-ending conflict. Open up your mind to the possibility that because someone wants to discuss political sensitive subjects they aren’t necessarily a racist or a bigot, and we may well begin to understand one another and heal our nation’s deep divides.
  2. Actual people have opinions like these. I suppose, however, if you never leave your wee progressive bubble, always mixing with your leftist pals, spiralling ever downwards in a vortex of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance you’d never know that. You were probably surprised when Scotland voted no, the UK voted leave and America voted for Trump. I’d get out more, if I were you.
  3. Yes is the answer to your first question. Definitely. It depends on the circumstances is the answer to your second. I don’t know why, though, you’ve put the word “foreign” in inverted commas... If someone isn’t a citizen of a country they are foreign according to international law, according to cultural background, according to ethnicity (probably) - foreign isn’t a social construct created by fascists to exclude people.
  4. Just watching BT sport in the last few minutes, live from King Power Stadium, Leicester, and they’ve had to take the show off air as the Leicester City helicopter has apparently crashed in the car park, carrying the owners, family, friends... Horrendous stuff! Hope and pray everyone is ok, but it looked very serious and ominous.
  5. Sorry to sound so harsh but for the privilege of living in a nation of which you are not a citizen, there is, reasonably, some cost to be incurred. If you’re not willing to pay it, what right do you have to stay here? ETA - I want EU citizens who work, have family, ties etc in the UK to be able to stay in the UK. I’m sorry that you’re in this position and I’m sorry for everyone who is. I also want the rest of the world, citizens of all nations, to have an equally good chance of coming to the UK and helping to build our country and a life for themselves. The EU prevents that from being our sovereign choice. Herein lies the issue: Because immigration forms a part of the issues around Brexit, every Brexit voter is a racist (according to professor doctor Oaksoft PhD). So most of what A Brexit voter will say will be misconstrued as trying to keep people out or wanting people to be kicked out. That couldn’t be farther from the truth for most people I know. I won’t however shy away from the harsh realities of living in a world that has borders, differences in living standards, differences in cultural values and limited resources. So again, sorry if I sound harsh but this is reality.
  6. And you, as many of us have suspected for a long time, are clearly a genius. ETA: I was just going to leave my reply as it was but I simply can’t... Do you think ignoring my points and defacto calling me a racist, then, again, ignoring my points and calling me an effing idiot wins you the argument? In the past political disagreement would lead to healthy debate that helped people think deeper and explore ideas to further their knowledge and understanding. That’s why I get involved in these types of discussion. I realise they involve difficult talking points and awkward conversations, but if we don’t discuss them we end up with people feeling disenfranchised, not listened to and talked down to. We end up with people being called names like “racist” and “idiot”. Then what happens is people vote for stupid ideas like Trump and Brexit because they feel they haven’t been listened to. You should be totally and utterly ashamed of yourself for thinking you can engage with someone on an intellectual level by calling them names and accusing them of being bigots. Perhaps, before you involve yourself in a discussion that is clearly over your head, you do a bit of research into what you think, why you think it and how to express it. Our nation, now more than ever, needs unity, healthy discussion about the way ahead, a pulling together on all sides to make a very tough situation work in our favour. We won’t get that when some people can’t get past swearing and calling others names. Grow the f**k up.
  7. I understand your concern fully and would feel as you do, if I were in your situation. I would be greatly worried. However, with all due respect, as a UK citizen I don’t give two flying fecks what citizens of other countries feel about our political decisions or the ramifications thereof. Excepting decisions to take our country to war (with probably one one or two exceptions in the last 100 years) the feeling or inconveniences of citizens of other countries isn’t my concern when I vote on what I believe is best for my country. Sorry about that. ETA: oh, having lived here for so long, having kids here etc, you could have applied for citizenship. Probably still could. That would settle it for you.
  8. Sorry I couldn’t hear anything over the incoherent screeching of panic and fear. Heres a great way to intellectually approach a situation: Ignore what the other person said, injection lots of unsubstantiated panic points, accuse the other person of being [insert ad-hominem] Well done, you’ve passed progressive-talking-points 101! You’re family will be so proud.
  9. Parliamentary sovereignty, control over the borders of our own nation, democratic integrity, the ability to form trade deals on terms we agree upon, leaving the common fisheries and agriculture policies, ditching the EU procurement directive, not having to comply with Article 13 and similar copyright directives, the ability to implement our own form of indirect taxation, the saving on the EU membership fee. But hey, I guess not having to wait at passport control in zante is a good trade off...!
  10. Pretty much bang on here! When it was announced on the One Show, the Coventry lassie was asked, “what will Coventry be celebrating?” She replied “youth (original, hen) and diversity (brown people, trannies and women)”. If any town in Scotland stands a chance of winning anything like that in the future we seriously need more “diversity”. And by diversity I mean brown people, trannies and women. And the diversity only counts if they all support leftist, “progressive” political ideologies. So biological diversity, not diversity of thought. Which is in itself odd as I was told in a lecture recently that there is no such thing as biological gender or ethnicity and that these things are just social constructs... that was until I was then told my view wasn’t valid because I was a white male. None of these things happened. But they might have. And we didn’t win because muh diversity.
  11. Still leaking goals... if they can keep it tight at the back, they could sneak something off of us - as they are guaranteed a goal or two!
  12. I'm not complaining too much, and I'm not there so I don't really I know what's going on, but I'm quite annoyed about losing 2 goals at the end here. Ayr are shite and losing goals to them really isn't good enough... ok, scoring 6 changes the perspective somewhat! But it's still a bit disappointing.
  13. I see the soapdodging scum are lying down to Dumbarton.
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