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  1. Thoughts and prayers are with his family RIP
  2. How much do you think Mallan is worth?
  3. Shankland will not be returning to us. He will return to Aberdeen do pre-season go to Europe then McInness will decide . Come Christmas he can go where he wants anyway. Heard us, Dunfermline, Hibs & Dundee Utd. Ray Mackinnon has tried to get him twice before maybe third time lucky, don't know what English teams but reliable source. even better than wee Ally's Dundee want Mallan too.
  4. Don't think Shankland deserved the POTY the most improved POTY I would say. His performances of late and goals have shown this. Wish the boy well back at Aberdeen. I wonder who Rae will get in to replace him and possibly Mallan? Looking forward to the game on Sunday. Hope to see you all back next season it couldn't get any worse than the beginning of last season but I think Alex and Faz will have done their homework and get us up there challenging for top position.
  5. Billy If you are going act the big man then be prepared to face the consequence's, hope it is only football players social media's you are trolling. Once a troll always a troll. Have you no got a job or are you another one that my tax gets donated too for broo money?
  6. Was there any managers or players from the SPL and SPFL in the Celtic end? or have we got a wee bigot trying to cause it because they are a closet TIC fan ???????? The manager is obviously there in a working capacity but just happens to support the team he is analysing for our upcoming game. There is no where in any rule book that tells you that you have to stop supporting whatever team you have supported all your life as soon as you become a footballer or manager this post is a load of BS. Its not a secret that our manager supports Rangers I hope he had a great day. Looking forward Saturday's game and I will attending the game against Rangers.
  7. Clarkston works really hard but don't think him and Shanks are good together. Don't think we will need to worry about Shanks anymore rumours are flying about he may be heading back up to Aberdeen.
  8. OMG your stats are phenomenal against Shankland's shitty stats pissing maself. I am merely stating Shanklands goals have contributed to us getting 13 points yah FUD nothing else everything else is in your heed. Did you seen his goals on Saturday? give me your comments on them please I am interested to hear your opinion on them. Anyone who says a kid who has scored 8 Goals helped the team get 13 points which is all fact and says he is crap I smelling a rat whats your agenda Top Cat?
  9. Top Cat the top goal scorer wee Stevie has scored 11 and how many minutes has he played? also Clarkston has scored 1 and he's played how many minutes in his career never mind this season. Clearly you don't like the kid Shankland and I was not blowing anyone's trumpet give the kid credit when its due, you canny even do that. and you omitted to slag him about the 13 points he has got for the team. What you got to say about that? His goals on Saturday were pure class ask anyone who was there.? Get the right people to get the ball this kid and he will score plenty. The hardest thing in a game of football is to score a goal.
  10. There is a majority of fans on this forum that hate Shankland I knew that kid had something special in him and he showed it on Saturday. He has scored 8 goals now that's 13 points gained by him playing in the team. The crowd were so encouraging must have been the sun shining in our end. The negatives ones stayed at home obviously was a great wee day out apart from getting trailed to that shopping centre next to the stadium cost me a fortune Mrs got me in a good mood. Well done boys and lets see the same Tomorrow ball to strikers feet and we could get some more wonderful goals. And all the haters stay in and watch Coronation Street and let the real supporters enjoy their team good or bad. Well done boys COYS.
  11. Ah well you will never know, wear a T Shirt on Sat with Shull and he will wave to you. lol
  12. Alex Rae would call you a FUD the things you say about his team. Brown Nose
  13. Aw well some people don't learn. Poor Shull has something happened to him to make him so negative and does anyone else think he has the poor me syndrome. Maybe he wanted to be a footballer and it never worked out. Try this on Saturday, eat a banana this releases natural endorphins which is a chemical in your brain that lifts your mood and then you might say something nice about your team. You probably need to eat about 100 though.
  14. Yes and Kendo too and the rest of the Shankland Haters especially the guy with the thick milk bottled glasses who must have been bullied by someone called Shankland at school he hates that kid. This kid has earned us 10 points cleared the lines with his big nut a good few times and we beat the manky mob too with his goal, and had goals chopped off too. So well done kid. People should reflect before reacting on this forum cause it causes embarrassment when your clearly wrong. COYS and well done to all the positivity and encouragement that was shown by a good percentage of our supporters but you will always have the know it alls.
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