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  1. All buses well delayed on motorway
  2. rebella15

    The Academy (Project Brave)

    It is already underway and St Mirren are not going for elite status
  3. rebella15

    Project Brave

    St Mirren FC have already sent back their comments on the proposal
  4. rebella15

    New Training Ground?

    It all relies on Sports grants, with Kelburne Hockey club moving to this hub, as they are 90%of the Scotland team , they are the elite athletes
  5. rebella15

    Bid accepted for Kyle McAllister?

    He had hamstring problems in the past
  6. Sr Mirren Parking limited is not owned by the club
  7. rebella15

    Jason Naismith

    Daily Express has him going to Ross County in the summer
  8. rebella15

    SMiSA's Latest Update

    It is not a Community benefit society, and it cannot call it self that because it was registered before August 2014, please do your homework mate. It also is not registered by the Charities Commission as you said before either. Come on you are showing your ignorance , old man
  9. rebella15

    SMiSA's Latest Update

    So tell us at what AGM was John White , Tony Black and Alan Quinn elected by the members to serve on the board because I have attended the last 3 and they were not on the board or up for election and they cannot have been co opted as you can only do that if you have less than the minimum stated in the constitution which is 5. Interested to hear your answer
  10. rebella15

    SMiSA's Latest Update

    There were 4 guys elected by the members at the last AGM and 4 the year before, making 8 , John White is the Secretary but not ellected by the members, as per the constitution the elected board members appoint him and decide among the elected members who will be chairman. Anybody else must be assisting the board , not necessarily co opted, and can stand at the next AGM.
  11. rebella15

    SMiSA's Latest Update

    SMiSA is NOT and NEVER has been a community benefit society.Do your homework They were registered as an IPS, an Industrial and Provident Society the legal term used for groups like football supporters groups, bowling clubs , former soldiers clubs.The constitution and rules were based on the Model Rules issued specifically for Supporters Direct by a firm of Solicitors entitled "Model Rules for a Supporters Community Mutual" When the Co operative and Community Act 2014 came into law the OPS name had to go and the FCA told IPS societies that it would be incorrect to call themselves a community or a co operative society but instead say they are a "registered society under the Co operative and Community BenefitsAct 2014" and NOTHING else would change. It's obvious that the community in the constitution is the Supporters, not the wider community.
  12. rebella15

    SMiSA's Latest Update

    St Mirren employ a lot of people, their turnover goes out to the wider community, just keeping them going is a benefit to the community
  13. rebella15

    SMiSA's Latest Update

    As you have resigned it's none of your business