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  1. I have a disabled persons bus pass. i can take one companion with me Both free
  2. TIme for Lewis having a wee spell on the bench
  3. If you can’t beat them join them I hope no one takes this in the wrong context
  4. Gies peace Shull ,after the way the SFA treated us with colts teams. If it’s the same next season. Colts team for me
  5. This isn't good,at the start of the season I would've settled for mid table. Now I don't have the fear, but that in itself is scary
  6. I think that frequently of our fans
  7. Just give Morgan a roving role ,he did that second half against ICT with great success .
  8. Last call for Dunfermline if I'm not there Buddiein EK hope your holidays are done for the season
  9. How is the Bank of Gary Mack Any updates
  10. Anyone passing through Eaglesham that could pick me and Johnny up ?
  11. Phew ,I don't if my old ticker can handle all this. I'm not allowed on roller coasters, but f**k I'm on this one for the season Cammy Smith and Super Gav don't give defenders a minutes peace Adam Eckersley is 100% safe every game,unsung hero All the lads were brilliant I'm still buzzing
  12. Remember a few seasons ago he gave 3 red card in a week and they were all rescinded. A first class clown
  13. The fear is normal BuddieinEK . Even the wee man is asking "who are we playing on Saturday The curry on. Saturday night taste much better The team has a great mental strength now so if they believe ,so do we.
  14. Is Warwick Hunt rhyming slang for something more useful than the poster
  15. BuddieinEK and us drove. All the way to. EK and spoke about this be fatc. Not a mention
  16. Hope you told him he is a diving ,dirty ,cheating bastard
  17. I refuse to align myself with the corrupt SFA. Any game with reserve teams,in my opinion,shout be attending,it only encourages them. As has been said before. Auchenleck ,Irvine Meadow ,or Arthurlie would give us a bigger crowd Anyway I'm going to London Town next weekend,a much more attractive proposition
  18. I need to stay off Pie&Bovril for a few days The Arabs are so condescending and arrogant at the moment,I don't know,why. I,believe the phrase is "rippin ma knitting "
  19. I'm afraid my history of supporting Saints only goes back to Johnny and I watching us destroy Utd 4-1 Utd had a good side then ,boy wonder Ryan Gould et al Johnny thought this is great ,is it like this every week. Alas it was a steep downward spiral ,but now we don't watch through our fingers Onwards and upwards COYS
  20. Right let's get on to Dave Bowman and others now, actually I forgot about the present Utd teamWhat about. The Edge as they call him. Thats a player who like Flood gets away with murder.
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