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  1. I need to know more http://rwh1697research.co.uk/source-material/james-lindsay-jnr-confession-18th-feb-1697/ Do you have anymore on this family ........Lindsay
  2. The gruesome scenes included the sorry spectacle of young brothers John and James Lindsay, from Formakin Mill, near Houston, aged just 11 and 14, clutching each other's hands as they were garroted together. Katherine Campbell was carried struggling and screaming to the stake, where she called down the wrath of God and the Devil on her accusers. The other victims were Margaret Fulton, John Lindsay, Margaret Lang and Agnes Naismith, who laid 'a dying woman's curse' on all those present at the scene and their descendants. 1.Was John & James Lindsay's father hanged too? 2.Who were their parents? 3.Were there any other males in that family? 4.Are there any descendants of that family? 5.Where could I get that information? 6.Also on the Shaw family I am a former Lindsay( maiden name) and do Genealogy on the Lindsay name my email <script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script>
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