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  1. Didn't say that but then you can't f**king read. Shull comes from Barrhead. Barrhead has a perfectly good team in it. No need to travel into Paisley. I know my club provided yours with the finest right back you ever had Stevie Clarke. I know the decent element of your support contributed £5000 to our defender. Don't imagine a single penny was from a stuck up sod like you. Can you see you're a loathsome wanker?
  2. You mean at least Shull doesn't support his local team? Makes him as loathsome as any OF fan.
  3. Bye bye son. Must be time for you to sign on.
  4. Yes and no. It is also particularly difficult to sut at games in a ground that has no seats. Right back at you twat.
  5. And the twat cometh to the fore again. Brexit twat in talking shite shock.
  6. You've got to excuse the op. He's a bit thick.
  7. We would not be sent to protect him as thankfully the Scottish Government and Police Scotland have always stopped his hate filled racists marching up here. I always do my job but working anywhere near Lennon or Fudrage would leave a horrible taste in the mouth looking at their racist faces.
  8. You have sympathy with Stephen Lennon. Ergo you are a hater who voted with the haters on brexit.
  9. Never will I apologise to a race hate defender like him.
  10. You are 52 years old. Therefore you know exactly who they are and as per usual talking shite. Right back at you old man.
  11. Hilarious. Am sure the comedy of Jim Davison and Bernard Manning is more the style of a scumbag like you.
  12. You should be on the stage. You make Michael McIntyre sound dunny.
  13. His name isn't Tommy. That is just his criminal pseudonym. Are you denying he took part in campaigns to stop the building of mosques? Yes or no?
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