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  1. Why don't you f**k off you absolute f**king tool. Why would there be dog turds on our park we dont play on a public park and never have. You really know f**k all about football. Plenty of people on here also watch and enjoy Junior football unlike a f**king twisted f**kwitted snob like you. You are already a wanker so you should stop trying too hard. Last time we played your so called future superstars we sent you home with your tails between your legs. You should be grateful to the club who provided you with your two best defenders in your history. Now f**k off to that one horse shitehole of Houston. Hope you enjoy all the pumpings you get next year you absolute wanker or hopefully you die and miss the trophy presentation.
  2. Think you'll find neither of those gentlemen are me. One is our match secretary and the other was our treasurer for 35 years and passed away last year. They are posing with the Scottish Cup which we won for the first time in 2016. I am Scottish therefore I drink whisky not whiskey.
  3. Didn't say that but then you can't f**king read. Shull comes from Barrhead. Barrhead has a perfectly good team in it. No need to travel into Paisley. I know my club provided yours with the finest right back you ever had Stevie Clarke. I know the decent element of your support contributed £5000 to our defender. Don't imagine a single penny was from a stuck up sod like you. Can you see you're a loathsome wanker?
  4. Can't be that lovely they allow wanks like you on it. Bet you never put your hand in your pocket to help ya wank.
  5. So calling out racists is racist? Brexiteers aren't a race. Being against Katie Hopkins isn't sexist. I admire Jeremy Corbyn, Billy Bragg and Karl Marx none of whom are Nazis. You want to buy a dictionary to find out the meaning of words. When the UK goes down the toilet after brexit then I and the rest of the 48% will rejoice and laugh. I am a proud European. The xenophopbes are the brexiteers and you are a f**king fool. Your so called findings are laughable. Now f**k off back under your stone.
  6. You mean at least Shull doesn't support his local team? Makes him as loathsome as any OF fan.
  7. Point out any racism from me please dickhead. Point out any sexism from me. Point out any xenophobia from me. You won't be able to as there is none. I called out the racist pricks who voted brexit but maybe that makes me racist in your world. By the way its you're not your. Can you at least learn to f**king spell.
  8. I've never pretended to be a Saints fan. I joined as your to promote a game where you were helping out an injured player from my club. Not that a miserable prick like you would put his hand in his pocket to help.
  9. Bye bye son. Must be time for you to sign on.
  10. Celtic and Rangers are Scottish. I don't like them much and don't like the fact people travel to watch them instead of their local club. Although I feel the same about people from Beith, Renfrew, Barrhead etc travelling to Paisley when they have a local club to support. Hence why I support Beith as it is where I am from.
  11. That makes you as pathetic as that twat Dougie. I even wanted St Mirren to win on the very rare occassions you were in Europe. Due to your pathetic little hatred of all things OF. For some reason you don't want Scottish teams do well.
  12. A fanny that can spell as well as using your and you're in the correct context. Now f**k of you sad twat. Go and get a hard on over supporting some Russian mob on Thursday whilst us proper fans want to see a Scottish team doing well
  13. Yes and no. It is also particularly difficult to sut at games in a ground that has no seats. Right back at you twat.
  14. And the twat cometh to the fore again. Brexit twat in talking shite shock.
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