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  1. I agree Panda,I was lucky enough to grow up around our strongest teams of the early eighties 3rd in the league and 4 semifinals an Anglo Scottish cup were great memories but it was arguably weaker teams that won us silverware in the latter years and these guys deserve to be recognised,but I would give a limb to have a Doug somner frank macdougal macavennie now though [emoji3]
  2. I agree Luther but it would be tremendous to win to get Hamilton and Dundee fretting.can anyone tell me is Kyle Mcallister fit
  3. If it had been a report on handbags she would’ve know the name of the animal it came off [emoji23][emoji23]
  4. I get her to read the back pages of the papers to me while I’m away,get her to scan for the usual two inch paragraph on st.mirren,but tonight when I phoned she said some guy called Michael Popescu is getting death threats on social media if he doesn’t win [emoji23][emoji23]she asked are the st.mirren fans that bad,I have since checked with my brother and got the real report god bless her [emoji23]I didn’t have the heart to correct the name with her.
  5. I am like all st.mirren fans my heart is filled with hope rather than certainty,I am at present in Shanghai so will get up at 3.30 for the game to try and watch buddie vision.from here I fly to Kazakhstan for three weeks then I get home to sunny Thurso.The good lady indoors is hoping for a wee break for a trip somewhere nice.i have pencilled in games on the 13th and 20th of April.i hope that’s what she had in mind [emoji23][emoji23],I think we have a chance to do something tonight, enjoy the game to all COYS
  6. Win the 4 games against Dundee and Hamilton and hope it’s enough for the playoffs,surely by then the squad will be up to a two leg final scrap
  7. Reality check is we are 2 points away from survival that’s in spite of being shit most of the season.We will strengthen our squad over the coming weeks and I’m sure we will be comfortably safe come the end of the season
  8. Absolutely on the backside it was 15 euros a pint when I was working in Paris 6 weeks ago,anyways I’m very lucky to be in the position I’m in,I wish it was Paisley tomorrow for the Aberdeen game,I’m sure we will perform,let’s hope everybody can enjoy the festive season and enjoy being in the premier league,it was an unbelievable surprise to win the league last year,albeit we have had a bad start,but we are only 6 points off of 9th,there’s nothing like being a buddie [emoji106][emoji106]
  9. Efes and Bavaria and local beer called cus or gus I can’t pronounce it sorry [emoji106]
  10. 800 tenge a pint in the river palace hotel in Atyrau about £1.60 but can get a pint for £1 in the caramel near the Burger King
  11. Whilst I never speak negatively about st.mirren I never would ,or fellow fans either ,i think this topic has left me laughing to myself.cringe is the correct word for the bulk of this.I wonder what Jim Clunie or Ricky Macfarlane used during the most successful time in our history.I also think that footballers drive there selves on (our own Scotland captain being an example). I think the motivation for any footballer should be to be respected by his football peers and an honest performance ethic for the supporters he represents young and old ,rich and poor,because everyone that gives his time and money to follow st.mirren deserves that.As for motivating ideas at work,nonsense,I have worked all over the world and I am at present in Kazakhstan,my motivation was fear of being unemployed and feed my family motivation enough,same for our team. Before you rip in to me it’s my first day off in 29 and on my 8th pint COYS
  12. There have been many decent posts written here,and oaksoft has eloquently raised the correct rational that should be adopted by us.But this should also been the mantra of every club in the world. We have the cautionary tales of how financial problems ruined teams for long spells after they chased success.Many in England,Leeds being a standout,in Italy Parma in Scotland Rangers all had vast amounts of generated money misspent. Then we have the prudent teams like many in our lower divisions which don’t move up leagues or have cup runs.They sustain themselves with no other remit than provide senior football for their respective local community. Football business is like no other business as we all know there is no formula to base the growth on (we sold X last year so we know we will get that and try to reach Y this year). It is too fluid to determine. We might have three U16s right now that might bring in £3m in years to come it’s an unknown quantity. I would like to think we have always been one of Scotland’s bigger sides so with this comes the dilemma for each of our chairmen how much to spend to achieve what we deem as success a difficult job I really wish I had the equation for them but that is very elusiveI only ask that they match the financial commitment every st.mirren fan gives each year no more no less COYS
  13. [emoji23][emoji23]every chance,I stand out in the optimistic idiot who thinks we’ll win every game [emoji23][emoji23]
  14. I’ve always hated the walk of shame across the row mid game,but at 51 my bladder is the size of a pea now
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