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  1. I seem to remember it being a single bet anyway just pulling in to Dingwall with the rest of the super fans so speak to you later I’m sure big man [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Funny this I remember on the hibs match discussion you wanting to bet people that st.mirren would get humped I offered you a bet in fact I went further and placed my bet,I displayed my bet on here,you said a tenner at if I remember right 4/7 for hibs,so for argument sake £15 back that was due to go to charity,I haven’t seen it yet,this forum is about st.mirren fans cracking on about all things st.mirren including going to and from the games each week,that is part of the patter,you slag them by calling them super fans,when I’m afraid to say my man any one who states he’ll give to a charity and doesn’t is the lowest of the low so why don’t you have a good hard look in the mirror at someone that shouldn’t be anywhere near st.mirren let alone miscall their fans.and when you come back with your shite just send a receipt from a charity with it. And the wife’s out tonight I’m free to slag you all night super fan.
  3. I get back to Thurso at 10.30 at night after the game,better than Thurso to paisley leave at 5.30 in the morning and get back at 11.30 at night and I have to rely on a lift in the Celtic bus !!!
  4. Yes it’s unbelievable fours hours to Inverness slowest train in Britain about 30 stops I think one might be Greenland [emoji23][emoji23]the joys of living in the last town on mainland Britain
  5. Tough game for sure but very winnable,I shall get the 8.30 train from Thurso in at 11.30 straight in the mallard on the platform and a solid 3hr pre match pint [emoji23]purely medicinal as just back from Greece covered from head to foot in calomine lotion 🥵[emoji23][emoji23] picked up my season ticket on the way back from Glasgow airport so ready for a run if three games in a row attendance,which is good for me [emoji106][emoji106]I hope it’s a great day out for all COYS
  6. I think the team is set out better than last year for sure,too many games were gone by halftime last season,I think we will be challenging in most games for the full 90 minutes ,the Livingston game was not the best but that pitch is atrocious it looked like they were playing on a waterlogged pitch the ball hardly moved,that said the forwards will have to get an eye for goal soon,albeit only four league games in,a point away this week would be ideal,knicking a point here and there away from home and solid performances in Paisley will see us more than safe this year,but I’ll settle for 10th now but think there’s more than that in this squad
  7. Still managed to play and score for Scotland win premier league titles play in a European final and consistently hold a place in English championship teams as well as consistent for killie last year would maybe be a good argument against being that average [emoji23][emoji23]
  8. Mr gstretchuk better get his £20 on and posted on the page while his bankers hibs are at 4/9 then [emoji3]I would hate his charity to lose any extra money
  9. Cheers isn’t st.mirren the saint of fools and madmen after all [emoji3][emoji3] I expect nothing less than three points come Saturday send us charities chaps and enjoy the day in Edinburgh [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  10. Good to know take advantage of that immediately [emoji106][emoji106][emoji3]
  11. Okay bud I’ve put a fifty on you put what you can and any fans please give a suggestion for a good cause [emoji106][emoji106]
  12. Just give me the nod and I’ll send a picture of my betting slip I’m sure I can trust a man of your integrity to do the same [emoji106][emoji106]
  13. I’ll take the Pepsi challenge, if your so sure hibs will win let’s make it a round £100 I’ll put mine on the buddies on sky bet and you can put it on The bookies of your choice,you can retain your original bet and put you winnings to charity,I am leaving for Kazakhstan in Saturday but can still do something positive before I go,I will put the stake and winnings straight to a paisley charity albeit I live in Thurso.Its sad I have to call the bluff of a st.mirren fan for the first league game of the season,shameful really but there you go. To all positive saints fans the season starts on Saturday good luck to you all,enjoy what I think will be a decent season COYS
  14. I find it a bit disappointing that the main guys of the squad were the ones who played so well to avoid relegation and won the playoffs were a fair bit off the mark,yes early days but fitness is one thing but how did they loose their football awareness over the break
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