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    Meiksyboy reacted to truesaint in Ross Wallace Signs   
    My money is on him scoring our goal of the season. Got a great left peg and can bang them in from distance.
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    Meiksyboy reacted to insaintee in Ross Wallace Signs   
    Probably more about wage expectation than quality.  Now it's Feb, Ross might be more realistic in his demands
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    Meiksyboy reacted to faraway saint in Ross Wallace Signs   
    Not a lot not to like, experience at a reasonable level, I think this could work out fine. 
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    Meiksyboy reacted to RossCSmfc in Defenders   
    Stelios till the end of the season. I'll be shot down for this but I think he's the best that's realistically available. 
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    Meiksyboy reacted to St.Ricky in Erhahon to Barnsley (Loan)   
    Thanks for this David. A talented young player. I hope this experience will help him. Good to see him do well. 
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    Meiksyboy reacted to Yflab in Very Few Tickets Sold For Motherwell, 8th Feb   
    It’s ok. We were told tens of thousands of Motherwell fans will be going in the home end. It’s going to be like 1977 all over again. 
    Dirty cheating Motherwell bastards!
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    Meiksyboy reacted to BuddieinEK in Alan Newlands( Tonight's Ref)   
    Selection... our fault.
    Inability to pass in the first half... our fault.
    Lack of pace and movement... our fault.
    now. ref for both teams? Maybe on paper. That went beyond incompetency though.
    Obika booked for a nothing challenge yet the guys who assaulted Flynn and Famewo stayed on the pitch.
    Penalty was, sadly, a legitimate call... but he could hardl;y wait to award it!
    He was inconsistent and let Accies away with some terrible tackles. Gave us very few of the free kicks we legitimately deserved.
    If he ever referees one of our games again, it will be a travesty. He has an agenda and nobody will convince me otherwise! CHEAT!
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    Meiksyboy got a reaction from faraway saint in The January 2020 Transfer Window   
    John don’t you mean Paul, or Ringo or even George lol

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    Meiksyboy reacted to linwood buddie in Speculation Thread   
    Fair call then and we know what we would be getting.
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    Meiksyboy reacted to whydowebother in Kenny McLean   
    McLean £10m

    Mooy £10m

    McGinn £50m rumour pre injury

    Mahrez £30m

    Shankland £3m

    £100 million of ‘talent’ passed through the club
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    Meiksyboy reacted to djchapsticks in Paul McGinn   
    McGinn is Mr. Reliable. A jack of all trades and good cover to have at the back - in many ways, he's a bit like Lee Hodson was.
    That being said, we need attacking players - and good ones at that - as a premium, We are well covered in the central defensive positions and Flynn, good as he's been in central mid, looks even better as a right back. So the role he plays, whilst important for cover, isn't absolutely vital at this point.
    If McGinn goes, I dare say it's because he was already interesting Hibs anyway and would have left in the Summer regardless. He has a good working relationship with Jack Ross from the time at Dumbarton and JR signing him on for us again before bailing out to Sunderland.
    Given Goodwin has said we're already looking at two players before this news came, I'd hope the money brought in for him leaving would be able to maybe squeeze one more signing out.
    It's of massive importance now that we get the right bodies in. Hamilton are certainly worse than us and hopefully this will be their year to go. Everyone else though in that bottom six is much of a muchness (Hearts have definitely got it together though....the signing of Boyce worried me instantly) so one of two quality faces in the top end of the pitch could make all the difference for us.
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    Meiksyboy reacted to saintargyll in Speculation Thread   
    Looking forward to seeing the Dunfermline forward nesbitt tonight
    i think we should take a punt on the boy
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    Meiksyboy reacted to shull in St Mirren v Aberdeen 12.30 26 1 2020   
    Noticed Cosgrove dived again to win a penalty in their cup tie against Dumbarton last Saturday.
    He will be at it again on Sunday.
    Should be banned for many months.
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    Meiksyboy reacted to Magic Monkey in Speculation Thread   
    I think one extra body in that area could be necessary. The run to the cup final this year is going to place extra strain on the squad so we need that depth. 
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    Meiksyboy reacted to turrabuddie in Speculation Thread   
    Hope Cooke gets his chance in the remainder of the season. I like him and believe there’s a good player there. And goals.
    I know he’s older than Stewart, but I don’t want to see us make the same mistake again, letting a good striker (albeit a work in progress) end up with a competitor.
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    Meiksyboy reacted to magnus in Speculation Thread   
    That would be a huge mistake  we have been very lucky picking up points with a makeshift defence. The opposition will quickly identify weaknesses and exploit them. We need two new centre backs, a full back and a goal scorer. We need our top players playing in position.
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    Meiksyboy reacted to Magic Monkey in Speculation Thread   
    Surely any decent player would prefer to come to us next season than spending a season in the Championship with those two. 
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    Meiksyboy reacted to dumbarton_bud in Marketing The Club   
    I'm probably not alone in this, but I'd like to see us utilise the digital billboards on the main roads into Paisley to advertise our games, in particular the one up by Reid Kerr. 
    I'm sick and tired of seeing ads for Sky Sports on those billboards that have images of Tavernier and Brown of the OF or a still from the EPL, and not one of a St Mirren player or a still from one of our games. 
    I'd imagine the cost of this is somewhat prohibitive but if the council can afford to advertise cultural events on these billboards then I don't see why we can't take a look (if we haven't done so already). 
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    Meiksyboy reacted to turrabuddie in Alan Hutton   
    Nothing to lose by asking though ?
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    Meiksyboy reacted to Cornwall_Saint in Scott & McPherson   
    I wish I could see it that way, but I can’t.
    The turnaround under Jack Ross was fantastic.
    We haven’t exactly built on that though. We scraped survival last season, basically spending a fair bit of the McGinn windfall on ending contracts and helping to pay the wages of the new guys. Then we have the battle of opinions regarding Kearney (I won’t go into that with you again as we agree to differ) but either way we started pre-season without a manager. The League Cup exit was a complete embarrassment, and swiftly ended one of our two hopes of a trophy this season.
    We were led into believing the main reason behind this exit was that we were waiting on better signings. Considering we couldn’t score from open play against three part time sides, we were bloody hoping for it. So far, the good signings seem to limit to just three - Foley, McLoughlin and Broadfoot. We entered the season with 5 defenders and no full back cover for Waters the moment we met Kilmarnock. Our three strikers (leaving Cody out as he has been injured) have something like 5(?) goals between them.
    Just like last season, we once again look like relegation fodder. We are now looking for a third “big January” in four seasons to bale us out. I don’t see this as progress, I see it as a stagnation that will result in eventual relegation. If that happens, I don’t see us making a swift return back to the top flight.
    I want to be optimistic, I want to feel like we are progressing. But this does not look applicable to the word “progression.”
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    Meiksyboy reacted to proudtobeabuddy in Scott & McPherson   
    Hladky didn't look interested last night either and i don't blame him he must be so frustrated with the pish in front of him recently.
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    Meiksyboy reacted to munoz in Scott & McPherson   
    We are currently only 2 points better off on this stage last season.  Not much progress for me considering JG signed his own players compared to OK having to deal with the Stubbs disaster. 
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    Meiksyboy reacted to Cornwall_Saint in Scott & McPherson   
    Progress? We’ve spent 5 of the last 6 seasons at the bottom end of whichever league we were in. We also managed to get papped out of the League Cup in one of the easiest groups we could ever face.
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    Meiksyboy reacted to Long John Baldy in 30th November 2019 Aberdeen v St. Mirren   
    1-1, ya stoater.
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    Meiksyboy reacted to bazil85 in St Mirren v Hibs, Tue 26th Nov   
    For me, tomorrow is an absolute massive match, not so much regarding the repercussions if we lose but the potential outlook if we win. If we lose or draw, fine we pick ourselves up and go again.
    A win tomorrow though and we'll be in a higher league position than our final top flight finish in 30 years. Psychologically that could be a massive boost. Also being above teams like Livi, Ross County and Hamilton would be so significant, given we are all generally among the relegation favoured teams & we arguably should have more financial power to strengthen as needed in January, to stay ahead. 
    Genuinely excited for tomorrow night, let's hope for a positive result. 
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