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  1. It took a while but I bet you’re relieved now?
  2. And it’s a shame that Power doesn’t, either.
  3. It’s a shame that Brophy never reads your posts.
  4. ManU/ManC? Sure. Got the clubs wrong. Fine. Still think Grealish is missing McGinn.
  5. A typo. My goodness! (I used to care about what I posted on here…. shows how little interest I now have in this place, now that the *** Walloper of Arbroath is King of the Hill, mega-poster, armchair fitba fan.) the content of the post stands.
  6. You can, in fact you DO, post those on here. (Sometimes spelled more accurately.) QED.
  7. ManU need to do something to maximise their investment in Grealish, who is not providing the glory for which they paid a big fee. maybe Grealish DOES need wee John to kickstart him…?
  8. If fans do not want to pay a trivial sum into SMISA to get only theoretical ownership, why should they be offered any say…. any input at all? They are defining themselves as simply customers, disinterested in any more meaningful engagement.
  9. No. We might simply call it SMISA. No need to reinvent the wheel.
  10. The majority of people ARE bigger than dwarves, surely? ( tho Ricky is as much a ***-lover as the dwarf is).
  11. John Needham IS a good Buddie. probably. we’ve never met. I don’t know him.
  12. You have “no time for bigotry”… and yet… you tacitly accept “the stance of some, a number of their fans”… (Thousands, btw…) make up your f**kin’ mind, Ricky! Unlike yourself, most Buddies genuinely are bigger than that. They recognise bigotry when they see, hear and experience it. You turn the other cheek. obviously it doesn’t impact on you all that much… you us3d to be a good guy…
  13. Well…. …this is a shock! Morton manager (and others) in fitba gambling stramash! https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/59999975 Claims of the talented Imrie’s transgressions stretch from before his time with Saints…
  14. I believe he paid off(at long last) the outstanding £6.6m to the seller. So he now owns it. And allegedly now has a buyer at £18m. Settlement perhaps for past abuses to go away…
  15. “Don;t” You twat! You cannot blame predictive text for that ineptitude. I shall run along: you’ve amused me minimally and mildly. Glad that you recalled that I’m good at running as you were scared to race me. Back on ignore you go... Unless you type yet another crass ineptitude!
  16. Brilliant! I can rely on you to be eternally inept! I quote: ”I do miss you're stupidity on the match day threads”.
  17. Apart from it being 'Buddie', which I couldn't easily ascribe to the likes of you... ...I simply pointed out that YOUR weak attempt to disagree with me only served to confirm that I was correct and you were wrong. YOU are the one who disagreed. You screwed up, simpleton. This latest post of yours is 1984 doublethink - claiming the opposite of the truth should be believed! How can you possibly expect anyBuddie could fall for such Trumpian bullshit and lying? You're a joke!
  18. Missed this, as I can usually ignore your shit - but you've just demonstrated thickness. Again. My post specifically noted that the peak was rising OVER A WEEK past the infections peak. THAT was the sole point that I was making. "In South Africa the peak in Omicron deaths followed on, over a week past the peak for infections" I made no suggestions that it could not or would not continue rising. You simply reiterated and confirmed my point... after saying, "no they didn't" Sigh. I cannot cater for your splendid stupidity and depths of daftness as well as communicate with normal Buddies.
  19. I agree. In South Africa the peak in Omicron deaths followed on, over a week past the peak for infections. And then there are concerns about Long COVID.
  20. He’s been a hero to me, since starring in the League Cup semi-final. Despite his immense talent and success, he has no airs and graces. A genuinely lovely, self-deprecating lad. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/56451300
  21. These appear to be far too “reasonably good playersl to enjoy The Fort and its weather…. we live in hope.
  22. Tragically sad news development for the poor, misunderstood family who live in Windsor Castle. And Sandringham. And Balmoral. And Buckingham Palace. And and and and and….. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-59839351
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