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  1. She was all-clear on Friday. I’ve felt fine all week but was immediately STRIDENTLY positive when I again tested on Saturday. No symptoms. A bit annoying. Patience before pints… with pals.
  2. There were 4 that he could have made… If he had attacked that second goal ball, that second goal may never have happened.
  3. Very well taken, despite those two not moving…
  4. Rangers would be as credible an option as god.
  5. A year older than I am is not really an “advanced age”. So there is no excuse, Rascal. I was pointing out that the inflation already hitting UK society is due to forces other than wages (or pension) pressures. You changed the subject, by talking of potential, yet to be realised, inflationary pressures. Your optimism and age is no excuse and is not a reflection of reality as it impacts people like Stanley Saint.
  6. Naw… cannae credit that. BD is too coherent AND a better speller than Lost Ud.
  7. I think you’re seeing sunlit uplands where there are none. Remember the cretins currently in power! The inflation currently rising is due to self-inflicted brexit expenses AND external factors such as gas and oil and chip/precious metals prices going through the roof. Workers will have to organise and fight to get any rises… and pensions may go up, as a sop to keep the Old vote - and the Express and Mail onside.
  8. No need. It will only go up as a sop to counter (probably inadequately) the huge cost of living increases heading down the tunnel towards us.
  9. I am neither your aunt, nor your grandma.
  10. I've not really got a problem with them calling themselves "Rangers", they can call themselves whatever they want. It's the insistence that they are THE SAME Rangers that's the issue. Aye. Me, too. What surprises me most is that people who pretend not to be glaikit, keep insisting on believing that it IS the same outfit. (This new club isnae a patch in the old, deid yin.)
  11. I’ve had 2 vaccinations and 2 boosters. on my recent holiday, we were tested before being allowed on board ship. All clear. during the journey, we were temperature-tested prior to every meal - several fellow punters vanished to their cabins, for a protracted period. Covid was obviously aboard, I came home via Heathrow. Had a slightly rough throat and a bit of a runny nose. Intended to join pals for a usual few Saturday pints, but tested just in case. Wow! The result was immediately very brightly positive. My partner then also checked, despite no symptoms. Also positive. I've since spent every day in my neglected, parched allotments, digging up spuds, beetroot etc from clay baked like concrete, lugging gallons of water about. No physical problems other than the (now-gone) sore throat and snotters. I seem to have got off very lightly, considering alternatives that I’ve read about. Proof, for me, that the jags DO work. I’ll keep accepting ALL that our glorious NHS offer. Will probably test again tomorrow… out of interest. (Tests previously supplied by NHS)
  12. A physical impossibility - Rangers being deid, surely?
  13. Ehhhhhhhh, naw. Ok, then. One's a typo not worth bothering with. (If it was funny, then… aye… mibbe. It wisnae.) The other is an actual egregious abuse of grammar and the English language.
  14. Or get an allotment, get a growbag, get a few big pots, grow your own….…. Admittedly…. I just munch the braw tomatoes currently. Tins are a costly cop-out. you need to pay peoples wages and the profiteers.
  15. Perhaps I took it as read - that the words “intelligent” and “left” fitted perfectly well together…?
  16. Er…. I really cannae credit the coherence, general good grammar and spelling of those posts, with me ole mucker (I think I spelt that correctly…) Lost Ud, (law stud!) Stuart Dickson. Surely not! Naw…. Will the real Lost Ud (if he still posts…) please concede that it isnae him?
  17. BT, Gas… solid businesses in the process of modernising and developing their technology, with great British engineers. investment in modernisation for a UK future soon ran poor second behind creating profit, which was directly disbursed to shareholders - rather than reinvestment for a national future and common wealth.
  18. Alongside some of mine! A small niggle: equally important, I feel. There's no need for an apostrophe in “bloody foreigner’s”. I hope this helps?
  19. Poor supersaints1877…. I’m a Scot. I’m a socialist. And I’m a Londoner. (You know all this. I’ve never hidden it.) Many of the things that you wish for would be a benefit of a Socialist-led UK. We just happen to communally inhabit an island that is currently controlled by a corrupt media pulling the strings of a rabidly right wing party that the island’s inhabitants voted into power. Labour has consistently been left with a wrecked economy every time they took over from Tories. I am unhappy that it is unable to consistently win, retain power and build upon successes like the NHS and nationalised industries. Our media (which is owned and ruled by absentee, non tax-paying barons such as the Barclays, Rothermere and Murdoch) cons the voting public again and again into voting against their own best interests. Admittedly, there have been occasional Labour leaders with whom I’ve been less than impressed. What I also detest are arseholes willing to divide and conquer us and rip us apart. We are all Jock Tamson’s Bairns. You are probably aware of the fact that a million (IMHO - stupid) Scots voted for Brexit? Will they be shovelled down South or just tipped into the North Sea in a Scottish cleansing? ”not everything is about finances” and yet all the untapped resources need finances to utilise and exploit it… if indeed, as our communal planet starts to boil, we really need to exploit more oil, gas, timber? I loved your seethe. I loved your picture of an Orkney road sign. Orkney, where one distillery was restarted (financed) by Japanese and the other financed by Pernod? Orkney - a great beneficiary of oil wealth that Orcadians consistently vote to stay out of the hands of the central Scotland Nationalist party. Orcadians are not daft. I loved your wee coloured-writey cartoon list! And we did sell up. Over a year ago now. But the weather up north is too awful to move there, which was part of my original motivation towards London… as well as it being a place of vitality, energy, opportunity and fun. (Instead of buying a castle - and more land - I considered buying St Mirren and moving it a lot closer… would that make you happier, bud?) **** I see Brilliant Disguise has posted again. I do hope, supersaint1877, that you're not embarrassed by all this undeserved attention? Or will it just provoke further irrelevant ad hominem attacks?
  20. I love how your sweet naivety helps you really believe that an Independent.Scottish government would be different from all previous governments in history! Bless!
  21. As a lad, I doubtless wished that I was the Scotty being beamed up. whatever that meant wrt Nyota Uhura….
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