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  1. That's just comedy appreciation at its worst. ochone, ochone...
  2. Saudi, does this mean I'm Fart Faraway Saint? Indubitably.
  3. 'they' reckon? Come on LPM - name names...
  4. This! just like ex-pats, such as London Saints, might do. A warm, snug location, big screens, like-minded Buddies, a schwallie to take the edge of the shite fitba and defeat again... what's not to like?
  5. No, no. NOT a scaffold. No. No, that could all go wrong. dunno why. a feeling in my watter.... not a scaffold. a guillotine, perchance?
  6. I agree.Wee Nic should have shown courage to knock back the annual handouts from England and shown how Scotland can go it alone! Then the Auld Yins dahn sarf could have a better life.
  7. U n BtB. There was a Serge of posts, there... between the two of you. It has now ahem... abated...
  8. As long as the arse is not made out of serge, it could be functional. Serge is NOT - in that department.
  9. Serge is not a material suitable for Disabled Platforms.
  10. This guy has a lot going for him...
  11. I haven't been able to find any Serge Scoreboards. They would probably cost more than 8k anyway...
  12. May I recommend these Serge Jerseys? It's pretty much the same sport, after all. Amurrican etc.... etc...
  13. I dunno if this may help you two settle your differences, but these... are... Serge Curtains. You could...ahem... wipe the... ahem... "slate" clean.
  14. Lucky Mrs Poz... You spoil her.
  15. I had started to comment, here... But I just noticed the submission from the resident village eedjit and know there will be no serious discussion.
  16. A swivel-eyed piece, more likely. He offers two "honourable and cogent " arguments for separation, both of which are flawed lies. 1. "“London doesn’t care what Scotland thinks,” a bioethicist and longtime nationalist said. I ask for an example. “The Iraq War. We were overwhelmingly opposed in Scotland. The U.K. went to war anyway. And it’s been the same with most wars London wanted to wage.” The biggest anti-war demonstrations were in London, IIRC. The leaders who took uk into that war included the Scots, Blair and Broon. Similarly, BOTH Scotland and London opposed Brexit, but democracy prevailed. Such small inconveniences often arise with participation in "democracy". 2. "“The E.U. is far from perfect,” an SNP political staffer told me. “But there are undeniable benefits.” She points out that if you need admission to a hospital in France, you’re seen immediately and the hospital is reimbursed by Britain’s National Health Service. Similarly, “if you want to set up a branch office of your company in Amsterdam, you can do it without the nightmare of regulation and paperwork that used to be a matter of course.”. So... you get seen in a hospital and the NHS pays for it. This is no different from what happens in the uk - other than the anecdotal panacea that "you're seen immediately"... Whatever that means. Also... Setting up companies in Amsterdam WITHOUT regulation and paperwork?! Hah. That assertion is fantasy. The EU - our politicians and media have long been complaining - has a regulation and paperwork fetish. But doing without it is no answer at all. Our current slump can be traced back to deregulation of the banks and lack of control by politicians. My apologies for the mish-mash of styles, cutting, pasting and typing above. I blame an iPad. I would blame not myself but salmonbuddie however, as it was he who posted the bollox that needed challenged, though mibbe he wanted the Lanarkshire fantasist to dive in and be drowned. His post and link provided far too shallow a pool.
  17. Meh. ...only if you have something really worth wiping on them.
  18. It's a thought. were any of them tall enough...?
  19. ...are so much hotter in summer. i know that one.
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