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  1. I gave my son the choice if he wished to see this or not. He does, Tried to buy tickets at the ticket office yesterday before the United match and was told they stopped selling them at 1 pm and to get them online. Tried after the game last night and again today via windows 10 (laptop), Android Device (tablet) and by Apple iOS (iPhone) and all three refuse to display the seat map. Can't attend the ticket office in person during the week, so that looks like I'm rolling up on the day. What a way to treat supporters trying to give you money!
  2. Re trains - electrical work between Kilwinning & Ayŕ 12070_ayr_eng_poster_25th_feb_sat_4th_march_17.pdf
  3. I thought that there was a good understanding between Quinn and Hutton on Saturday that will only get better once we have a genuine left sided midfielder if Morgan is only being used as impact player from bench. Time will tell
  4. Thought Hutton & Quinn looked good in midfield, but we lacked left side til Morgan came on - ironically for Hutton. Clarkson & Sutton look good together. Think last decent pair we had were Basher and Yards - so here's hoping :-)
  5. I believe Fitzy said ICT also use JD and their shirts aren't out yet
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