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  1. Totally agree Ricky,looked a good player and big unit..but would his dad really give him the thumbs up..doubt it
  2. A hear Sam Stubbs has left accies,he a centre half.....surely not!!!!!!!
  3. Honestly thought we would have kept Baird as we kinda still in same position,hopefully bigKirk fit(does anyone no?)then if McCarthy needs game time and not being cheeky but we really cannot depend on McKenzie as he will come back but will probably be out injured again before season ends,so Kirk and McCarthy would be first picks with Bairdy waiting in the wings
  4. Someone saying tyreke Wilson,he a 20 year old left back from man city and Ireland under 21 player
  5. Swindon fu#k me for just under 700 bucks:dear8me
  6. He is a forward: 2 league's below as the man correctly says:try keep up faraway
  7. Definitely worth a punt,the boy Lyons with 7 goals in 26 games isn't really that great,we need a proven striker
  8. I'd imagine we are quite far down the road in a search for a striker as Goodwin has known since September it's a problem position and wouldn't be surprised if it was an eastern European country player
  9. Steve Bruce son plays centre half for killie
  10. Get big Kirk back in hopefully and no reason why we cannot get a point at least:COYS
  11. Fuk off flareybob,a don't even Google any of your bullshit rumours
  12. Listening to goody,I'd imagine p.McGinn and Foley back for fakes and hopefully kirky for boxing day
  13. Has Foley in his professional career ever played centre half?
  14. Jack hendry at Celtic would be a good addition and hopefully big Kirk available for Celtic game as Jack cannot play against parents club:and also mcloughlin might be away January also,so a say get Jack hendry:thoughts?
  15. Is there no such thing now?we only have one centre half fit at the club:a thought there was such a thing a few seasons ago
  16. With McKenzie out till new year and question Mark's over big Kirk returning and bearing in mind we have livvy,fakes,Celtic in next couple of weeks is there any chance we will dip in to emergency loan market for a centre half?
  17. Is that the guy that went to Dundee utd and was absolutely horrendous and was well overweight for fitba player
  18. A see a derby county fan is raging on Twitter about his clubs signing targets,he says "forest linked to lyleTaylor and we linked to a st.mirren player that has scored 5 goals in 900 games" obviously 900 games tongue in cheek but who is the buds player he talking about?
  19. Hopefully a saints win,and a think broadfoot and Foley and Cooke all looking for starts,so should be interesting team selection next Saturday
  20. Agree:but a see Goodwin says he thought he played well,must be watching different game to us
  21. Summed it up perfectly gary:one of the worst buds team ave ever had that am unfornate to watch:and ave seen some shit in my days:hate to say it but Goodwin has to go and clear out required
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