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  1. what bookies is given best price for buds mate.ta
  2. straight to the bookies.buddies for championship..and we will take it down to seaside to show to Ian McCall
  3. absolutely brilliant signing.never in doubt div..quite a few guys on hear eating humble pie..and hopefully cold semolina with it....surely another 2-3 decent players we will be up there challenging for title..wee £20 on buds probably at least 20/1
  4. aye...that's right..whatever big fishy..thought it was a forum..no fukin countdown or mastermind or krypton factor...thats what's happened when u attend castlehead high school 30 year ago..my spelling and big words have left my napper
  5. that's why a said(at our club shop at stadium)don't no what bit u didna understand.our club shop or our stadium.not rocket science son..sorry for complication things for you..keep to the crayons
  6. we must be only club in Britain where after a game you decide to visit our (club shop in stadium)and can't buy a st.mirren top..surely this part of contract can get deleted..but if you want a key ring or a mug..fill your boots we got loads..even trotters independent got a better business going
  7. looked on jd website and they punting all our old gear on 75% discount.so seems they trying there best to get rid of every bit of gear they can..they done same thing with that hideous yellow strip and horrible home candy lined strip..let's hope wee Gary and fans council give us something worth waiting for
  8. Yes.great wee guy.had plenty of chats and drinks with him in the hole and Lang's.thats me front right in saints for a day picture.a was sub and when a went on he said cmon Paul score the winner and a said a canna cos was out till 3am drinking.he laughed so much.rip tam and when you meet my brother up in heaven tell him a love him as much today as a did 18 year ago.why the good guys first.
  9. no bad team so far if we get Sutton..3 at back Gordon Webster McKenzie with hutton(doing a Tommy turner).wig backs Naismith n Irvine..quinn n mallan in middle.quinn more sitting mallan more attacking..n Clarkson n Sutton up front..title winning team.obviously langfield in goal ..before some smart arse says nae goalie
  10. cheers bud..wasn't having pop at big Jamie as he a good guy.just meaning its good for competition if players no if they drop there standards they still first pick..the last couple of years we have had no option but to play them again as nobody else..a mean guys like Sean Kelly n Baird should never b a automatic pick.but that shows you how bad a squad we had.baird in a couple o years.but not every week..all good managers start building from the back and am quietly confident if we get 3-4 good players in we will win more than we lose...
  11. so has Dan wilks been officially released div?if so obviously need decent back up keeper.you want players playing for jersey.not one week play crap but cos there no one else they know they will play again the following week.need to keep them on there toes so if have couple of bad games they out team.big Jamie clangers knows if he rotten he still getting a game..where as defense now looks great for ability n strengh n competition
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