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  1. scabbydug37

    Punt or Keep - Summer 2018 edition

    Stelios just confirmed he is away, and thanks all supporters for his time at St Mirren
  2. scabbydug37

    Paisley Pubs

    The Anchor bar is closing. I don't know if someone else is taking over
  3. scabbydug37

    Paisley Pubs

    Hamishes Hoose closing down
  4. scabbydug37

    Paisley Pubs

    Alamo Bar has now closed
  5. scabbydug37


    Let's be fair here. It was an utter blunderbuss with 2 clubs not doing their homework! Dung asked Saints how many supporters would be coming through for that game, and they were told 3-400, and that was according to the stewards. I got in at 2pm easily, but supporters buses normally arrive approx. 30 minutes before KO. I can only think that Dung, when they heard the figures from Saints, that they would try to implement a trial bar-code ticket entry as 3-400 could possibly be easy to process the fans. The 3-400 fans expectation came from a steward inside the ground. He was told to expect nearer 1000. but, as we all now know, 1400 turned up
  6. scabbydug37

    Speculation Thread

    Sounds a possibility with Darren Whyte going to Forfar on emergency loan
  7. scabbydug37

    Injury Updates

  8. scabbydug37

    The Boss - BBC1 Monday 2.15

    Oor Herbie on this program just now
  9. scabbydug37

    Ben Gordon

    With regards to the suggestion of Ben Gordon coming back, my query would be 'Why did Jack punt him at the end of the season?' Was it because of Jack thinking he had enough central defenders, or he couldn't get game time, or something else that has happened within the sanctums of the dressing room?
  10. I think it is how it works, but will Saints pay the c£1000 for that to happen?
  11. IMO, we have a midfield problem although the 2 Macs are good players, there is a need for a 'Goodie' type of player. That would allow the 2 Macs to control the midfield distribution better
  12. scabbydug37

    celebrity signed shirts

    He was at the game on Saturday sporting his Saints colours
  13. Morgan was well policed, but NOone came to support him. Helluva frustrating
  14. scabbydug37

    Watering the pitch

    AFIK, the reason the pitch is watered like it is, is because of the mixed grass and, I believe, artificial grass. They water artificial pitches often
  15. As an aside, Wee John Baird actually clapped the Saints fans at the end. All credit to him