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  1. Was disappointed at the appointment of Stubbs and he's done nothing to change my view of him. Don't see him going anywhere though til at least after the Hamilton game.
  2. Miller was a midfielder so I wouldn't rule him out
  3. Keatings was in the press this year talking about his battle with depression. Would suggest the last thing he needs is to sign for us.
  4. Story seems to be that Livvy wanted him to stop playing and concentrate on management. Have to assume he wasn't impressing in the pitch or they would have been happy for him to continue in the dual role.
  5. If we sell out the South stand to OF fans 3 times and if every ticket sold is a full price adult ticket and if there are no increased policing and stewarding costs then we'll take in under £120k. This doesn't factor in the loss of selling cheaper South stand season tickets. No chance that we'll make £200k+.
  6. Can't see what this type of speculation has to do with the speculation thread. Please move to the Rangers matchday thread.
  7. Vast majority of Celtic players on £10-£12k a week with only the likes of Brown, Dembele, Sinclair and Edouard on over £20k a week. If as reported Celtic did offer John £23k a week then they must have been desperate to get him. As you say the business side blundered.
  8. Called plenty of things wrong myself. Celtic clearly thought John didn't want to play for anyone but them. Nice to see them getting stung for being cheapskates. Having said that they did pay £1.5m for Ciftci so they don't always rip off other Scottish clubs
  9. Suspect Celtic might be in charge of this situation...
  10. If there's add-ons for Hibs such as £1 million for promotion do we get a share? Would represent profit for Hibs so should be a share for us but guess it depends on the exact wording of the deal we made.
  11. Stubbs might think the players should forget about last season but I be he didn't forget to mention winning the Scottish Cup at his interview.
  12. Looking at their records makes you wonder why Stubbs did think the trialists were worth a go. FFS Nabi is 24 and has only ever played 25 games. We now appear to be scraping the barrel for players which is really concerning. Even if Celtic do decide to loan out Mikey Johnstone is there any guarantee we will get him?
  13. Think very few fans including myself expected Jack to be here next season. If it wasn't Sunderland it would have been Ipswich and if it wasn't Ipswich it would have been someone else. I also don't think most begrudge him the opportunity that Sunderland offered. However I think the manner of his departure did leave a bitter taste.
  14. Signed a 2 year contract with Wycombe in April.
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