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  1. Graeme Aitken

    Chinese writing

    Thanks for the tip
  2. Graeme Aitken

    Chinese writing

    读写汉字 - 学中文
  3. Graeme Aitken

    David Nicol To Stand Down..........

    Bazil, Living in London, attending SMISA meetings is not on my list of must do's however, I am interested in what discussions are had and of how decisions are made for things like, what goes on the 3 month spend ballot, etc. It's the failure to provide/offer minutes to the membership and in particular, the lack of transparency for far flung buds who are actually interested in how decisions are made concerning their investment. Whether it be the premium, not so premium or the 2 shekkel members. Here's hoping it isn't lastminutedotcom and folks have more than the 500 word essay to base their choice on.
  4. Graeme Aitken

    David Nicol To Stand Down..........

    Ahh, you see. There is a fair few SMISA members living outwith Paisley and its surrounding areas. Last time, i made my pick of the 3 candidates based on the one I had heard of more. I didn't know any of them in the slightest and couldn't base my pick on a 500 word gambit. It isn't a political campaign but there needs to be something more than a 500 word essay/introduction of "pick me, i've supported St Mirren all my life and I'll represent the people" I think the membership deserve to have a wee bit more info to make their choices. There is a very visible lack of transparency at SMISA purely by the failure to produce any minutes from any meeting other than the AGM''s. I still prefer your halcyon picture of all things bright and beautiful than mine of little confidence. But nothing coming from them is not supporting your arguments.
  5. Graeme Aitken

    David Nicol To Stand Down..........

    end of the year 2018 or End of the year 2018/19 football season? If it is the latter, all well and good. If it's the former, starting to cut it a bit fine for folk who might fancy putting themselves forward to be getting sorted, promoting themselves to the wider membership etc unless, SMISA have in mind, who their preferred candidate is and leaving it to the last minute is less likely to jeopardise that or perhaps, they just don't think it warrants preplanning and think last minute is a perfectly fine way to conduct such important business.
  6. Graeme Aitken

    New SMISA badge

    This time next year Rodney, we'll be millionaires
  7. Graeme Aitken

    So Farewell Then...Chas Hodges

    I put Chas'n'Dave on at a St Georges Day do at Goodmayes Hospital Social Club, East London in 2004. they put on a cracking show and the crowd went mental from the 1st minute to the last. I had been badgered to get them for a while and went for it for St Georges Day. A St Georges Day do, organised by a Scotsman in a social club run by an Irishman. During their gig, the bar manager Fin came up to me and asked " how many people you put in that f**king hall?". I told him 180 and he replied "now tell me the truth", we then played a game of Higher or Higher until I gave him a number closer to what he thought was the truth. Best £5K I spent of other peoples money, it was an absolute belter of a night with the place erupting when Chas'n'Dave came onto the wee stage.
  8. Graeme Aitken

    1877 Club

    I live in London That is the main reason that I have only attended The 1877 Club twice since its inception. I would love to attend the 1877 Club more often but various other commitments dictate that I only get up the road once in a while. With regards to the day itself, I expect Alan Wardrop would have given the same tour, no matter the occasion of the match and it would be much appreciated no matter what.
  9. Graeme Aitken

    Golf and Golfing

    Next time I am up, will take a wee trek out and give Lochwinnoch a go. Played Crondon Park (Stock, Essex) last Wednesday, playing off the back tees, it comes up just short of 7000 yards and has a closing hole measuring 646 yards. A pure monster of a hole. Popping over Chingford way this morning to play West Essex GC, which I hear is pretty decent. One day, i'll get that painting done
  10. Graeme Aitken

    Golf and Golfing

    don't mind the walk down the 1st or the 18th but the rest of it, yes, oxygen helps. I play when the midgies are asleep. Playing Crondon Park in Stock (Essex) tomorrow, never played there. The 18th is meant to be a monster of a hole.
  11. Graeme Aitken

    Golf and Golfing

    Never played Bentley. I think Joy Fook is still there. Got a mate in Kelvedon Hatch but never pay attention down that stretch of the Ongar Road. If you are ever down this way again & fancy a round. Give me a shout
  12. Graeme Aitken

    Golf and Golfing

    Just thinking, the Brentwood Course you played, was that at King Georges Park in Brentwood? If so, that's Hartswood GC. Quite a few football pitches on the approach to the clubhouse through the park Brentwood GC was Weald Park GC, down Coxtie Green Road (off the Ongar Road at Pilgrims Hatch). I haven't played Hartswood in 20+ years but my mates have recently and really like it. Romford GC is a lovely course. I was told they are right up themselves and the £70 a round puts many off. I played there for the 1st time recently and loved it. Playing there on 21st.
  13. Graeme Aitken

    Golf and Golfing

    A lot of investment has gone into Brentwood since it got bought over a couple of years ago and changed name from Weald Park. It is turning out to be a really good course. At Stapleford Abbotts, the Abbotts has matured well and is now a cracking course. The Priors has not yet recovered from the work done when they dumped millions of tonnes of excavations from Crossrail on it. Mounds and hills all over it now, the 11th, 12th & 13th all shielded from the M25 by high banking. Stapleford Abbotts does NHS & Emergency Services discount at £10 per round Hainault still has the Top & Lower courses. They now book tee times and it has had some investment too. Gone are the days, you turned up and queued and ended up going round in 6 hours. I'll fire over to Enfield sometime and give Trent Park a go. Always good to play new courses.
  14. Graeme Aitken

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    luckily for St Mirren, generous folks like yourself (& I am not suggesting folk who don't sponsor a player are not generous) don't mind which player they sponsor. hopefully, they'll all get sponsored soon
  15. Graeme Aitken

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Unbelievable that SMISA were waiting in the wings to sponsor the next player signed when St Mirren have players signed already whose kit is not yet sponsored. Bring that to today, players with kit sponsorship available (according to official website) Cody Cooke Ryan Flynn Josh Heaton Jeff King Jordan Kurkpatrick Gary Mackenzie Ian Mcshane Ross Stewart Cameron Macpherson Danny Rogers 10 of 23 (listed) 1st team players have, Home or away kit available to sponsor. Some have both. Suggests to me, there is no one waiting in the wings for the next player signed but it also demonstrates, other opportunities for new money to generate revenue. Stone the crows, Adam Eckersly has home and away kit sponsored but he is pictured in last season' kit. They could at least stick the current strip on the fella if the club are accepting peoples money to sponsor it. Get it sorted Stubbsy.