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  2. Any idea how to get saints ringtome anyone cheers?
  3. reported in the s*n today he is training with formerly at southend where he was captain played 65 in 2 seasons
  4. Whatever it takes go get the only man for the job to galvanize the get everyone playing for the club pulling in same direction a d know in summer said no nut given mess we are in i think would find it hard to turn us down that man is cup winning skipper and legend Jim Goodwin
  5. I'd be happy with that if we got him can't see it though
  6. Can't see this reported anywhere are you meaning Miller I take it and not shankland?
  7. Have we bid for shankland can't see us spending money ayr want
  8. crazy if thats true given our lack of strikers
  9. ross county have just signed brian graham
  10. that puts that rumour to bed then.
  11. Need to get over this Mallan and Morgan are both away got start focusing on ourselves I'll be honest brutal as it sounds no.interest in what there doing now all that matters is St Mirren FC might sound harsh but it's true
  12. bullet dodged 100% if he never showed up.
  13. take it stokes isnt signing now after not going to la manga with rest of squad? anyone know if never showed up or we lost interest?
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