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  1. Goody saying having conversations about players being squad players not being happy etc I'd imagine possibly Erwin, McAllister hopefully doesn't mean Ryan Flynn
  2. Might be nothing in it Tony Fitz has started following regan hendry would be a decent signing been standout for Raith this season
  3. Obika is much better striker than Curtis main absolute shocking if true have enough strikers who can't score
  4. Can also get further 10.5% cashback if go through top cash back so in theory get 20.5% off ordered mine last night can sign up below using my referral code. https://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/smfc00000
  5. Any idea how to get saints ringtome anyone cheers?
  6. reported in the s*n today he is training with formerly at southend where he was captain played 65 in 2 seasons
  7. I'd be happy with that if we got him can't see it though
  8. Can't see this reported anywhere are you meaning Miller I take it and not shankland?
  9. Have we bid for shankland can't see us spending money ayr want
  10. crazy if thats true given our lack of strikers
  11. ross county have just signed brian graham
  12. Need to get over this Mallan and Morgan are both away got start focusing on ourselves I'll be honest brutal as it sounds no.interest in what there doing now all that matters is St Mirren FC might sound harsh but it's true
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