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  1. MotherwellSaint

    Speculation Thread

    crazy if thats true given our lack of strikers
  2. MotherwellSaint

    Speculation Thread

    ross county have just signed brian graham
  3. MotherwellSaint

    Speculation Thread

  4. MotherwellSaint

    Speculation Thread

    that puts that rumour to bed then.
  5. MotherwellSaint

    Stephen Mallan

    Need to get over this Mallan and Morgan are both away got start focusing on ourselves I'll be honest brutal as it sounds no.interest in what there doing now all that matters is St Mirren FC might sound harsh but it's true
  6. MotherwellSaint

    Speculation Thread

    bullet dodged 100% if he never showed up.
  7. MotherwellSaint

    Speculation Thread

    take it stokes isnt signing now after not going to la manga with rest of squad? anyone know if never showed up or we lost interest?
  8. MotherwellSaint

    Speculation Thread

    warren left inverness by mutual agreement
  9. MotherwellSaint

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Yeah must think.the position at saints is one he's been waiting for Sent from my SM-G950F using Black & White Army mobile app
  10. MotherwellSaint

    Speculation Thread

    I'd imagine he'll be off but depends on new gaffer as well.
  11. MotherwellSaint

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Don't believe anything on here I'll.wait for official.announcenent
  12. MotherwellSaint

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Hope so his record isn't great last job didn't win any of 11 games in charge
  13. MotherwellSaint

    Mallan to Barnsley???

    Surely we should be asking the question to get him back
  14. MotherwellSaint

    New Manager Latest Odds

    fitzy sayinf could be 1-2 weeks before new manager announced do we have that time ? need another 8 players in
  15. MotherwellSaint

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross