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  1. 'Sounds to me like a distraction....'
  2. You know what he said? He wasn't 'speaking the truth' or complaining about the performance, he was verbally abusing players & manager. I don't care how old he is or how long he's been following the team, that doesn't give him or anyone else a free pass to hurl personal abuse. Ross was very respectful when he spoke to him, the other supporters only said that he comes out with the same pish week after week and THEY are sick listening to it.
  3. Jack spoke to him very calmly and the other fans rounded on the mouthy old guy who, I'm told, spouts this kind of pish week-in, week-out, win, lose or draw.
  4. Actually 2 maximum but more can be signed in when the club is quiet. This Saturday has the highest number of guests booked since the club opened so it will be 2 only per member.
  5. I think maximum 5 but I'll check with Alan W
  6. Kenny and I were invited as part of the Director election process. Best to ask [email protected]
  7. You're correct; we have no formal input, no vote on any matters. We are asked for or offer our opinion / input on topics being discussed. I attend because I want to do whatever I can to help SMiSA and the club move forward. Simple as that.
  8. You were both on the 'nice' list [emoji106][emoji318]
  9. Neither Kenny nor I have been co-opted onto the board. We attended SMiSA meetings during the Director election process and continued afterwards but not in any official capacity.
  10. It certainly is. Just need your full names and I'll get you booked in.
  11. I'm happy to sign guests in for Saturday if anyone wants to try it out.
  12. I've re-homed 3 dogs, 2 of them Lurchers that love to run...but I am very fortunate that I do live on a farm and I work from home otherwise it would be almost impossible to tire them out. A couple of couches have come off the worse for wear but that's something you can expect with rescues as most have separation anxiety to some degree. Good points far outweigh the bad and I wouldn't be without them for a minute.
  13. To clarify 1 point; the SMiSA board, as far as I'm aware, currently has 10 members, not 13.
  14. Sami..first 2 letters of each word
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